Level 45 Character and Buildings

Level 45 is here and with it comes Artie Ziff and Uter along with some related items and buildings.   Take a look and be sure to let us know if you plan on purchasing Uter in the comments.



Artie Ziff – “You can’t spell party without misspelling Artie!”



ZiffCorp Sign (Includes Artie) – $550,000


ZiffCorp Office Building – $1,016,000 unlocks at pt 9

24h build Earns $90 XP10 /2h Size 6×7


Indoor Tennis Courts – $516,000 unlocks at pt 8

24h build Earns $60 XP6 /2h Size 8×7



Uter – “Don’t make me run, I’m full of chocolate!”



The Hungry Hun (Includes Uter)- 160 Donuts



Fortress Of Choclitude – $10,000,000


BBQ Pig – 60 Donuts




18 thoughts on “Level 45 Character and Buildings

  1. Shocked to say that, but after having bought the fortress of choclitude, now I’m not going to have sufficient funds for the Ziff corp building.


  2. Sorry, I meant Uter.


    1. Yes, in a TreeHouse of Horror. But a lot of characters been killed off in those.


  3. For some reason, I thought they had killed off his character?


  4. Purchased Uter right away because he is Uter! :-)) Just a shame he is voiceless, would be nice for him at least to squeak a bit 🙂 But well… The Hungry Hun is cozy 🙂 Nice building with a lovely little polka playing as you tap it. I placed my Hungry Hun in front of my Homer’s castle — quite a medieval theme together 😀


  5. I’m not up on all the Simpsons episodes so who is it that comes out of the top of Fortress of Choclitude when tapped?


    1. That is a Choco-Bot called Cocoa, this building premiered in a cartoon that appeared on the Simpsons TV called “Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour.” The building is the headquarters of Choco-Bots. They are Cocoa, Major Nougat, Gooey and the leader who has no name. It was created by Krusty for Channel 6.


      1. Thanks! I know I will always get the (right) answer to a Simpson question here.


  6. Thank you for listing the building dimensions! I’ve been looking all over for this.


  7. Is Uter and The Hungry Hun (sounds like a death metal band) a worthwhile buy at 160 donuts? I’m very tempted because the building looks great and I almost have enough donuts saved.


    1. He’s about as worthwhile as any premium building/character combo. Earns a premium rate, has a decent quest when he first gets unlocked. COmpletes the Kids character collection and the building earns $200 / 22 XP every 8 hours. Nothing super different than the others so it’s really a matter of personal choice. The building is cool looking and it’s Uter, come one everyone loves Uter.


      1. letsplaynintendoita 09/18/2014 — 00:57

        hey mike, for the walkthrough for Uter, there’re two miniquest if you’ve two premium characters:

        a 2-jobs quest with Hank Scorpio & Nelson
        a 1 job quest with Otto & Uter

        just little things but they’re nice expecially for Premium characters that usually don’t have anything else other then their quest (but hank had a miniquest in a previous update with Homer & the Volcano Lair)


      2. Ok, thanks Mike. I really like Uter so I think he’s worth his weight in donuts. Do you know if he’s voiced? It would be a shame if he isn’t.


        1. Sadly, he doesn’t have a voice in our game.


          1. OK, thanks. I still might buy him in spite of that.


  8. powerturtle90sdudemon 09/17/2014 — 17:47

    Bought Uter right away. His 8 hour task is going quite nicely along Artie’s first questline part where he and Homer go to Moe and his bar to have drinks served


  9. letsplaynintendoita 09/17/2014 — 17:31

    cool. i love the new stuff!
    Uter ❤
    oh all the pics redirect to the bbq, not their own pics. better check it :p


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