What Changed with the Level 44 Update?

Along with the new characters, buildings, and decorations which arrived with the level 44 update, there were a few additional changes worked into the game:

  • The building size of Madame Chao’s is now much larger. Hopefully this is a mistake and it’ll be restored to it’s previous size.
  • Two friend levels were added.
  • Characters were added back into the Krustyland Goers character group. They were added with the Level 43 update, but removed when we received the Clash of Clones update.
  • The Valentine’s Pond was added to the decorations which can be placed in Krustyland.

  • Shary Bobbins was moved from the Helpful Guest Stars character collection to More Oddballs.
  • The Love Bench was added to the Benches group, which means it can be used for tasks which require a bench.
  • Homer’s 16 hour task from the July 4th event to Safely Do His Job was removed from his task list.
  • Jimbo, Kearney, Dolph, Nelson, Sherri & Terri, and Martin now have the 6 hour task to Go To School. Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Rod, and Todd had the task already. Jimbo, Kearney, and Sherri & Terri will earn the premium rate (though Sherri & Terri only earn for one character unlike their other tasks). Database gets the task for one quest only.
  • While Mr Teeny is locked, Krusty will still have the 12 hour task to Walk Mr Teeny and it will earn the regular rate of $420 and 100 XP. After Mr Teeny is unlocked, they’ll both do the task and it will require both Krusty and Mr Teeny to be free. It’ll earn $840 and 200 XP.
  • Eddie and Lou have their 4-hour tasks in Krustyland to Ride The Viking Boat restored. (It was removed with the Clash of Clones Event update.)
  • Their 8 hour task to Ride The Eyeballs Of Death no longer pays premium. This has to be a mistake, as it is a premium attraction in Krustyland, and other non-premium characters like Lisa, Bart, and Comic Book Guy still earn premium for the same task.
  • Building base multipliers updated. Level 36 buildings are now at the base rate, levels 37 & 38 at 1.3 times the base rate, level 39 at 1.4 times, level 40 at 1.6 times, level 41 at 2 times, level 42 at 3 times, and levels 43 and 44 at 4 times.
  • The default building award for 8 hour buildings now earns $150 and 13 XP when it used to earn $135 and 15 XP.
  • Cool Lisa should now have sounds when touched or given jobs.

Some things which haven’t been fixed:

  • If you have the Sit ‘N’ Rotate, Selma and Skinner get a 2 hour task to Dine at the Revolving Restaurant, but it is always appearing at the top of their job lists.
  • FIT Milhouse’s tasks don’t scroll to the previous task length. For example, if you assign a character a 4 hour task, then choose Fit Milhouse to assign a task, the top task is his 60 minute one rather than the 4 hour. Minor issue, but sometimes results in assigning him the wrong task.
  • Manjula and Apu’s joint 1-hour task should earn at the premium rate for both characters, since it takes place at a premium location, their apartment. But right now, it earns premium for Manjula, but not for Apu.
  • Squeaky Voice Teen is still appearing in the Decorations build menu.

Let us know if you spot anything else. 🙂


18 thoughts on “What Changed with the Level 44 Update?

  1. I noticed that Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr. (the two green lizards) can now participate in quest jobs such as the level 44 “Make Springfielders Tap Away Their Thoughts”. 😉


    1. Interesting. They’ve expanded the use of character groups recently, and that task (among others) uses the Regular Characters and Premium Characters groups. Rather than listing each character in the code, they list the group and all of the characters in that group are eligible to participate. Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr. are part of Regular Characters. Check out this (just updated) post here about character groups, if you’re more curious.


  2. Mike ( not S ) 09/06/2014 — 20:36

    Are you going to add to your list that buildings are suddenly changing sizes or is that not a considerable level change?


  3. Madame chao’s has change its size. Isn’t it?


  4. Madame Chao is now bigger than the hospital. Hope they switch it back to the original size.


  5. Graywolf1410 09/06/2014 — 12:35

    So Mr. Teeny is playable?


    1. He has at least one task with Krusty.


  6. Im glad that we are getting Mr Teeny but I find it odd that he makes an appearance in the game before Maggie!


    1. Yeahh ik right?


  7. Y have the rewards on the castles gone down? Those were my targets! Houses have decreased as well… sad face.


    1. The reward for victory is the same but defeat was cut in half to slow progress down, ppl were gaining Gold/elixir too fast considering the lenght of the event.


  8. letsplaynintendoita 09/05/2014 — 23:30

    oh and also someone reported that upon crashing while levelling up they got the infamous HARP OF DEATH back!


  9. letsplaynintendoita 09/05/2014 — 23:25

    shared on ea forum with credits as always

    thanks for the usefull post!

    you forgot about Madame Chao’s changed size 🙂


  10. Mike ( not S ) 09/05/2014 — 23:24

    Helter Shelter is now super small and Madam Chow’s in jumbo sized. I WANT Helter Shelter back the way it was. 😦


  11. naked-ghoul 09/05/2014 — 23:22

    Just noticed that Madame Chaos’ building got larger.


    1. EldarOfSuburbia 09/06/2014 — 00:28

      I can confirm this. I had to re-arrange things to fit it back in, it was causing serious ugliness. Most annoying.


      1. It was perfect before. Same as the truffle. I have them side by side. Looks dumb now.


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