Hi Y’all!

Mikezilla is a well known and sometimes beloved writer of TSTO related subjects. His main outlet is TO.uk* where he is the most prolific blogger and ran the weekly BattleOfThePremiumCharacters with Otto as the final winner, and a new edition of BOTPC is on the way.
Some of you might know him from TopixExtra. He is also on Twitter.

It is always fun to read Mikezilla’s posts, so enjoy!


With the addition of the level 43 update giving TSTO lovers a chance to participate on Twitter, I have searched high and low and even across continents, to compile the best of the best, to share with you in this edition of The Top 5. Without further adieu, here is The Top 5 #TappedOutShmoikel Tweets:






Feel free to share your #TappedOutSchmoikel ideas or your favorites from Twitter in the comments.


*Tapped-Out.co.uk is a free FB-like site with ~1,400 members who discuss the game, upload pics, ask and give design advice. Anyone is welcome to join!


6 thoughts on “#TappedOutSchmoikel

  1. TOUK seems to be back up and running thanks to its diligent founder, now I can have some more fun!


  2. Em, this is not relating to this post but what is happening to the Tapped Out UK site? I can’t seem to access the Home, Pages and Mail features… it says something like “The feature or section you are attempting to use is not permitted with your membership level” Please help! Do I have to pay to access these features!? 😦


    1. Oh never mind it is OK! Tim told me what was going on! 🙂


    2. Update: Back to normal.
      Yes there is something going on. For updates on the situation:


  3. What is a shmoikel?!


    1. Krusty’s and Penelope’s son


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