Updated Frink’s Page

I’ve been in the process (for a while now actually) of silently updating our technical details page with current details. (It’s now called Frink’s Tech Files but that wasn’t my choice, I much preferred it’s original name, The S-Files.) This page here holds links to past posts about building details, characters, conform-o-meter ratings, krust-o-meter, odds of winning things, etc. It’s been a lengthy task, and one I’ve spent considerable time on.

For example, I’ve already updated the following posts:

My goal is to get them all up-to-date soon, and then keep them updated when things change or new items arrive.

It occurred to me that perhaps I should make an announcement and ask a simple question. Should I repost the posts so they’d appear again in the main blog feed, or is just having them linked from Frink’s page here good enough?

Frink Icon


13 thoughts on “Updated Frink’s Page

  1. New I game update is out. It’s all in krustyland. Homer needs to be free to start it off. Four new rides and a few new decorations for Krustyland.


  2. Does Princess Penolope go in Springfield as well?


    1. Looks like she has tasks in both Springfield and KL.


  3. Brenden Mondragon 07/22/2014 — 23:40

    Oh cool


  4. I would like it to be on the main page. I like how it is updated. Good work


  5. We really need a new event for the game I’m getting bored. The yard sale was the worst event ever. We need more land. And I think EA are running out of characters to add to the game. They need something new, something big, and entertaining or people are just going to give up playing. Please EA.


    1. The Yardsale is not an event, no more then a Tie-in. There are plenty of characters left to add.


  6. There may be enough new readers to justify a repost. But if not, then this announcement is fine. Thanks for all the great work you do.


    1. Yeah, I think I’ll wait and post another update like this when I get the next batch of updates done, rather than repost each one.


    2. Same comment – if there are plenty of new readers, it’s worth a repost – otherwise perhaps a quarterly update if anything’s changed. Occasionally remember to go there for info but usually find it in the WTs and info posts.


  7. trickster444 07/21/2014 — 14:55

    A link is fine with me.No need to repeat every time.You guys do enough writing thanks by the way sorry to hear flint is leaving tho.Keep up the great work


  8. Thank you for this work, I appreciate it a lot!
    For me the link from Frink’s page is enough. If you regularly mention it in the “What has changed” posts, then even the occasional reader will know where to look.


  9. letsplaynintendoita 07/21/2014 — 04:01

    having them linked from Frink’s page here good enough for me


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