Premium Guide: Stonecutter No. 2 (Dr. Hibbert)

Hello Tappers!

The Stonecutters have taken over Springfield! But who is the second ranked Stonecutter in Springfield? Well this event has told us that the number two Stonecutter is Dr. Hibbert! No. 2 can not be obtained through the prize system but is only available through the purchase of donuts! So will you be adding a doctor to your Stonecutters secret society? Before you click any confirm button lets take a look at No. 2.


In this post we will be taking a look at some game information, along with some pros and cons of the costume completed with a summary of the costume and my personal opinion. The complete walk-through for the costume of Dr. Hibbert will also be added.

Game Information:

Name: No. 2 (Dr. Hibbert)

Costume Image:

Number 2

Cost: 60 Donuts

Level Required: Level 5

Unlock Message: Who decides who gets shingles? We do!

Character Collection: More Stonecutters


Quest: Welcome to the Stonecutters, Number 2

Pros and Cons:


  • Only character costume (so far) for Dr. Hibbert
  • Includes a mini quest line with the costume
  • Earns 50% more on all cash and xp as a premium
  • Completes More Stonecutters character collection


  • 60 donuts is very expensive for a character costume
  • No visual tasks (Outside Tasks)
  • Only has a short quest line which consists of one part

No. 2 Task Book:

Task Time Payout
Quick Drink at the Stonecutter Lodge 1 hr $115/ 26XP
Run the Stonecutter Daycare 2hr $190/ 40XP
Re-Jig Waiting List 4 hr $275/ 70XP
Attend a Secret Meeting 8 hr $445/ 105XP
Nap at the Stonecutter Lodge 12 hr $675/ 150XP
Feast at the Stonecutter Lodge 24 hr $1100/ 225XP

Welcome to the Stonecutters, Number 2 (No. 2 Quest):

Number 1: Oh Number 2, masterminding evil plots has really taken its toll on me.

Number 2: You just need a little perking up.  I’ll schedule a liver transplant for you.

Number 1: Is my liver failing?!

Number 2: No, but it’s nice to have new stuff.

Number 1: Well, all right.  But aren’t there waiting lists for these sorts of things?

Number 2: Pshaw!  You let me worry about that.

Your first and only task is to make Number 2 Re-Jig Waiting Lists for 4 hours.


In my opinion I would skip this purchase if you are low on donuts. The costume is very expensive for 60 donuts when you can purchase characters for the same price. He has a short quest line along with no outside visible tasks. However if you are stocked up on donuts and ready to spend then why not spend your donuts on the only costume for Dr. Hibbert. This will complete your More Stonecutters collection and the more the merrier!

The decision all comes down to you! I hope this guide helped you on your journey of decision on purchasing No. 2. Happy Tapping, Nathan.



6 thoughts on “Premium Guide: Stonecutter No. 2 (Dr. Hibbert)

  1. Mr. Lemming 06/19/2014 — 06:03

    Yeah, no outside tasks at all means this one is an awfully expensive costume you’ll not even see unless you leave him task-less. And if you do that, why even bother then as he looks darn similar to the other Stonecutters who were free(ish, depending on the character)? At least Camp Krusty Bart came with Camp Krusty/Bart and had outdoor animations…

    Right now I’m waiting to see what Chester’s jobs are like before I opt to do anything since he’s one of my personal favorites.


  2. thelittleprince 06/13/2014 — 04:32

    I passed on Hibbert’s costume as well mainly because I need him for his dual tasks with his wife and with Chester so I would hardly use that costume.


  3. Basically all stonecutters have same tasks with 1 or 2 exceptions so think 60 donuts is bit steep for him when already have many free stonecutter outfits.
    Frink outfit is only 12 which is a small enough amount that could have accumulated it for free from neighbour tapping so makes it far easier purchase for me.


    1. Frinks only costs 12 donuts because you already had to pay 150 Ds for the Lab.


      1. I earned the money pool today. Mr. Burn’s task there is probably my all-time favorite task now.


        1. Mine is still Frink testing the Gizmo but the Money Pool task is one of the best! Bart riding Stampy, CocoaBeanie getting Beaten up, Selma Cuddle JubJub, Quimbu embezzling Money, Homer in the KiddiePool, CountBurns stalking are some of my favourites! 🙂


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