Clash of Clones Event – Overview Part 1

The Medieval Times/Clash of Clones event is now upon us and is an event that is like no other in Tapped Out history. This is a huge event with a lot of new content, characters, and info, so I am going to have to break it up into a few parts throughout the course of the event. I hope that you are all enjoying this update as I am and as the team here at TopiX are. I’m going to cover this as best as I can, so bear with me and please feel free to correct me if there are any discrepancies. Let’s get started.



The new splash screen for the Clash of Clones 2014 event

Release Info

I’ll start with the basic release information. As you all have and can see on the front page the newest splash screen depicts the Simpsons in warrior/viking garb charging for an attack. Each member of the family has a costume as well.

Update Title: Medieval Times

Release Date: August 19, 2014

Version: 4.10.2 – App Store update



Event Info

The event triggers automatically upon successfully updating your game. However, you need to complete part 1 of the main quest titled The Prince and the Premise in order for the event to officially activate. I will cover the currency, content and attack/defend info and then show you where all of the event buttons are and what they do.


As with all events for Tapped Out there is a new currency, two actually, Elixir and Gold. Accruing each one will allow you to win personal prizes (gold) and buy event content as well as upgrade your town’s warrior production, castle defenses and individual characters capabilities.


Elixir is obtained a number of ways during the event. It is awarded, along with gold, whenever you attack a building in a friend’s town, defend a building in your own town, as a Personal Prize, in the event store menu, and as reward for certain event quests. What makes Elixir unique compared any other event currency is that it can only be purchased in the event store menu on Wednesdays, throughout the duration of the event. Every Wednesday Elixir will be available for donuts for a 24 hour period. After the 24 hours is up, it is up to you to attack your friends, defend your town and progress through the event quest line in order to obtain more Elixir. 

Elixir is available in the event store menu in 3 different amounts:

200 Elixir 200 Elixir for 6 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png

1000 Elixir 1,000 Elixir for 26111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png

4000 Elixir 4,000 Elixir for 100111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png

During the event, once you’ve unlocked 1 or more of the skins/costumes, their tasks will earn Elixir. You do not have to wait for the next part of the quest to trigger if you want to send a character on an Elixir earning task to acquire more.

Gold Gold

Gold is the secondary event currency. It cannot be used to purchase anything however it is the required currency to obtain all of the event’s Personal Prizes, which we’ll cover below. Gold can also be used to upgrade characters and it does not deplete, meaning you do not have to use the Gold that you have acquired to purchase upgrades, rather you have to reach a specific amount of Gold to unlock the upgrades.

Both Gold and Elixir can be acquired through event quests and by sending the event characters on tasks using their event skins.

Nerds/ Attacking/Defending Basics

Nerds are your army. They are what you send to friends’ towns in order to attack their buildings and castles. Nerds are produced regularly by your castles or they can be bought with donuts in the event store menu. There is a cap on the amount of Nerds your town can hold, however, that amount can be raised by upgrading your castles. Once your castles have generated Nerds the following symbol will appear over them:

Troops Icon Nerds Icon

It is important to note that once you reach your maximum amount of Nerds you will not be able to acquire any more and the Nerds that your castles generate will be lost. It is vital that you use your Nerds to stay under your max limit or upgrade your castles as often as you can to raise the cap. Nerds will only be able to be purchased with donuts so long as you remain under the maximum amount. Once you reach your max amount of Nerds you will receive this warning:

Max Nerd Warning

Max Nerds Warning

There are four types of Nerds that make up your army. They are:

Brave Tin Knight or Troop 1

Troop 01 Unlock




Amateur Mage or Troop 2

Troop 02 Unlock


Warrior of Muffintop or Troop 3

Trrop 03 Unlock


Rascal Rogue or Troop 4

Troop 04 Unlock


These troops or Nerds will appear at random depending upon the amount of Nerds you send to attack a specific building or castle.

