Premium Guide: Chicken Coop

Hello Tappers!

So everything In this event didn’t cost game currency with some small items being premium. In this post we will be looking at the premium guide for the Chicken Coop the limited time decoration for the Medieval event of 2014! This will be a normal premium guide as we look at game information and look at the pros and cons on purchasing this decoration. So lets get started!:


Game Information:

Name: Chicken Coop


Chicken Coop

Cost: 30 Donuts

Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +175

Bonus: 0.50% to all Cash and XP

Unique?: No

Size: 2×4

Animated and Sound?: Yes

Pros and Cons:


  • Gives 0.50% Bonus on all XP and Cash
  • Small and can be easily placed
  • Adds 175 Points to Vanity rating on Conform-O-Meter
  • Not Unique! Can purchase more than one.
  • Animated once tapped.


  • Only gives a small bonus.
  • No characters interact with it and comes with no quest
  • Does not contribute to the event
  • Limited time and only available during this event.


In conclusion I would not purchase this item unless you have the donuts to spare. This is a very pointless purchase and only adds small bonus with not contributing to the event. It can be easily placed in your town and fits perfectly with Cletus Farm however I would not purchase this item over that. This is a limited time decoration so I would make your decision fast however In my opinion I wouldn’t waste your donuts. Happy Tapping, Nathan.






6 thoughts on “Premium Guide: Chicken Coop

  1. Is anyone ever going to do the Two-nicorn?


  2. I bought it. Same price as the abandoned store from the Stone cutters event. And thE coop is animated.


  3. Love the chicken coop! Did spend my precious donuts on it. One of the better decorations even if it doesn’t have a great bonus or many reasons to collect. Goes well with the event and will look good with Cletus’ farm.


  4. I love the chicken coup πŸ˜€ Sweet decoration adding up to the character of the game. Chickens in our Springfields? Hilarious indeed πŸ™‚ Yes, after going for the Gil’s donut deal I really have some to spare so I went for the coup and I don’t regret πŸ™‚ I, however, bought only one coup which I placed in my foresty/medieval area. Would be fun to give some chickens to Cletus and his family too, but there I truly have to save the donuts for something more important that might come in the future. Well, that is me — I love decorations and I love animals so this item works nicely for me. At the same time mulitiple premium decorations I neve buy. That is my summary πŸ™‚


  5. I must say this is one of my favorite decorations from this event, the other one is the hay cart. I used my coop now with Cletus’s farm, i put it next to Lincoln’s cabin, also looks fantastic together in my medieval part of the town^^


  6. Mike ( not S ) 08/28/2014 — 06:10

    Mine are animated without tapping. These are the kinds of fun decorations I love. I bought two. One for Cletus and one to go next to the horse shed at Kamp Krusty. My game generates way more income than I will ever need, so a bonus really isn’t a consideration. Chickens in my Springfield. halarious.


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