The Missing Stonecutters!

Hello Tappers!

The Stonecutters have arrived! However some previous Stonecutters have been denied access in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Tapped Out may have given us players a huge amount of costumes for our male citizens of Springfield however some male citizens have been left out of this secret society!


During the episode ‘Homer the Great’ we see a few of our Springfield citizens as a Stonecutter member however in the game they have been denied access to become a Stonecutter. There are a few characters in the game that don’t have a costume to become a Stonecutter despite the fact appearing in the Stonecutter episode ‘Homer the Great’ as a Stonecutter. So what does this mean for the Stonecutters that have been left behind? Here are a few of tapped out characters that have been banished from the Stonecutters event:

Herman Hermann – Owner of Herman’s Military Antiques and arrived in tapped out last year during the level 30 update!


Kirk Van Houten – Farther of Milhouse and arrived in tapped out during the level 37 update in November last year.

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon – The owner of the famous Kwik-E-Mart and has been in the game since the very start and can be unlocked from the early stages of level 2 – 4 depending on how you play the game from that stage.

Dewey Largo – Lisa Simpsons music teacher and arrived during the level 40 update during the end of April this year.

Barney Gumble – The town drunk and arrived in Springfield in the Christmas event of 2012 and became a permanent addition to buy ever since.


So as you can see in that list we have a few major characters in both the show and the game. Apu is one of those characters who I’m surprised by as he is a major character in both the game and the show. What does this then mean for the characters who have not been given access to the Stonecutters?


Maybe they will be added later on in the future or maybe EA have just forgot!? Lets hope we see more characters soon becoming a member to the secret society in future updates. What do you think about the missing Stonecutters? Share you views in the comment section below. Happy Tapping, Nathan.


53 thoughts on “The Missing Stonecutters!

  1. so i got the stonecutter robes for chief wiggum and Arnie Pye, but the thing is, i don’t own the building for Arnie Pye…why give us a premium characters robes and not give us the premium character it goes on, i tried to remove it from my inventory to use, but it says i need to buy the blasted building first… this is where i think Barney should have been instead.


    • How would Barney have been better? He is premium also. I think it is really considerate of EA to include costumes for premium characters and even better that they give them to those who don’t yet have the premium characters. if in a years time you decided to buy Arnie, isn’t it nice to see that you get a free costume? I agree that Barneys should have been added, but it shouldn’t be instead of another one. Also Arnie doesn’t come with a building, he is a single premium character.


    • Its a sneaky way to get us to buy premium. At least we get at least one regular character with every premium robe so everyone gets something.


  2. I’m pretty happy with this event. I don’t mind the missing stone cutters. I love the little quests the most. In fact I haven’t been sending my towns people on quests. I figure why chance messing up and sending someone I’ll need out for a 12 hour quest. I’m going to have to check but I think I’m behind now 😞. Not because of the game or anything. I hope I’m still ahead at least by a day.


    • im loving the stonecutters game too, the mystery questions especially..feel a little like sherlock holmes!


  3. Doesnt have anything to do with missing stonecutters topic,, but what episode is the mr burns money pool from? Stonecutters episode? I don’t remember seeing it..


  4. I was just looking on the Wiki of The Simpsons and I did realize we were missing a few characters of the Stonecutters: Side note – you forgot Sideshow Mel


  5. There can always be a future update with more skins added. I’m not worried about these missing characters from the event.


  6. Some of those you mentioned are premium characters…EA would discriminate against those who didnt purchase them…just a thought… update in a while though


    • I haven’t noticed any either. What I have noticed since the Stonecutters update is that trees, shrubs, flowers, squidport fence & light can no longer be stored. Has anyone else got this issue?


      • I noticed that benches and trees that had been missing from my inventory are now back. Still cannot store them though. Also have not seen any spying pyramids in Krustyland since the update, which seemed like a glitch anyway.


    • Until this update, the game immediately crashed after opening. Don’t know of that’s what this was for, but I’m glad I can get back to collecting.


        • Hi Cameron. I’m not sure if you realise but your comment is a little rude. Im sure everyone playing this event is aware that egg council guy is in the game as he was added in a recent event (Easter). Also keep in mind that we are all from different parts of the world too. We love feedback but please, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. There were many Stonecutter’s who weren’t added. (About 900 of them.) that’s more future content. Egg council guy was a chance update which some people couldn’t get which may be one reason why he wasn’t added. 😊


    • Actually I wasn’t meaning to be rude. I only just found out he was in the game myself and wondered if others had. Sorry if it came across that way. Now from your comment in can see that everyone already knew apart from me. 😦


    • Oh I will buy the book do not worry althrough I could see the episode team homer in seek althrough i found they were stonecutters in the simpsons wiki


      • I found the book for like $20 at my local Barnes & Noble.It’s amazing, and it weighs like 15 pounds lol


        • That’s a great price! It usually costs about a Boatload of Donuts (easiest comparison internationally) and it only weighs 8.8 pounds! (“Is meant for,reading, not throwing!” As it says on the back)


      • Jordan are you in the uk? If so its on sale on the works website from £95 down to £16.99 saving you 82% plus free delivery


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