Note: We have received a few questions as to whether the Nerds will be rewarded as either NPCs or playable characters. There is no information to indicate they will be and no character set is assigned to them in the game files. For the moment I will have to say No, these characters will not remain after the event. If anything changes we will let you know.

Each building or castle that can be attacked requires you to send your Nerd army to accomplish the attack. The amount of time for each attack varies depending on the number of Nerds that you send but it is anywhere from 11 hours with only 1 Nerd being sent to 60 minutes with multiple Nerds being sent. Each building that can be attacked has a different max amount for the number of Nerds you can send.

When in your friends’ towns, the symbol that represents a building that can be attacked will be the following:

Attack Icon This symbol over a house or castle means that no one else is attacking it and you can therefore send your Nerds to attack. Tapping the house or castle will bring up a menu:

Attack Menu

This menu is how you call your Nerds to attack. You can also buy more Nerds, see how many Nerds you have and can instantly destroy a building using a Cheaters 20 Sided Dice. I will explain the Cheaters 20 next.

To send your Nerds simply tap the + button to select the number of Nerds you want to send.

Nerd Attack Full

Notice the difference in Time to Victory between the 2 pictures. The more Nerds you send, the less time it takes to attack the building.

You can replenish your Nerds at any time as long as you are under your maximum amount. The amount of Nerds available to buy in the event store menu depends upon the amount of Nerds you are under the cap. As you reach the cap, the Nerd packages will lock in the menu and will not unlock again until you are well under your cap.

You begin with a 40 Nerd maximum and can raise that amount, as I said above, through upgrading your castles. The premium prices for the Nerd packages are as follows:

Gang of 5 Nerds Gang of 5 Nerds for 2111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png

Mob of 10 Nerds Mob of 10 Nerds for 3111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png

Army of 20 Nerds Army of 20 Nerds for 4111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png


There are only a select amount of buildings that you can attack in your friends’ towns and which can be attacked in your town. They are as follows:


  • Barbarian Castle
  • Boxingham Palace
  • Castle Recycle


  • Flanders House
  • Blue Houses
  • White Houses
  • Orange Houses
  • Purple Houses
  • Pink Houses
  • Brown Houses
  • Skinner’s House
  • Van Houten House
  • Willie’s Shack
  • Wiggum House
  • Muntz House
  • Sanjay’s House
  • Pumpkin House
  • Gingerbread House
  • Crazy Cat Lady’s House

When your town is under attack you will be notified by your device’s notifications, if you have that option enabled in-game or by a pop-up notification if you are currently in-game. You will also know exactly which buildings are being attacked by seeing Nerds roaming your streets and by the following symbol over the building that is currently being attacked:

Defend Icon

The symbol for defending your buildings

To properly defend your buildings simply tapping them will clear the Nerds. You will also be told WHICH of your friends is the attacker and be given the option to immediately seek revenge and be taken directly to the attacking friend’s town.

Revenge/ Direct Attack Button

The event has given us an option to directly and anonymously attack friends and random towns. This is good for those of you who have little or no friends or those who only wish to attack towns without having the person know who attacked them. Using this button will only tell the receiving town that an “attacker” has visited them. This button is in the top right corner of the screen:

Event Buttons Attack

Revenge/Direct Attack Button

This button will appear only after you have completed The Prince and the Premise Pt. 3. Once you tap this button you will be taken to a completely random town and be able to attack or destroy 5 buildings. You will not have the option to collect from the usual 3 buildings as you do if you visit your friends.

Winning/Losing Attacks

You will win Elixir and Gold regardless if your friend or anonymous recipient defends their town. Obviously you get a bigger reward if the recipient does not defend against the attack but you will be rewarded either way. Also the rewards for attacking using the Direct Revenge/Attack button are higher than the rewards from attacking friends. Why? We have no idea but I’m assuming it to be rewards for using the event options.

