TopiX History Files: Stonecutter’s Daycare Center

Hello Fellow Stonecutters!

The Stonecutters have arrived and with a week into the event its time to take a look at one of the main buildings of the Stonecutters event! The Stonecutter’s Daycare Center. This post will give you a complete guide on the Stonecutter’s Daycare Center which will include some game information along with some background history from the show!


Game Information:

Name: Stonecutter’s Daycare Center


Daycare Center

Event: Stonecutters Event 2014

Cost: $250000

Character(s) Unlocked: None

Size: 10×8

Income: $200 and 20XP

Collection Time: 12 Hours

Level Required: Level 5

Conform-O-Meter: Obedience  +10 Points

Action: Teaching Children the Occult

Building Time: 24 Hours


The Stonecutter’s Daycare Center has only made on appearance in the show and that was during the Stonecutters official episode ‘Homer the Great’. When Homer became the Chosen One, he and Lisa thought that the Stonecutters should give something back to the community. This is when the Stonecutter’s Daycare Center was opened which made the Stonecutters work at the Daycare Center.


The Stonecutter’s Daycare Center looks a lot like the official lodge of the Stonecutters headquarters. However it has a different color, with the Daycare Center being much lighter in color and more child friendly. It also has a playground featured at the front of the lodge.


There was a few of the Stonecutters that were seen working at the Stonecutter’s Daycare Center which included Homer, Barney, Moe, Lenny, Carl, Mr. Burns and Herman.

We have not seen the Stonecutter’s Daycare Center since the episode ‘Homer the Great’. That is all the information on the Stonecutter’s Daycare Center. Happy Tapping, Nathan!


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