Should I Buy…….The Unoriginal Log Ride? – Premium Guide

Before we get to the actual fun and enjoyment let me start by saying this was posted a few days ago and due to off-topic, rude and inappropriate comments we had to disable commenting for this post. I have turned commenting back on because the point here is to discuss these items and posts with each other in a FRIENDLY, HELPFUL, RESPECTFUL manner. Please keep comments in line with the topic of the post. Any comment that isn’t regarding this item or that are rude or disrespectful to our team or other readers will be removed and you may face being blocked from ever commenting here again. We’re here to help and give players a nice place to come and talk about the GAME. Thank you.

Hey folks! Level 43 is now upon us and has brought us the first ever Krustyland-only level update. It came in near perfect timing too as the one year anniversary of Krustyland’s release is one week away, July 31st. Finally after nearly 12 months of little to no additions to our theme parks EA breathes new life into our all but forgotten lands. There are a few premium offerings with Level 43, the one I’m going to cover is Krusty’s Unoriginal Log Ride. Hopefully, by the time you’ve finished reading this post I would have helped to answer the question, Should I Buy the Unoriginal Log Ride?




Most of what we know of Krustyland and it’s contents actually have very little to do with the show. There are a few appearances here and there of certain Krustyland additions, however, many of the rides and decorations we receive for the park comes from an actual theme park. In fact most of Krustyland exists only on a fictitious map as a prop for The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida as well as Hollywood, California. In the summer of 2013 Universal Studios recycled the Back to the Future Ride and transformed in into The Simpsons Ride. The park surrounding the ride are now swarmed with various Simpson-themed shops, stores, stalls, etc. 95$ of the entire Krustyland expansion in Tapped Out is one big promo for the two Universal Parks.

Basically the Unoriginal Log Ride doesn’t exist. It has never appeared in an episode of The Simpsons. It’s only appearance, that I know of after extensive research is on the Krustyland map which is at the beginning of The Simpsons Ride. The image below is the map of Krustyland. I apologize it is a little blurry due to the fact that I’ve never been to the ride personally and am relying on images found on the great Intronet.

Krustyland Map


If you can make out the words number 5 on the list of attractions is the Unoriginal Log Ride and I’ve pointed out where it is located with the black arrow.

Game Info

Unoriginal Log Ride

Cost: 75 donuts

Build time: 6 seconds


  • Reach Level 43
  • Complete The Princess and the Pea Brain Pt. 1


  • 20 points to Nausea
  • 75 XP upon build


  • 36 Tickets and 15 XP
  • Every 4 hours


Tapping Action Quote: Dropping Logs

Tapping sound:

Size: 20 X 10 squares. it is a fairly large item.

Animation: Yes. has a regularly, random timed animation of riders on the log flume.

Quests: Unoriginal Quest – Triggered by Milhouse

  • Part 1 of Unoriginal Quest will bring Milhouse, Bart and Martin
  • Once part 1 is complete Lisa will activate part 2 and include Nelson

For a complete walkthrough of the Unoriginal Quest see Nathan’s post of all of the Level 43 side quest here.


I realize that many, MANY players are hardcore gamers that only prefer to have content that has episode or movie history or, to break it down easier, players prefer to not have non-canon items in their Krustyland.  However 90-95% of all of the items in Krustyland are non-canon which means most of the items have not appeared anywhere in the show or the movie.

Now that I’ve covered that aspect let’s get to what’s good about this item and what’s not so good.


  1. Level 43 is the first and only major update to Krustyland containing permanent new attractions that have been desperately lacking and they are NOTone-shot, limites-time, have-to-win items with no quests.
  2. It’s a large, very visually appealing and fully animated ride almost as big as the Tooth Chipper.
  3. Although it doesn’t appear in an actual episode, it does appear in something Simpsons related that only a handful of people will ever get to see in real life which boosts the uniqueness of the item.
  4. Very reasonably priced at 75 donuts.
  5. Has a fairly decent payout rate. Not huge but enough to accrue a guaranteed, steady ration of tickets. Compared to the other premium attractions this is the 4th highest daily payout at 144 tickets / 60 XP every 24 hours. See payout above.)
  6. As with any Level item it is offered permanently and will always be available for the life of the game so there’s absolutely no rush to buy it right away.
  7. Simpsons or not, Krustyland by name or not, it’s a Log Flume!!! No theme park is complete without a dang Log Flume.
  8. Now for the BIG pro for this ride. Once you’ve completed the Unoriginal Quest AND Twins Just Wanna Have Fun the following characters will have PERMANENT tasks for the Unoriginal Log Ride:

  Bart Image Bart

  • Ride the Unoriginal Log Ride
  • 90 Tix / 75 XP

Lisa ImageLisa

  • Ride the Unoriginal Log Ride
  • 90 Tix / 75 XP

Martin HeadMartin

  • Ride the Unoriginal Log Ride
  • 90 Tix / 75 XP

Milhouse HeadMilhouse

  • Ride the Unoriginal Log Ride
  • 90 Tix / 75 XP

Nelson HeadNelson

  • Ride the Unoriginal Log Ride
  • 90 Tix / 75 XP

Sherri-Terri HeadSherri & Terri (Premium Characters)

  • Ride the Unoriginal Log Ride
  • 180 Tix / 150 XP


And now for the cons, well any that I can think of.