The Win/Lose Rewards are as follows:

Winning (Meaning the recipient does not defend the attack before the attack timer is up)

Random Town

  • Castles – 140Elixir / 50Gold
  • Houses – 70Elixir / 25Gold

Friends Town

  • Castles – 25Elixir / 10Gold
  • Houses – 18Elixir / 8Gold

Losing (Meaning the recipient of the attack either taps their buildings before the attack timer is up OR the recipient uses a Cheaters 20 to defend their entire town all at once)

Random Town

  • Castles – 10Elixir / 2Gold
  • Houses – 5Elixir / 2Gold

Friends Town

  • Castles – 10Elixir / 2Gold
  • Houses – 5Elixir / 2Gold

As you can see the rewards for winning in a random town are drastically higher than for visiting a known friend and attacking. This is where the “strategy” part of this event comes into play. You have to weigh the rewards for winning/losing between random towns and friends towns. Using the options that are given such as Cheaters 20 or sending as many Nerds as possible to lower the time a person you are attacking has to defend against it are vital in determining how much Elixir and Gold you acquire and how fast.

Cheaters 20 Dice



Cheaters 20 Dice

The last item I’ll cover in this, Part 1, of the Overview is the Cheaters 20 Dice. Designed by Professor Frink to allow the player to never lose, the Cheaters 20 Dice is exactly as it’s named, a 20 sided dice that always lands on 20 allowing the player to win every time. Much like the ghost vacuum during the Halloween 2013 event, the Cheaters 20 is merely a shortcut for attacking towns and defending your own.

Cheaters 20 Dice become available for purchase once you collect 800 Gold win the 3rd Personal Prize which is a pack of 5 dice. A quest will trigger called Roll With It which will require you to:

  • Destroy a Building with a Cheaters 20
  • Use a Cheaters 20 to Defend Your Town

Once this quest is completed 3 packages of Cheaters 20 will unlock in the Premium and Clash of Clones event store menus. The packages are:

Cheaters20 – Single Cheaters 20 for 9111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png

5Cheaters – Pack of 5 Cheaters 20 for 44111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png

20Cheaters – Bag of 20 Cheaters for 155111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png

Attacking With a Cheaters 20

Once unlocked and acquired, the Cheaters 20 can be used to instantly destroy a building in a random or friend’s town. It completely negates the need to send Nerds for a timed attack and allows you to instantly collect the attack reward. The amount of dice needed is only 1 per building.

The option to utilize a Cheaters 20 to instantly destroy a building or castle in a random or friend’s town is in the same Attack Menu that you receive when you tap a potential building:


The very first time you select this option you will be asked if you’re sure you want to use a Cheaters 20. After the first time there will be no second prompt so be sure that you really want to use one since there will be no way to take it back.

Once you select to use a Cheaters 20 the building will instantly destroy and you will receive the attack reward right away. If you wreck a castle it will look wrecked:

Wrecked Castle

Wrecked Castle

If you select to instantly destroy a house, it will revert that house back to as if the person just built it for the first time:

Repair Icon

Wrecked House

Likewise if a friend selects a Cheaters 20 in your town your castles and houses will receive the same symbols.

Defending With a Cheaters 20

Cheaters 20 Dice can also be used to defend your town instantly from any attack. Again the price to defend your town is 1 dice per defense. You will be notified of a pending attack through your device and the game’s notifications if you’re not currently playing, or you will receive a pop-up in-game notifying you that “So and so is attacking your town!” You will also see Nerds roaming your streets if a visitor has launched an attack on any of your buildings.

To instantly defend your town using a Cheaters 20 the icon is at the top right corner of your screen next to the Revenge/Direct Attack Button:

Event Buttons Cheaters

Cheaters 20 Button

The icon also shows you how many dice you currently have. You can add dice at any time using the event store menu for donuts as explained above and there is no limit to how many dice you can have.

To defend, tap the icon once:

Cheaters Info

Text: Tap the screen anywhere to use the Cheaters 20

At the top of the screen the instructions will appear next. All you need to do is tap the screen one time. You do not have to be over any buildings under attack. In fact, you can tap the screen anywhere but just tap it once.

