Did You Know That ……..?? Stonecutter Edition

Hey friends! Time for another Did You Know That…….??, my attempt to dissect every aspect of this game, find any type of secrets, quirky game observations, etc. This one is a special Stonecutter edition that I think you all need to know because it involves that oh so coveted glazed currency, for you, for free!





I’m sure everyone by now has heard of Easter eggs in games, movies and various other forms of media. For those who don’t know, Easter eggs are hidden “things” which are hidden on purpose and when found result in either bonus currency, hidden text, weird character movements, etc. Tapped Out has at least one other that I know of, the Jebediah Statue Easter egg.

There is also an Easter egg within the Stonecutters event that was first brought to my attention by Nathan. I went into my game and can confirm that there is indeed a hidden gem. Here’s how to get it.

Items Needed:

Homer’s #908 Stonecutter Skin (Free)


Stonecutter Table.


This is the 9th Emblem Prize and can be won by collecting 31,500 Emblems OR 425 donuts (which I do not recommend. That’s a lot of donuts and pretty much cancels out the benefits of the Easter egg but your game, your choice.)

Once you have both of these items tap on Homer and be sure to be on his Stonecutter task list. You’ll need to send him on his 12-hour task to Sing the Stonecutter Song.


Once #908 begins his task at the Stonecutter Table, tap on him once again to bring up the timer box, like this:


Without closing the timer, tap on Homer repeatedly, around 10 times. After the 10th tap you’ll see this:


After hitting the OK button you will be awarded 10 donuts! That’s it, that’s the Easter egg. No, it’s not a lot of donuts but it’s still 10 FREE donuts and it’s fun finding hidden gems. After playing this game for so long finding anything new or secret is what keeps it fun no matter what the reward is.

While we’re on the subject of donuts I’ll give you all another gem. This is not something hidden but is more of a cheat sheet. Once you have won all 10 of the Emblem Prizes, you will then collect emblems for a chance to win 3 donuts for every 3,000 emblems collected. This is exactly like the XP bonus when you max out your XP and there is no new level to progress to. For this event it is called the Membership Bonus. 


One of the three boxes contains 3 donuts. If you do not pick the box with 3 on the first attempt you have the option to pay cash for a second or third attempt. Each attempt after the first will cost you $150,000.


You do NOT have to pay for a second or third chance. If you don’t want to shell out the cash you can collect however many donuts you have opened, either 1 or 2 donuts by tapping the COLLECT button. Otherwise tap the cash for another chance. I have decoded the chances from the files and if you follow the system you should be able to win 3 donuts on the first try every time.

There are 6 solutions and after the 6th bonus it begins back at number 1:


Attempt Box 1 Box 2 Box 3
1 1 2 3* 
2 1 3* 2
3 1 3*
4 2 3* 1
5 3* 1 2
6 3* 2 1

Sorry for the table, I;m having trouble getting it to paste properly from Word but you get the point. Even if you have already received a Membership Bonus you can still follow this table to find where you are based on your previous choices, if you keep track of that sort of thing.

Anyhow, that’s all I have for you today for Did You Know That …….?? I sincerely hope this helps or at least enlightens some of you. I also hope you’re enjoying this event as much as I am. Not that I am 100% back on the EA wagon but they have done a hell of a job redeeming themselves for past event disasters with this one. I almost don’t want it to end ever. Take care, happy tapping!

Mike S.


64 thoughts on “Did You Know That ……..?? Stonecutter Edition

  1. Awesome, just got the 10 donuts! (kept tapping on Homer after assigning singing task, worked even before arriving at the table). Love the new sayings Homer has when tapped while on task now! “Is this what enhanced interrogation is!?” and “Hello giant finger!” hehe.


    • “Get off, giant finger!”
      “This is what enhanced interrogation is?!”
      are phrases he always said only when you tap him for those bonuses. they’re not new =p


  2. I’ve just tried the stonecutter table and Homer Easter Egg trick, and it didn’t work. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong, or has it been removed. It took me a long time to get the table! Thanks for the great job you do, guys. Xx


  3. Just an FYI…..I did the steps for the Easter egg and got the 10 donuts and statue. Just for giggles I did the steps again and got another 10 donuts!!!!!! It only worked twice for me and didn’t get any more donuts for the third time. Not sure if this has been posted yet but thought I’d share in case it hadn’t.



  4. Secret bonus! Collect emblems! Huh? I haven’t won all 10 prizes yet (just 9), but every time I get emblems that big yellow finger points to an emblem icon in the task menu, and a box pops up counting off emblems collected out of 3000. Is this the Membership Bonus, and if so, isn’t it premature?


    • The bonus box also kicked in for me, once i had past 34000 emblems.

      Tried following your guide for tapping the donuts.
      First one came from the no 3 box, but my second came from the No 1 box. So maybe i’m on a different pattern?


