Premium Guide: Abandoned Store

Hello Tappers!

Welcome to another premium guide for the Stonecutters event of 2014! In this premium guide we will be taking a look at the Abandoned Store! We will be taking a look at some game information, background show information along with some pros and cons completed with a summary of my personal opinion!

Game Information:

Name: Abandoned Store


Abandoned Store

Requires: Level 5

Cost: 30 Donuts

Event: Stonecutters Event 2014

Character(s) Unlocked: None

Income: $500 and 45XP

Collection Time: 24 Hours

Size: 5×10

Conform-O-Meter: Obedience. 10 Points

Building Time: 6 seconds

Action: Being Abandoned


Abandoned Store is the base for The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers. The Store made its first appearance during the Stonecutters episode ‘Homer the Great’. After Homer decided to make the Stonecutters help the community, this annoyed the other Stonecutters which forced them to leave and form a new club called the ‘No Homers’ which took place at the ‘Abandoned Store’.


The Abandoned Store use to be known as the Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor. Baskin-Robbins is a real ice cream parlor as it is known to be the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops.



All previous Stonecutter members (except Homer) are now apart of this new founded club ‘The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers’. The store has not been seen since the episode ‘Homer the Great’.

Pros and Cons:


  • Very Cheap with being priced at 30 donuts!
  • Gives 10 points to Obedience on the Conform-O-Meter
  • Earns $500 and 45XP every 24h
  • Easy to place
  • Can be bought at the early stage of Level 5


  • Does not generate event currency
  • No characters interact with the building
  • Comes with no new quest line or character


In my opinion because this is a limited time building I would go ahead and purchase this cheap building if you have the spare 30 donuts ready to spend. It is a building that is very cheap and missing out on something premium and that cheap would be a BIG miss. However the decision is all yours and I hope this guide has helped you on your decision on purchasing the Abandoned Store.

If you have already purchased the Abandoned Store then please comment on your personal opinion in our comment section below. Happy Tapping, Nathan.


38 thoughts on “Premium Guide: Abandoned Store

  1. I love the building. I put it in a seperate section for all the Stonecutter stuff.
    On a seperate note, I am having troubles with the prophecy. Does anyone know the flaming moe hint?


    • The Nuke button is temporarily disabled due to the tree glitch. Well, now we cant store flowers, KeMs, KBs etc so they better make a fix for this soon, EA shouldve tested it more before implementing it but whats done is done so now we’ll wait for the fix….


    • The 20 donuts were for finishing the stonecutter series (I think it’s after part 10). Your timing was probably just perfect.


  2. I bought it. A part of me always says buy it to limited time things. So, with the low low price of 30 donuts, I thought it was a steal.


  3. Hi, when visiting friends and tapping, sometimes mostly after 1am it gives me the normal money, 30 friend points per friend and 3 stonecutter money. But after a few minutes at other friends it doesnt give me any stonecutter money anymore and gives me less friendpoints. Only a few go normal. The rest gives me some money and like 8 friendpoints 😦 is this normal?


  4. Not a very exciting building, but I couldn’t pass it up for the price. I’m happy with the purchase and it looks pretty good in my town placed next to the gypsy fortune teller shop. 🙂


  5. Its a bargain!! I made a nice looking block by putting together de chocolate factory and the abandoned store altoghether with some old-looking stuff and the recently added walls. Worth the donuts.


  6. This is so unrelated, but on my game homer still has his 2h pass out task from days of future future. I know this was lame to say, but I was locked out of my game at that point. Oh, and, you guys ROCK


    • I’m locked out as well. Every time i’m about to login in to the game it crashes. Report your’s to EA. They’re dealing with my situation at the moment.


  7. I purchased the store. How could I not?! 😀 I love this episode/event. Totally worth 30 donuts, especially if you consider you’ll get 30 for free through the event. (20 at the end of the quest chain and 10 for tapping on homer while he sings at the stonecutter table. And I haven’t gotten the table yet, but look forward to the free stuff.)


  8. I keep on getting the screen with Bart and it says that it cannot connect to server. Any help would be much appreciated. 😃


    • What do you want us to do?! We are not EA so your suggestion will not be seen by anyone who can do anything to realize it (unless EA actually read this, not likely). Go to EAs forum and suggest/complain there.


    • I think adding Janey would be a good idea since we don’t have a whole lot of the school kids. However, I doubt they would add Martin’s Dad since no one knows who he is. It would be more likely for them to add another student if it was a Janey update, such as Data, Wendell, Jessica, Uter or Lewis. It would probably be Lewis since he is friends with Bart and Milhouse.


  9. Cannot play my game on android since last night login comes up and will not play says unfortunately the Simpsons tapped out has stopped please help been playing for a year


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