The screen will then flash white and all buildings under attack will instantly restore and all defense rewards will instantly be issued to you. If no buildings are under attack you will receive the following message when you tap the Cheaters 20 icon:

No Attacker Warning

Text: No buildings are under attack or wrecked!

Event Button Navigation

I have covered most of the new buttons and icons that have come with this update but there are a few more. Once you have activated the event there will be an additional icon at the bottom right of your screen alongside the Move, Friends, Build icons:

Event Buttons Main

Tapping this button will bring up your Castle Summary screen:






This screen shows you your 3 castles. If you haven’t unlocked any or all of the castles yet, they will still appear here although they will be locked. To upgrade or view your individual castle status, tap the View button under the castle you want to see and it will take you to that castle’s main screen. The main screen of each castle contains a lot of info, how much depends on how far you have progressed in the event.

Regardless of how far along you are it will always show:

  1. Nerd count
  2. Elixir count
  3. Gold count
  4. Castle level
  5. Next castle level and what the level will unlock
  6. How much Elixir to upgrade to the next level.
  7. Last person who attacked the castle and a button to revenge them directly



If you have unlocked one or more of the event skins the castle’s main screen will also show you:

  1. Character level
  2. How much gold to upgrade the skin to the next level
  3. Upgrade button



As I said above regarding Gold you do not spend it. You simply have to reach the required amount of Gold to unlock the next upgrade.

Prize Button

The second button or middle button at the bottom right of the Castle Summary screen will take you to the Personal Prize menu:

Event Buttons Prizes

Tap this icon and you will be brought here:


This screen will tell you what each Personal Prize is, how much Gold is required to unlock it, and how many donuts can be used to rush the prize. At the bottom you will also find the event end date, October 7th 2014.

Event Store Menu

The third and final button at the bottom of the Castle Summary screen is the store menu for the event content. I will cover exactly what the event has brought us regarding characters, buildings, and decorations in Part 2 of this Overview. The event store menu can also be accessed by tapping the main Build icon on your Home screen.

Event Buttons Store


Tapping this icon will bring you directly to the event store menu:

Event Store


In this menu you can purchase any of the new content as well as the Wednesdays only Elixir bundles, Nerds, and castle upgrade items.

Event Summary Screen

You will notice a question mark in a few spots throughout the many screens for the event. One is at the top right corner of the Personal Prize menu above and the other is on your Home screen along with your Nerd, Gold, and Elixir counts:

Event Counts

Tapping the question mark on either screen will bring you to the Event Instruction or Summary screen:


This screen will give you brief instructions of how to maneuver the event as well as a real-time countdown clock which counts down to the end of the event.

I think I have covered all of the general basics for now so I will stop here. As I said above I will be covering all of the new characters, buildings and decorations in Part 2 of this Overview so stay tuned. Hope this gives you all a better understanding of how the event works and how to navigate around your game. Feel free to correct me if any of the info is wrong or inaccurate.

Happy Raiding!

Mike S.


82 thoughts on “Clash of Clones Event – Overview Part 1

  1. Gary Kozdron 08/27/2014 — 23:50

    Do they know that the 8″ kindle fire uses a different scheme for programming  than the 7″ kindle. The reason I say this is i have been told by Amazon also i have 3 kindles an 8” and 2, 7″ kindle fires. The 8” [bought it back in October ran good but when the updates came it was a bummer] i had thought was defective on the communications side. i sent it in [i got tired of playing phone tag] but they said no, they couldn’t duplicate the problems ! And now today and yesterday it wouldn’t process the updates, it would install, but it would not load them. Right now the two 7″ kindle fires [one about a yr old and the other a hd about 2 months] are working just fine but the 8″ is just sitting on the side not running tapped out. The [wireless i checked and it is still communicating] 

