About To Get Medieval On Your …………

Hey tappers!

The newest update has hit the servers! Unfortunately it hasn’t reached our devices yet but a change in the servers means it is coming and will hit in a few hours. For now until we can get it all sorted I’m going to share the link to spAnser’s post regarding the event from tstonews.com. Get the link after the jump.



Okay folks, like I said, we’re still gathering info ourselves and a scrambling to break down the event so for content only check out spAnser’s post which was first o publish, as usual. All thanks to spAnser and tstonews.com.


Stay tuned for more info, walkthroughs, etc.!!

Mike S.



14 thoughts on “About To Get Medieval On Your …………

  1. Are the nerds NPC’s or playable characters? Will they stay after the update?

    (I’m not sure did I post this on a other thread, since my internet is what it is)


    1. jginsberg145 08/19/2014 — 17:45

      we are still digging through the files. Stay tuned


  2. Are the neards NPC’s or do they have tasks? Will they stay after the event?


  3. goaliegrrl31 08/19/2014 — 15:49

    Looks interesting and no doubt fun – but what does this theme have to do with the SIMPSONS show? Seems EA is just doing an event to keep up with FGQFS…?


    1. It’s reminding me a little of the futurama movie Bender’s Game.
      I heard somewhere that a bender icon has been found in the files (not sure if that’s accurate), but according to wikipedia that episode will air after tree house of horror. Are we going to get back to back events?
      I like that we are getting Bart’s cardboard box castle.
      Maybe someone is playing the game in Clown in the Dumps?


  4. I hope there’s going to more land, I don’t have room for more stuff.


    1. letsplaynintendoita 08/19/2014 — 15:41

      OK Guys it needed its own post so people avoiding spoilers know that there is new land

      Prices range from
      $200,000 – $1,500,000

      A lot of you want more than 1 strip I think they are planning ahead and are probably looking into giving more land more often.

      They buffered up the code with the land and adding 15 new strips that are not enabled either for technical reasons or to possibly offer land every update

      (spAnser @ EA Forum)


  5. Bender found for sept!!! That will be the crazy bananas update I’m guessing. Not this one.
    These medieval characters better discover new land.


  6. Génial, on va faire un sacre château ,


  7. letsplaynintendoita 08/19/2014 — 14:41

    cant freaking wait!


  8. Is it a App Store / event update?


    1. Sorry, it will definitely be an App Store update. Something this big has to be.


      1. Thought it was but looked on spansers post and was unsure lol thanks for the reply


  9. This looks like it’s going to be amazing


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