A Year on TopiX: The Dates (Part Two)

Hello Tappers!

Today celebrates the one year anniversary of TopiX! Happy one year anniversary to TopiX, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip, Hooray, Hip Hip, Hooray! Today on our anniversary we continue with the posts ‘A Year on TopiX: The Dates’. So as we have celebrate a year on Topix we have had many successful moments and made many friends. And in this post to celebrate a one year anniversary on TopiX I will be taking you all back in time to August 8th 2013 and look at a year of TopiX and the important dates that have made the site what it is today.


This post will be separated into three parts over the next couple of days. Today we continue with part two of the posts and if you missed part one it can be found here. Part three and the final part will be posted tomorrow.

December 2013:

The Christmas excitement had hit TopiX with all of us writers in the holiday mood. The month started with the departure of Gil and the arrival of a new writer (Jason). We also saw ‘Ask The Writer’ make a return and reaching 3,000,000 Hits!

  • And the New Writer for TopiX is!… – So TopiX introduced its first NEW writer to the site, Jason. After 2 months of debating and deciding over who should take the role of the new writer to TopiX we all came to a decision of Jason.
  • Jason’s Post Submission – If you wanted to see how Jason was added to TopiX, then check out his post submission here.
  • 3,000,000 Hits! – After 4 months of posting, the 5th month of TopiX started with reaching 3,000,000 Hits!
  • Christmas has arrived! – The Christmas update arrived with TopiX celebrating its second event and first Christmas event.

The month continued as a normal month with December being TopiXs best month for hits. As the month ended TopiX reached into 2014 and a new year with The Simpsons Tapped Out and TopiX.



February started with some love in Springfield as the Valentines update arrived! We also celebrated half a year on TopiX as we celebrated it with a Valentines Giveaway. And the month ended with the introduction of a new writer and familiar face ‘Flinster42’.


March was a very busy month for TopiX as we had an update every single week of the Month! March started with an double bill episode tie-in along with a St. Patrick’s update. The month ended with another episode tie-in along with a level update. There is not much to say about March apart from the packed month of updates. So if you want to see more from March then check the month out here.


And there we have it! That is the end of ‘A Year on TopiX: The Dates (Part Two)’ and we’ll be back Saturday with part three and the final part where we’ll be looking at the months April, May, June, July and August. So I hope you have enjoyed looking back at TopiX’s memorable moments. Happy One Year Anniversary TopiX, Nathan!


1 thought on “A Year on TopiX: The Dates (Part Two)

  1. Happy Anniversary to TopiX and the whole team!


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