Elixir Wednesday Is Here!

Hello Tappers!

Just a small quick reminder post to tell you that it’s Wednesday and you know what that means!? It’s Elixir Wednesday! That means Elixir is now available for purchase with donuts all day every Wednesday until the event comes to an end! Elixir is available for purchase from 8:00am GMT today and will be up for 24 hours.


Elixir is the event currency that allows you to level up your castles and buy Elixir decorations however remember it will not help you unlock prizes as that requires a different currency, gold! I missed Elixir Wednesday last week so I received the dialogue message:

Homer: Oh man, I’m jonesin’ for some elixir.  I just can’t get over its non-addictive great taste


Lenny: Plus you can use it to upgrade stuff, if I understand this nonsense correctly

Moe: Well, it just so happens that I got a line on some of that so-called elixir myself.

Homer: *glug* *glug* *glug*

Homer: Man, that’s some good purple!  Where did you get it?

Moe: Well, not by extracting it from what people who’ve been drinking it leave behind in the urinal, if that’s what you’re implying.

Homer: I wasn’t implying that.

4000 Elixir200 Elixir1000 Elixir

Moe: Although, I’m not a hundred percent rulin’ that out either as where I got it.

Homer: Understood. The thing is, when you love something as much as I love purple elixir, it doesn’t matter what it was extracted from.  I’ll take as much as you can “make”.

Homer: *winks*

Moe: *winks*

You only have less than 12 hours to collect your Elixir so I would hurry up and make your decision now. There will be a premium guide during next week for the Elixir before the 3rd Elixir Wednesday. Happy Tapping, Nathan.




22 thoughts on “Elixir Wednesday Is Here!

  1. On a positive note ,you can win donuts in Krustyland @ the pop balloons booth !
    I won 5 donuts plus some tickets !
    EA knows who won the elixir before they changed the game plan and they should honor all of us the won the 4,000 ! Fat chance of that happening though. 😦


    1. The Sideshow You donuts are suppose to be given every 100 game/300 pop and it does – for some. Otherwise it is the standard 1% chance of hitting the sprinkly.


      1. That may very well be ,but ,THIS the first time in two years that I received donut(s).


        1. It’s definitely weird. I’ve always received donuts from Sideshow You, regularly. I try to visit tiwce a day, and just make it part of my routine. Every 50 days or thereabouts, I get the 5 donuts.


  2. Well that’s not a nice update! Who thought it was a good idea to turn off the warning when you’re about to spend donuts? The person who allowed that needs to be sent into the corner with no supper! Naughty naughty!


    1. Unfortunately, that’s very typical of updates. I’ve never had it turned off on my iOS devices, but it happens to others. Yes, EA should fix this.


  3. goaliegrrl31 08/27/2014 — 20:29

    A friend of mine has reached the 5,000 gold prize (4,000 Elixir) and they have NO IDEA where the prize went – didn’t seem to get awarded??? Anyone experienced this? Is it a glitch? Known issue? Do you have to perhaps do a quest of some sort first before the Elixir is added to your total?


    1. goaliegrrl31 08/27/2014 — 20:31

      Awww darn it – just saw the note below about the update today reducing the prize to 1,000. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!


        1. I still have yet to receive the 4400 that I was told had been added to my game 2 days ago


          1. Ditto ,EA screwed us ! (Again) thanks EA ! I reached that prize level last weekend.
            Bend over and let EA in! 😦


            1. I totally agree and have just got to the part 20 section where burns and Lisa mock EA and more disturbingly the players about premium currency etc. Beginning to get extremely frustrated with this game and the attitude towards the players


              1. Supernova5334 08/27/2014 — 22:21

                The Part 20 section has put me a step closer the leaving this game entirely.


    2. Yup. Stupid bug. Some contacted EA and got some of it or just an apology…
      Now the Prize is reduced by 75% so only 1,000 elixir.


  4. It looks lile the update took it down just 1000 elixir.

    Might explain why I didnt notice it.


    1. That is not cool! Booo! I know there were some issues with the Prize but to reduce it That much?! Knowing it takes over 200K elixir to upgrade all three castles to lvl 20 – 4K wouldve helped to at least get them to lvl 10. This is bad form indeed.


      1. I also seem to be getting random amounts on my losses. A nerdloss may be earning only 2 or 3 elixir. Sometimes it earns 6. Maybe related to the level of the opponent?


        1. The payout for an abrupted/defended attack was cut in half earlier (yesterday?)


          1. I’ve been playing this game for TWO years and there has been quite a number of issues with EA reneging
            On their game plan. Also, I have ,like many others ,have bought tons of donuts. I won’t be buying anymore donuts unless of course EA makes things right. Boycott ! Boycott!


  5. I would have thought I would have received 4000 elixir today from getting the truck as a prize last Sunday.

    However all I got was 2100 or so from my normal nerd raids.


    1. Same here !! When I got to the elixir level , I did NOT get my prize !! Bummer.


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