How do the level 45 items affect the Conform-o-meter?

Level 45 added four buildings: The Hungry Hun, Indoor Tennis Courts, ZiffCorp Office Building, and the Fortress of Choclitude. Two decorations were added to Springfield, a BBQ Pig and the ZiffCorp Sign. Here is how the Conform-o-meter ratings are affected by the new items:

Building or Item Rating Points
The Hungry Hun
Gluttony 10
Indoor Tennis Courts
Vanity 400
ZiffCorp Office Building
Consumerism 10
Fortress of Choclitude
Consumerism 10
Gluttony 10
ZiffCorp Sign
Consumerism 10

With the new level arrived new requirements to maximize your Conform-o-meter ratings. To stay 5 stars you need the following points at level 45:

Rating Points Amount Changed From level 44
Indolence 490 None
Consumerism 318 +30
Tree-hugging 30,445 +1530
Vanity 45,770 +2100
Obedience 310 None
Gluttony 381 +20
Righteousness 239 +10
Socialism 2394 +120

For more information about the Conform-o-meter, see here. For more information about the other Conform-o-meter ratings and other technical details in the game, see here.


6 thoughts on “How do the level 45 items affect the Conform-o-meter?

  1. Getting back with the freeze.. I made some research on the net and it’s the “harp loop” (i hear the sound). Harp loop is back in 2014, this time on android.


  2. After latest update from yesterday, the game freezes on loading after “tap to continue” screen on android.
    Logged out, cleared the cache, even deleted the 400mb data, downloaded again everything and loged back in but it’s the same, freezes after ‘tap to continue’ screen.


  3. disappointed 09/17/2014 — 20:40

    disappointing that Fortress of Choclitude is only 10 points towards consumerism. for $10 million dollars, i expected a much higher number so i can finally get rid of those extra Kwik-E-Marts.


    1. I’m hoping it is an error. This is extremely low for a building of that price.


    2. Agreed. The Sit ‘N’ Rotate gives 100 points to Gluttony and it costs $10 mil. Fortress should also give 100 points of Consumerism.


    3. I hear you.


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