    I have given up all hope of the problem being resolved and am thinking of trading the 8 in on a 7″. All that happens is it starts at the Boot screen goes to the Fox,EA and the Gracie Films credits then the Splash screen for a few seconds and back to the Boot Screen


    from: The Simpsons Tapped Out TopiX

    To: Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2014 3:55 PM Subject: [New post] C.O.C Event – Overview Part 1 Mike S. posted: “The Medieval Times/Clash of Clones event is now upon us and is an event that is like no other in Tapped Out history. This is a huge event with a lot of new content, characters and info so I am going to have to break it up into a few parts throughout the c”


    1. Thanks for the info about the different programming schemes. I have not been able to log on properly to my 8inch kindle for months. Thankfully I have been able to log into my daughters 7inch and and still play. It’s very inconvenient but I am lucky to have a back up. When will EA sort this out? Probably never 😦


  2. How do you start the ‘Eco Castle Part 1’ quest, I can’t find Lisa’s costume in my inventory or as an option on her, is that unlocked later or has something happened? I unlocked the castle and costume a while ago but while the castle is in my inventory the costume isn’t. Do I just have to continue to do the event quests and it’ll happen?


  3. I earned the elixir bundle award but I cannot locate it. Please help.


    1. It got added to your elixir count.


    2. This is common. Contact EA and ask for a game advisor they at least try to restor your elixir.


  4. Are you sure about the win/lose rewards? I’m strictly attacking castles only, given the few Nerds I produce at the moment. So I should always earn at least 10 elixir. Nonetheless, I often am greeted by a message of being rewarded only 5 or 15 elixir. That should not be possible, should it?


    1. There was a change that cut the payout in half if a building was defended 😦


      1. Yes, I noticed that too! When did this happen and why???


        1. Very reciently and I have no clue as to why! Ask EA.


  5. Do you know of a way to see my current Nerds maximum without reaching it?


    1. There’s not a way I can tell from the game, other than trying to calculate it from your castles’ levels. It appears it starts at a maximum of 20, and goes up by 5 when each castle hits levels 3, 9, 13, 16, and 19. At least I thought it started at 20. The game code implies that it starts at 40. I haven’t totally verified this though.


    2. Do the math shivering

      Base is max 40
      Max +5 on level 3-9-13-16 (for each castle)
      Max +10 on level 19 (for each castle)
      Total max, if all three castles are on 19, is 130

      Base Generating 5 nerds/castle/2h
      +5 on level 2-7-12-15-18 (for each castle)
      Total max generating 90nerds/2h if all three castles are on 18


  6. Thank you, Mike, for compiling this comprehensive event introduction!

    I like the event, I log in much more often. However, I dislike the fact that it doesn’t connect with the show. And since I don’t know Clash of Clans, I’m missing half of the jokes, I’m afraid. Too bad. As long as the quests and dialogs are running, I find enough Simpsonesque humor, though.


  7. Unable to advance!
    – Eco Castle Pt. 4
    Quest: Upgrade Castle Recycle
    (Status: 1/6 and not upgrading eventhough Archer Lisa is at level 20)
    – Boxed in Pt. 4
    Quest: Place 3 cardboard decorations
    (Status: 1/3 and not able place decorations as they are locked eventhough at the same time cardboard wall, tower and gates are in yellow color in the inventory.)
    Quest: Upgrade Boxingham palace
    (Status: 1/6 and not upgrading eventhough Goblin Bart is at level 15)

    There goes this event, I guess…


    1. You need to upgrade the castles (with elixir) not just the costumes. Walls are aearded after you reach lvl 4 and the towers after lvl 6


      1. I didnt realized castle upgrading with elixir. How stupid of me! No longer stuck! Thanks!


  8. I’m enjoying this event. Its allowed me to renovate several areas of my town… Specifically Burns Manor (w/ castle walls), and Herman’s Military Antiques (w/ recycle walls/tower)… They look great!! Not sure how to post a photo on here otherwise I’d definitely have them uploaded. I’d love a future update to include some prison towers and brick prison walls with barbed wire to be released… Maybe when Constance Harm and the Juvenile Hall are introduced into game… 🙂


