What have you done with the Stonecutters Lodge?

Hello Tappers!

The Stonecutters have arrived and you can’t have the Stonecutters without their official hideout lodge! The Stonecutters Lodge. This is the first building you will build when starting this update and most of you should have finished and placed this building in your town. So what have you done with the Stonecutters Lodge?

Stonecutter Lodge

In this post we will be looking at the Stonecutters Lodge and what I have done with my Stonecutters Lodge and then asking you what you have done with your Stonecutters Lodge.


As you can see with my Stonecutters Lodge I have hidden it in the trees to make it even more secret and I have also added it onto a 3D effect with the hedge cliff making it have a higher ground than the rest of my town. I have created a Stonecutters symbol in front of my lodge with hedges and flowers along with two pyramids in the corner behind the lodge. You can also see that the Stonecutters Daycare Center and the Abandoned Store are close by.

So what have you done with your Stonecutters Lodge? It’s time to show off you Stonecutters Lodge design by posting a screenshot link into the comment section below via Dropbox, Flickr or any other picture site you may use. I will collect all the screenshots submitted and placed together in a post by the end of the week.

Happy Designing, Nathan!

P.S. 10,000,000 HITS!!!!!


33 thoughts on “What have you done with the Stonecutters Lodge?

  1. Here’s my second and for now final take at SL. I like it this way and I won’t have enough space or money to redesing my town again, so it’ll stay like this.


  2. Here’s my Stonecutters Lodge https://www.dropbox.com/s/crpeiqsxsadkex9/Stone.jpg

    Mine is hidden with no direct access from the road with people having to go through trees and bushes before reaching the gate. I also made it sunken, with the whole complex divided into 3 levels. The lowest, and biggest level is the Lodge itself together with chest of sacred artifacts next to it and some trees to make it hidden. 2nd level is still empty, which is where I plan to place the stonecutter table, followed by the highest level where I place the money pool. This complex is also accessible from the Daycare Centre through a small gate.

    This is my 1st attempt at 3D and I’m a fully freemium player. Can’t wait to get the table and complete my design 🙂


  3. I expanded my Easter Island and made it the Stonecutter’s Island. I’m so happy to find a way to integrate all of that lame Easter stuff into my SF. Still waiting on some Stonecutter items…but this is it so far…



  4. Not terribly clever, but I modeled the center of my town against the “Other Springfield”. This was in part an attempt to trick friends into thinking they have reached the end of their friend list and have looped back to the start, only to find weird things happening as they get further away from the center. Also in the back of my head is the occasional bug I have seen where I wind up in another actual player’s Springfield as if it is my own; anybody getting into my town would likely think they were in their friend’s list and would try to exit.

    Anyway, since the map centers on the lodge, I simply replaced Krustylu with the lodge:


  5. Here’s mine! I thought as the tresor chest is supposed to keep people from going into the lodge…let’s place it right in front.


  6. Not gonna enter mine as I’m waiting for the store all option to return and do a full redesign 😉


  7. I built the Lodge into a Castle using the fences to create an enormous 3D Building in the middle of the forest. The Daycare and the Chest are on in too, and the Table will be once I reach that point.
    Stonecutter's Castle


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