Favorite Episodes Of The Simpsons

To Commemorate the Simpsons Marathon we wanted to share our favorite episodes and hope you do too in the comments bellow and don’t forget you can chat with us and each other about the marathon Here





S04E12 – Marge Vs Monorail (It put Ogdenville on the map!)

S08E24 – Simpsons Celebrity Spinoff Showcase – Troy McClure at his finest

S08E16 – Brother From Another Series – I am a huge Frasier fan (It’s My Avatar)

Honorable mention to Mr.Plow, Flaming Moe’s and the Original Tree House of Horror



S06E07 – Bart’s Girlfriend – See my Avatar for explaination.

S14E22 – Moe Baby Blues – I like Moe

S10E11 – Wild Barts can’t be Broken –  Best song in the show “Kids today”

I probably should mention “Bart on the Road” and the Sunsphere too.


Nathan Rushton
S7E19 – A Fish Called Selma – This was the first episode that saw Selma really separate from her sister Patty and also saw her question is it worth having a sham marriage than being alone. Also I loved seeing more of Troy Mclure

S6E22 – Round Springfield – An emotional episode with the death of iconic character bleedings gum Murphy

S23E16 – How I wet your mother -Not only was the title based on a show I love but it was an amazing episode that entered the dreams of our belevod characters and saw another emotional farewell to Mona.


Mike S

S12E01 -Treehouse of Horrors XI. Because it has a ton of the characters in it.

S6E12 -Homer The Great (Stonecutters)

S6E04 -Itchy & Scratchy Land – I like that cause it’s just like National Lampoon’s Vacation to Wally World.



Favourite episodes:
I must say, for me, I’m more of a fan of the originals. Because of the difficulty of this task I will note that the 12th episode in season 3, I married Marge would have to be a close 4th. Anyway, for those who haven’t realised, I am a huge Bartholomew Jo-Jo Simpson fan, especially Bartman. I mean, where’s Bartman? I, in many ways am like Bart and I can strongly relate to him, being a menace, prankster but also caring for ones family. So it would be a surprise that my favourites all revolve around Bart as a main character. So coming in at my 3rd favourite Simpson’s episode is…..
Bart’s girlfriend. (Season 6, episode 7)
Who doesn’t love that little lying troublemaker Jessica Lovejoy? And I’m still waiting for Jessica to be added with Helen into the game. Centring around Bart and his fascination for the devil in disguise I like that even Bart has his own “forbidden donut” which he still cannot refuse.  They say, “Love is blind”. I love the fact that they’ve shown it through an innocent little boy.
My second favourite is….,
Lisa’s first word. (Season 4, episode 10)
Nothing’s stronger than the bond between siblings. True they fight like crazy, and in the case of the Simpsons, Bart shows an array of different emotions ranging from excitement to jealousy. The thing that made this episode was not only Lisa’s first word, “Bart”, it concludes with Maggie’s, “Daddy”. Fun fact: Bart’s first word was “Ay Carumba”
The best part, was back in Lower East Side with Bart swinging from the clothes line.
My favourite episode is…..
Roasting chestnuts on an open fire. (Season 1, episode 1).
Although this was not originally supposed to be the first full length episode, it was a perfect choice to start with. Introducing several main characters and the story revolving around Bart’s prank on Santa Homer and Homer’s misfortune shows that with hope, happiness triumphs in the end. I particularly remember getting a beautiful black Labrador pup for one Christmas, a lot like Bart did with his best friend, Santa’s little helper. Just something about this episode makes me feel warm inside.  Plus,I’m a sucker for a dog.



S3E06 – Like Father, Like Clown
Bart and Lisa work together to reunite Krusty with his estranged father.

S5E08 – Boy Scoutz ‘n the Hood
The all-syrup Squishee bender, Junior Campers, etc. “If you survive, please come again.”

S7E05 – Lisa the Vegetarian
Independent thought alarm, Bovine University, “rich in bunly goodness”, “You don’t win friends with salad”


12 thoughts on “Favorite Episodes Of The Simpsons

  1. Here are some of my favorites would be Itchy and Scratchy Land, Marge vs the Monorail, $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling), Waverly Hills 9021-D’oh, Gone Maggie Gone, and Please Homer, Don’t Hammer ‘Em, Bart After Dark. Some of these would make good tapped out levels or events as well… If we ever get Burns Casino we better get a skin for Bart’s treehouse to make it Bart’s casino as well 😉


  2. I have been watching this show from a very young age and had almost forgotten how good the first few seasons where, ironically some of the episodes that I really disliked as a child have become some of my favorite. My top five episodes are as follow: Colonel Homer, I love the songs in this episode. Last exit to Springfield, the part where the dentist takes out the big book of British smiles to scare Ralph is hilarious, always cracks me up. Bart girlfriend was for a long time one of my least favorite but after watching it again it has become one of my favorites. A fish called Selma is also very good and last on the list is Three men and a comic book, I watch this episode rather frequently and I always find myself laughing.


  3. Hey. Just wanted to blow off some steam about the newer Simpson episodes. I started watching last Thursday marathon and watched a couple of hours of early 90’s episodes and actually enjoyed them very much. I started watching a couple hours of the 02 to 03 years and noticed something that really got me upset! The commercials people!!!!! A clear difference of episode time between the early to later shows. It just wears me out so much! I never noticed it through the years of watching the show. Its not enough that you have to pay for tv these days but now there are more commercials than there used to be. My God Fox get it together! I swear commercials is all that is on TV anymore. Will it get worse? Right now 1/3 of a tv show is commercials will it soon get to 2/5? Anyone else pissed about this?


  4. My son and I watched Lisa on Ice where Lisa and Bart play hockey against each other. He couldn’t stop laughing through the end of it so that’s his favorite. Especially loved the gag with the Bart/Lisa windmilling their arms and kicking the air “I’m gonna do this and if you walk into it it’s your own fault”.

    Personally I think I’d pick the Treehouse of Horror VII episode. All of it’s great but the end part with Kang / Kodos and Gore / Clinton is brilliant. Soaking Homer in rum always makes me laugh.

    As for a non Treehouse episode it has to be Deep Space Homer for me. The bit with Brockman welcoming the ants as our new rulers – lol.


    1. Bob Dole, not Al Gore.


    2. Hockey episode ended up being heartwarming. Deep Space was a great; the classical music during the potato chip scene was a nod to A Space Odyssey. I like most anything classic, like the visit to Dr. Marvin Monroe’s shock therapy or Lisa jamming with Bleeding Gums Murphy or flashback episodes, like Marge and Homer’s prom (with Arty Ziff), Homer revisiting his childhood home or Grampa Simpson with the WWII platoon, in Curse of the Flying Hellfish.


  5. I’m surprised at the lack of “You only Move Twice” on any of those lists.

    If I had to pick only three it would probably be that, Monorail, and 22 Short Films About Springfield.


    1. Those three would be in my top 10 list, but didn’t quite make my top 3.


  6. Currently homer the great. But I think when we get to see the futurama crossover thats going to be my favorite.


    1. jginsberg145 08/27/2014 — 15:49

      Should be awesome!


  7. jginsberg145 08/27/2014 — 15:42

    What are your favorite episodes?


    1. The Pinchy, Mojo the Helper Monkey and Stampy episodes are my favorite episodes.


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