How do the Stonecutter items affect the Conform-o-meter?

The Stonecutter Event update added a bunch of new buildings and decorations. This post is about how they affect the Conform-o-meter. (For more information about the Conform-o-meter, see here. For more information about the other Conform-o-meter ratings and other technical details in the game, see here.)

New buildings which were added:

Building Rating Points
Stonecutter Lodge Obedience 10
Stonecutter Daycare Center Obedience 10
Abandoned Store Obedience 10
All Seeing Eye Obedience 10

New decorations added:

Decoration Rating Points
The Sacred Parchment Obedience 10
Ark of the Stone Covenant Obedience 10
Money Pool Consumerism 10
Stone of Triumph Vanity 100
Tube Slide Vanity 100
Hieroglyph Wall Vanity 5
Chest of Sacred Artifacts Obedience 10
Stonecutter Table Gluttony 10
Satan’s Anvil Vanity 10

Nice to see a Consumerism and Gluttony addition, plus all the bonuses to Obedience.


14 thoughts on “How do the Stonecutter items affect the Conform-o-meter?

  1. I was really hoping for the abandoned store to be consumerism. at least the money pool is. it’s seems consumerism is harder to achieve if u want to keep things nice and not have 10 qwik e marts all about your town. it’s so much easier to hide training walls than qwik e marts…. poop.


  2. Anyone idea of the size of Burns money pool? 4×6 is my guess, can’t find it anywhere though


    1. HomerJSympsun 06/10/2014 — 18:05

      The money pool is fairly large at 9×5 but that size gives Monty plenty of space to swim laps back and forth for 4 hours.


      1. tnx!
        It fits right where I wanted to place it :p!
        (had made a ‘pool’ with 3 river squares behind the Burns mansion when I first got it. So now I can replace it with a real (and awesome) pool 😀 I was very happy to see this decoration added!)


  3. Why can’t I store trees and shrubs in my town. Is it a glitch?


    1. It was turned off because of a glitch with the “store all items” feature that was added with the Stonecutter update. Trees were getting lost or changed into other trees when they went into inventory. Certainly hoping they fix it with an update.


      1. I’m trying to make more space and it’s annoying that I can’t get rid of trees.


  4. Why can’t EA fixed all of the conform-o-meter symbols?
    Up, Up & Buffet, Johnny Fiesta’s, Madam Chao’s, O’Flanagan’s Pub, Sham Rock Cafe, AND Singing Sirloin have the stack of cash instead of the restaurant check;
    Android’s Dungeon, Banana Dictatorship AND the Blocko Store have the stack of cash instead of the cash register;
    The Bad Dream House has the stack of cash instead of the dollar sign;
    Lotto ‘n’ Liquor has the dollar sign instead of the cash register;
    Between King Toot’s and Jake’ s Unisex Hair Palace, they have two different symbols;
    Ah Fudge! Factory has the cash register instead of the stack of cash;

    I am sure that I missed a few, but some consistency would be nice. And shouldn’t the SC lodge collect emblems, at least during the event?


    1. Dammit. Why can’t they FIX them? (Not “Why can’t they fixed them?”


    2. I second that comment. I’m also starting to wonder if I can store some of my police training walls now that there are a few building that contribute toward obedience.


  5. I’ve noticed a change in the amount of experience points required to reach the next level. For example, I am level 19 right now, and the Wiki lists the experience points required for level 20 to be 34215, yet my game tells me I only need 24440. I think this is great because I now think it’s possible for me to reach level 30 in time for the end of the event.


    1. I think it changes as new levels are added and the Wiki isnt always updated.


  6. Nothing adds % bonus?


    1. Doesn’t look like it.


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