    1. Innovative how you’re combining new and old buildings! Here’s a post explaining how to upload screenshots:


      1. I didn’t have drop box, but looking at the instructions, dropbox seems very similar to Microsoft One Drive… Here are the pics of my changes to the above buildings using the new decorations… Even snuck in the hot air balloon into my prison 😉


  9. Can you buy walls and gates at anytime or do yiu have to wait ?


    1. 8 Walls, 2 towers and a gate (per castle) are awarded free during the upgrades of the castles. After you have updated the castle to level 10 additional parts for that type of castle will unlock. For the Barbarian castle the parts costs elixir but for the recycle and box castles additional parts are premium. There is also 3 towers in the personal prizeladder.


      1. Thank you!


  10. Nice post.

    In your listings of castles you show a Betterham Palace and leave out Castle Recycle. I’m assuming that this was a mistake, but don’t know where you got Betterham, a new castle down the road? Also, Boxingham Castle is Boxingham Palace and castle for Barbarian Castle is spelled incorrectly – unless this is the barbarian spelling.

    Thanks for all your hard work.


    1. Internally, the game refers to Castle Recycle as Betterham Palace. I’ve changed the post to reflect that it’s really Castle Recycle. Also changed Boxingham Castle to Boxingham Palace and the spelling mistake.


  11. I am so confused and frustrated by this update. You keep saying that gold is not taken away from you when you want to upgrade your castle and the same goes for the characters, but yet when I hit upgrade mine does deplete and is subtracted from whatever total I had.


    1. Then you are experiencing a glitch that no one else is experiencing. Gold does not deplete. The prizes and upgrades are only unlocked when you reach x-amount of Gold not in exchange for x-amount of Gold.


      1. Actually, Ive seen reports on gold being reduced. But it seems to be only visual. The counter says your gold is reduced but the progress on the prizeladder is not effected it just says you have less gold then you actually do.


    2. I just upgraded Homer a few times like 5 minutes ago and my Gold didn’t change.


    3. when you upgrade your castle it is the elixir the one that deplete, not the gold


      1. Upgrading skins requires gold and yes, some are seeing goldreduction when doing this. It seems to be only visible and that you just cannot get the correct amount accumulated gold to show. However it does not seem to effect the progress of the prizeladder.


    4. Alice, you said “to upgrade your castle and the same goes for the characters” – this is not correct. Upgrading your CASTLES will deplete your elixir but won’t deplete your gold, and upgrading your CHARACTERS will not deplete your elixir or your gold.


  12. Is it better to attack with many nerds, smaller number of overall attacks or one nerd per attack per building?


    1. Depends on who you are raiding and how fast you want the payout. For the Other Springfield attack the Castles with 1 nerd as I dont think they defend so victory is yours after the time is up. Random towns pays better then your neighbourhood. Castles pays better then houses.
      If you have contact with your neighbour and know that they will not defend, use 1 nerd.
      Using more nerds/attack is a risk but it will reduce the time until victory, if not defended.
      It all depends on when the one you’re attacking is logging in and if they defend.
      Im a pessimist on this so I assume all my attacks will be abrupted by defence so I only use 1 nerd/attack. If I level up the three castles to 20 and get 90 nerds/2h I might change strategy but I dont see how Im gonna earn the 210,000+ elixir it takes to do that.


  13. This is the worst tsto event yet. Hands down. I’ll take a million Easter fences over this garbage. If I wanted to play clash of clones I would. I have tsto to build my own Springfield and all they do now is events and level updates that include one episode characters! I’m pissed! Finish up the entire cast of regulars, then do lame events and OTCs.


