Premium Guide: Stonecutter No. 314 (Prof Frink)

Hey, Hey, Hey Fellow Stonecutters!

It’s time for another premium guide with the Stonecutters! Apart from Stonecutter No. 2 (Dr. Hibbert), there is also another premium costume available for purchase that does not include the prize system. No. 314 also known as the Stonecutter Professor Frink! However this one will require you to purchase another premium item before purchasing his costume. So will you be adding the crazy scientist Stonecutter to your secret society? Before you click any confirm button lets take a look at No. 314 in greater detail.


In this post we will be taking a look into some game information along with some pros and cons of the costume which will be ended with a complete summary of the costume. There will also be the quest line for No. 314 along with the task list.

Game Information: 

Name: No. 314 (Professor Frink)


Number 314

Cost: 12 Donuts

Purchase Required: Professor Frink and Frinks Lab

Unlock Message: Who holds back the electric car? We do!

Character Collection: Even More Stonecutters


Quest: Welcome to the Stonecutters, Number 314

Pros and Cons:


  • For 12 donuts is extremely cheap!
  • Includes mini quest line with the costume
  • Earns 50% more on all cash and xp as a premium
  • Completes set of characters: Even More Stonecutters


  • You need to have purchased Frink and his lab to use the costume.
  • He has no visible tasks (outside tasks)
  • Only has a short quest line which consists of one part

No. 314 Task Book:

Quick Drink at the Stonecutter Lodge 115 26 60m
Run the Stonecutter Daycare 190 40 2h
Create a Doomsday Weapon 275 70 4h
Attend a Secret Meeting 445 105 8h
Nap at the Stonecutter Lodge 675 150 12h
Feast at the Stonecutter Lodge 1100 225 24h

Welcome to the Stonecutters, Number  314 (No. 314 Quest):

Number 1: Number 314, I need you to build a “doomsday” weapon.

– We’re the only secret organization without one and it’s getting embarrassing.

Number 314: Certainly. There are basically two ways we could go…

 There is implosion, with the sucking and whooshing and everyone crowded into a teeny-tiny speck…

 Or there is explosion with the booms and the flashes and everything gets waaaay more spread out… very roomy…

Number 1: I leave the choice to you. Have fun with it!

Your first and only task is to make No. 314 create a doomsday weapon for the next four hours. After task is complete:

Number 314: Good glay-vin! I’ve done it! I’ve built a device which will alter the universe as we know it!

Number 1: How does it work?

Number 314: It’s a “What if?” device. I simply set it to: “What if the big bang missed?” and everything changes.

– Until we use it we won’t know exactly what happens.

– We could be erased from existence or we could look the same but with noses right next to our butts. Which would be… bad, too. Ahoyvin.


In conclusion I think that if you already have Frink and his lab I would press that purchase button now! The cost is only cheap of 12 donuts with donuts being awarded through out the event. Even if you don’t have Frink and his lab you can still purchase with the costume being placed in your storage until you purchase Frink and his lab. It all comes down to your decision. I hope this guide has helped you on that decision. Happy Tapping, Nathan.


28 thoughts on “Premium Guide: Stonecutter No. 314 (Prof Frink)

  1. Is anyone planning a post on the significance of the stonecutter numbers? Frink is 314 because it’s the first three digits of pi. I’m sure some of the others have meanings I’m not immediately spotting!


    • 79 Disco Stu – think year
      21 Moe – legal drinking age in the US
      Discussions on this can be found in the comments. Not sure if a post on it will be made 🙂


      • Those are kind of obvious. But why is Skinner 600? (Some kind of educational reference?) And Willie 85, and Burns 29? I’m sure none of these numbers are random.


      • Yes that one’s pretty clear… I’m just thinking that given the writers’ fondness for maths and physics, the other numbers are probably meaningful too. I’m just not sure how/why. 29 is a prime, for example. But why 29 exactly?


  2. Does anybody else have an issue with pro Fink not saying “who holds back the electric car”, kind of the reason I purchased his stonecutters skin. Thanks


    • I listened to the Stonecutters song on YouTube and it sounds like the lines Homer and Skinner speak in the game were extracted from the original 1995 studio recording. The line about the electric car is sung by multiple overlapping voices so it wasn’t possible to single out a voice line for Prof Frink.


  3. You didn’t mention that he earns more than a normal premium. He earns at the premium premium rate. His tasks earn more than hibberts do since he is a premium purchase for a premium purchase.


    • Your right he didn’t, and to add to that all stonecutter costumes won or bought should earn about 10% more cash and XP. There are now a total of 6 different payout levels:
      1) Regular Characters (regular)
      2)Premium Characters (50% more than regular)
      3)Double Premium (for Sherri and Terri and other joined tasks that require at least 1 premium character)
      4)Double Payout (currently only used for joint tasks that require 2 regular characters. Or other future “double” characters)
      5)Stonecutter Costumes (10% more than regular)
      6) Premium Stonecutter Costumes (10% more than Premium)


  4. Slightly off the subject. But wasn’t Herman in the Stonecutters? All of these costumes and not one for him. I wonder what he did to upset Number 1 😉


    • You are right. Same for mr Van Houten, Barney, Apu, Sideshow Mel and Dewey Largo, according to my book “Simpsons World the Ultimate episode Guide (season 1-20)” My go-to for episode facts 🙂 ISBN 987-0-06-171128-2 (8.8 pounds heavy and costs about a Boatload of Donuts)
      Also included in the list of Stonecutters: Assistant Superintendent Leopold

      Liked by 1 person

        • LoL Im old. I like a proper book, like this one witten by Matt Groening, I distrust Wikis that (most) anyone can edit even though they are a good resource 🙂


  5. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the outfit unless you already have Frink and the lab: just tried. 😕


    • Clean trash. Play Sideshow You. Max out on FP and visit all of your neighbourhood daily. Bonus-level-up by farming xp (buy and sell Bloodmobiles/weatherstations/cubicZirconia). Do the tasks given and read Topix for hidden donut oppertunities. All these things can give you Donuts.


        • You can boost your xp and by doing so reaching the level bonus up and the Donutboxes. So it is kinda like buying and selling items to get donuts. Any items can be used for this but Best xp return are the volleybollcourt, bloodmobiles, wheaterstations and the zirconia. I use the highprice bloodmobiles. I spent about $6 million buying/selling and leveled up 4-5 times. If you need 800,000 xp to bonus level up it will take 22 bloodmobiles á $132K.
          I do not recommend this to those that are not toplevel players as they need cash to buy buildings and progerss.


  6. I ought to add that it gives Frink a 2hour task. This is why I bought it but not No. 2, because No. 2 adds no extra task times for Hibbert as he already has a 2hourer, to dine at the truffle.


  7. Does that mean when you earn Disco Stu’s costume, you don’t actually get the costume if you don’t have Disco Stu? So the only way to get the costume is to buy Disco Stu.


    • You get the custume, in your inventory but you cant use it until you buy Disco Stu.
      All Premium Costumes in the free prizes are paired with at least one regular costume so you’ll get something from every prize.


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