  1. The Unoriginal Log Ride is non-canon which means it has no relation or appearance in any episode of the show. Believe it or not there is a huge portion of players who will not purchase any non-canon item as it takes away from the authenticity of their towns.
  2. It is only available under the two conditions listed above which requires you to be at Level 43. In Springfield all premium items, well almost all, are available right at Level 5 without a quest.Seeing as how you must be at Level 20 to start Krustyland this item could at least be available then.
  3. For a premium attraction the daily payout is the smallest of all of the premium rides in Krustyland. I’m not counting event items or prizes from events, just premium, bought with donuts, items.
  4. For some its size may be a factor depending on how heavily decorated your Krustyland is. 20 X 10 makes it one of the biggest buildings in the game in both Springfield and Krustyland. We have a lot of players desperate for more land. Although this is a Krustyland ride, the size still may be a negative factor.
  5. Um, er….ah…..that’s all I have folks, sorry.

There’s really not much that is wrong with this purchase that I can see. It encompasses every stereotypical theme ride/fun park in history, doesn’t cost a lot considering the size, permanent animation and it gives SIX characters permanent tasks as well as a 2 part quest which isn’t big but isn’t one that takes forever either. How can you go wrong?

In my opinion, which usually is the same opinion, to answer your question Should I Buy the Unoriginal Log Ride?

YES, if you can swing it, I say go for it and enjoy the new addition. I love Log Flumes, one of my absolute favorites at any park I visit so buying this was a no-brainer. However, keep in mind this is not an event or episode tie-in which are strictly limited-time items. The Unoriginal Log Ride is part of a level update which means it will always be available. So if you don’t have the dough right now, don’t fret, if you like what you’ve read about it and want it, strive to save up for it.

That’s it from me on the Unoriginal Log Ride. I sincerely hope this helps at least one of you. Hope you all are enjoying your summer as well. It’ll be over before you know it.

Happy Tapping.

Mike S.

Log Ride Saw


15 thoughts on “Should I Buy…….The Unoriginal Log Ride? – Premium Guide

  1. I haven’t bought any of the premium items for KL yet, but I will probably buy the log ride and the Beer Fountain! The log ride is a way better deal and way bigger then the other premium rides! Mt. Krustmore is waaaaay too small! And the beer fountain is cheap and awesome! My only complaint with the update is that I wish they started offering more different little game tents or food kiosks! Krustland visitors NEED lemonade! The lemonade stand is already in the files for the Squidport, and they already offer the Hotdog and Fried Ball stand in KL?


  2. I bought this. I was pleasantly surprised at how big it was. And to be honest, Krusty land needs more stuff as there is alot of empty space. It is starting to feel like a real amusement park.


  3. this is a great addition to KL. The size makes it stand out and it looks cool. A must have if you have taken the time to develop your park. I agree with previous post, it sure would be convenient to have an arrow to move between friends KL’s. Good post Mike


  4. Steviegeezer 07/29/2014 — 13:56

    It would be more of a pro if one were able to scroll between friends Krustylands like one can with towns…..whilst you are in a friends K’land the arrow takes you to the next town rather than the next K’land…..just sayin !
    I for one like K’land – one can earn money quicker there – the excellent conversion rate for 30K tickets is well worth the time…..
    and I will be buying the log ride !
    Thanks for the advice as usual Mike !


  5. I probably won’t get it. Krustyland doesn’t get much of my attention so I can’t justify spending more donuts than I already have there.


  6. Disabling the comments?


    1. I have edited your comment only to reply, we have NEVER disabled comment for a post so if it happens then one of the staff members here must have really felt it necessary. I don’t know what started all of this or who said what and honestly I do not care. All I know is this post is to discuss a new item for The Simpsons Tapped Out. We are too busy for nonsense and are only here to help others because we love the game and like to help. There will NOT be one more comment put through regarding anything but polite game discussion.


      1. I Love my krustyland and bought this instantly , who else did this?


  7. I just can’t do it. I usually ignore my Krustyland, and the idea of earning tickets at a premium rate doesn’t appeal to me. I like having everyone in Springfield. I really only go to Krustyland to try to get free donuts from Sideshow You…if I could only move that booth into Springfield.


    1. I hear you, trust me. I think before this update I visited my Krustyland maybe once a month. But, and I’m sure this was the point, level 43 has renewed my interest in Krustyland if only until I finish the quests.


  8. Just to point out – another con is that it is in Krustyland- a place that is often abandoned by friends. That was a turning point for me. I play just to show off to everyone, really, and Krustyland is only ever visited by my friends when they can’t visit my Springfield!


    1. I really can’t list that as a con due to the fact that the update was a Krustyland only update containing Krustyland only items. It’s a guide for a Krustyland ride, it being only for there is understood. But I totally understand especially if you’re not a big spender or if you rely on every last donut.


  9. Great summary and I’m tempted but as it’s not time limited will gather a few more donuts first and consider some of the yard sale items first.


    1. Go for it, that’s the best pro I think, the fact that it is not limited-time. Get all of the limited-time items that you can while you can then worry about stuff like this.


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