      • There definitely are different patterns. My first one was on box 2. Maybe it was accurate when posted but if so then EA knows we know and mixed it up a bit.

        And mine also started at 34k, I’m guessing they wanted to give you your first bonus at 2000 emblems overlevel, so rather than program another task they just set the first one to trigger 1000 emblems early.


  5. Woo hoo I got the donuts I got the donuts!!!!!! Thanks for the Easter egg tips! I keep learning new stuff every time I check out this site! You guys are awesome!


  6. As CloneEmperor noted yesterday- this chart is inaccurate. Maybe EA changed it in an update after seeing it here. I’m sure they read these blogs.


  7. So I don’t know if I misinterpreted your chart or something, but on my first attempt for the donuts after getting everything, I tapped on Box 3 and got 1 donut. Figuring that maybe it was somewhere in the middle of the series, after I got my next 3000 emblems I tapped on Box 1 to figure out where in the order I was, expecting either 1 donut or 3. Instead I got 2 donuts, so I guess the chart you have isn’t the same for everyone. Thanks anyways though, 1 or 2 donuts is better than none!


    • I wonder if it depends on your Mayhem ID like the pink/ blue groups from the Easter event? My number ends in odd, so I was pink. Do you think there is a chance that the cheat sheet only applies to half of us?


  8. Help! Smithers is missing from my town, and when I tried to look for him using the townhall, the word across his name is.”*error”


  9. Hope I’m not teaching granny to suck eggs (british expression) but recent experience suggests there are a couple of points people, especially newbies, might not have thought of…
    1. Clear all pyramids from your buildings asap. You get more emblems the faster you clear.
    2. In particular clear your lodge regularly. Visitors get 5 emblems for spying on your lodge, only 1 elsewhere, so encourage visitors by keeping your lodge free. This is really important for lower level players with smaller areas – you can “fill up” pretty fast so clear regularly.
    3. Remember visitors only get emblems for the first (is it 60?) Actions. So you may be in competition with their 99 other friends. So make it worthwhile them visiting you and try to a) give them something to tap on and b) return the favour even if you have run out of emblem actions.

    Got to say, I play several times a day and its really annoying to find someone full, I just move onto the next friend & don’t always have time to go back.

    Hope the above makes sense; I would go back to spell/grammar check but for some reason clicking outside this box keeps throwing me back to the top of the page. But enjoy the event all 🙂


  10. Does anyone know what “NUmber 1’s tasks are each day. (Ahead of time) Like the postings that tell you what the parchment tasks are and who to send to do them)


  11. Just got an in game message while starting number 1 tasks this morning, “play and discover the stone cutters secrets and win 12 donuts”.
    Any one else had this?
    How do I get these elusive donuts?


      • Have done that and got the 20, still dont know about the previously mentioned 12.
        Has anybody else had the message about that?


  12. you can also earn 10 donuts by making homer play with his ipad then tapping on him 10 times
    (While he’s playing)


  13. Hi Mike,

    I had some questions over at the EA forum on your table, so just for your interest, I copied it in Excel, free to use if you wish?

    And thanks again, btw, I gave you all the credits you deserve of course. 😉


  14. Thank you for this great secret info! I’ll be trying it when the time comes. Did you also know…that if you clear your Temple following being spied on your friend could go in and out 3 times and collect their 5 emblems per action! Tested it out when I knew my friend was playing at the same time. They tapped my Temple once, I clear it immediately, then they went in and tapped the Temple a second time, etc.


  15. I need help I’m stuck can’t figure our which character has to milk the cowcan someone please help me out on this clue Thanks


  16. I really REALLY hope I am able to get that table to complete my Stonecutter area. I started a few days late so I’m a bit worried :/ And I don’t want to be disappointed again like when I didn’t get the Bloko store.


    • You should be fine. If you’re off track you can always use donuts to get the prizes but I would wait as long as possible to use donuts as the amount needed for each price decreases with time. Example: You have the chest you want #85#600 but you are behind. Collect as many emblems as possible and rush it on the 13th to catch up.


  17. Not sure if this point has been made yet, but EA missed a golden opportunity to bring back the egg council guy as this event is based solely on the episode he is from. I’m disappointed he wasn’t brought back for it because I didn’t get him but won’t hold it against EA for all the great content they did give us, thank goodness for taking it back to personal prizes!


  18. Guys I have an issue ,
    So let’s assume I bought the macaroni shed for 30 donuts, now an abandoned store came out and I like it.
    If I ask EA to change my shed for the store or to give me the 30 donuts in exchange for the shed, what’s the chance they will do it?


  19. So am I to assume that ever since the statue easter egg Nathan has just been tapping 10 times on everything in the game looking for easter eggs?


    • i found it by total accident by tapping hooded homer there in the 2nd day lol
      it’s in the files so it’s not by doing it on all objects lol


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