    1. Like it or not it is still better then the lull with nothing new at all.


    2. This would be a good reader poll. I have a feeling most players will say it’s the best event ever.


      1. I loved the daily riddle aspect of the Stonecutter event. But enjoy the nerds raiding towns aspect of this event. Glad to see the prize wheels / boxes are gone, I’m fine with a prize wheel but only if it were structured it in such a way that you win 1 of each prize instead of multiples of a specific prize. Considering the length of this event, is this the ‘crazy bananas’ event that was supposed to hit in September? Or will a new level arrive in that timeframe as well? Considering I’m already on prize 8 I really hope its a new level 🙂


        1. Yup, the Stonecutter riddles were great! Tough to decide which event is better, they’re both fantastic and show that EA really listened to the players after the critique of the previous events. I’m pretty sure Clash of Clones is the crazy bananas event.


  14. How do you unlock walls, gates and towers in the build menu? It says Castle Upgrade, but which level?


    1. Walls, towers and gate is awarded after certain upgrades are complete. After level 9(?) you are able to buy additional parts for elixir.


  15. For the mission where you defend your town using a cheaters 20, I have done it several times but it won’t let me complete the mission (it doesn’t register it). Any help


    1. Last time I checked over 500 player’s had this issue.
      Red dice. Unlocked at 800 gold.
      Defend. Tap the dice top right corner and then anywhere on the screen. The town needs to be under attack for it to work, you’ll see a flash. A known glitch is that the task dont clear. Add to this thread at EAs help so they see how many are effected. It will push it up the prioritylist for a fix
      Do not buy extra dice trying to complete it! Also, you might want to Contact EA Directly


      1. “Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts Customer Experience.

        I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you so far. I understand your issue that you unable to complete the Cheater 20 task in the game and I feel sad for that. Please let me inform you that this is a known issue and it’s been looked upon as we are aware of this and working on it to resolve it as soon as possible and it will gets fixed. We ask for your patience until the issue is addressed. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this may caused.”

        my reply from EA regarding this


        1. Thank you for letting us know. This is effecting so many players and there’s little we can do/advice other then to reassure that you’re not alone and give directions on how to contact EA.
          It was a nice reply even though the outcome of it wasnt what you and everyone else was hoping for, still it is good to know that they are working on solving it.


  16. Well done Mike what an amazing clear and concise walkthrough ..marvellous!


  17. Thanks for showing me where the personal prize button is. I’ve been looking for it since the event started. Knew there was one somewhere I just couldn’t find it!!… D’oh.
    Great update Mike keep up the good work..


    1. Same here!! Couldn’t find it at all!


  18. Mike, extremely well done! Thank you!


  19. I know it is probably ruining the spirit of the event, but wouldnt it be a lot faster if noone defended their towns, and everyone got full rewards for each action? i suppose it is a 40 day even though so it should be simple enough 😛 great job on the overview and everything anyway!


  20. The defend your town with a cheaters 20 quest won’t finish for me, I’ve done it like 5 times now, any word on this?


    1. Last time I checked over 500 people has this issue.
      Add to this thread at EAs help so they see how many are effected. It will push it up the prioritylist for a fix
      Do not buy extra dice trying to complete it! Also, you might want to Contact EA Directly


      1. I will and thanks.


    2. I’ve heard of people having issues with it. I’ll look into it.


      1. Thank a lot, you are appreciated.


  21. I have a question, if I don’t like the game after the download and after playing it for a few days, is there a way to uninstall just the new game without losing my original tapped? I’m on level 40 and would really hate to lose it all and start back at the very beginning. Thank you


    1. If you’re connected to Origin it will be retrievable on any device, if your game is anonymous it will be lost if you delete/reinstall


  22. Holy elixir shots! That is by far the most comprehensive outline of this event I have seen on the interwebs! Thank you for sharing all the detailed info. I pretty much have my strategy going strong, now. I just play a lot and hope for the best. Half way through the prizes and perhaps the quests. TSTO was getting so stale that this completely different event is a welcome change, even though I’d be happy to get classic (show related) content. Thanks again and happy tapping!


  23. Can I check what you actually get for prize 6? If it is meant to be 4000 elixir I didn’t receive them. I just unlocked it but only got something like 700


    1. Theres a glitch regarding the elixir prize. Contact EA and see if they can restor it same login as the game. One reader told us the they tried but failed to give him the elixir but they will look into it. Hopefully it will be solved soon


      1. Useful to know. Thanks Em


        1. I’ve just spoken to rep and been told to wait 24hours to see if I get the elixir. Wasn’t offered anything for trouble and just told that they are trying to fix it


          1. Thank you for sharing this info 🙂 I hope this will be solved soon


            1. I have had the same issue and have not heard back from EA. let me know what the final outcome is from your promised fix.


              1. EA is known for their slowness.
                Just to be clear, I did not promise any fixes as I cannot guarantee they will work.


              2. I just got an answer from EA…they are sorry for the glitch…They offered to put in my account the 4000 missing elixir and also the give me 5 donuts.I got the 5 donuts but still nothing of the elixir…


                1. I have spoken with EA again and the rep said he would give me the 4000 elixir and for my trouble give me an extra 10% giving me 4400 so no donuts unfortunately which I would have preferred. Logged on and hadn’t received the
                  them. Rep said they should be with you in 15-20 mins as takes a while to complete. It has now been around 1 and a half hours and no signs of any elixir.


    2. Same problem….I just reach 9500 gold but I only received like 700 elixir, maybe even less…


  24. Mike, what’s the shield icon and number 3 on the top right of the Castle Summary screen?


    1. The towns defens level. The higher level the longer it takes for a victory when attacked


      1. Thanks Em. Do you know how it gets calculated?


        1. Me and math dont mix so I have no clue! Sorry. All I know is that it takes over a day in some towns before victory is awarded when attacking with 1 nerd.


        2. I may be wrong, but I believe the town’s defense level comes from upgrading the castles. I know both of my castles have had an upgrade to increase it by 1


          1. Right. Did I say otherwise?


            1. Mike, you mentioned upgrading the castle levels but I didn’t see anything about the town defense level (on the Castle Summary screen). The town level seems to be different than just adding the castle levels together. Apparently only some of the castle levels make the town level go up. It looks like increasing the town level will increase the number of hours it takes to attack all the buildings in that town, so a town with a defense level higher than 1 will take longer than the 11 hours max that you mentioned.


              1. Just found it over on one of the wikis. When any of the 3 castles reaches levels 5, 11, 14, 17 and 20, the town level goes up by 1 and adds an hour to your defense of all your buildings. So for example if you have 3 castles that are all at Level 11, your town will have Defense Level 7 (you started at 1 and had 6 upgrades). This should add 6 hours to your max defense time, so 17 hours instead of 11. This would explain the towns that Em mentioned that take over a day to defend.


                1. One correction – I now have all three castles at Level 11 and my town defense is at Level 6, not 7. So i guess the town defense must start off at 0, not 1.


  25. I take that as you progress through the update you start collecting gold more rapidly–because I’m behind. Thanks to to this post I unfortunately will not attack friends because I get a higher payout from random towns, sorry neighbors, but I need that gold.
    And mike I really like the overviews they help to get all the new information to be easily understandable and allow for more enjoyment during the events.


  26. Mike, great intro post about the event. Look forward to reading the next part. One thing I noticed. You mention that there are 3 types of needs but then list and show 4. Only a small thing but thought I’d point it out. What do you think of the event?


    1. Oops, will correct that. Thanks. I actually love the event. It’s long, things are unlocked a different times keeping the interest alive and halting the rushing to a point. Content is great too. Well thought out on EAs part for once.


      1. I agree with you that it is good. I think it needed to be explained a bit better by EA in regards to costumes being unlocked and able to use them. I’m only at just over 9000 gold but it’s definitely got my interest back


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