What Changed with the Level 45 Update?

Along with the new characters, buildings, and decorations which arrived with the level 45 update, there were a few additional changes worked into the game:

  • Madame Chao’s is back to normal size.
  • Rex Banner has been moved from Regular Characters to Premium Characters. His default earnings are premium now.
  • O’Flanagan’s Pub, Singing Sirloin, Madame Chao’s, the Up Up and Buffet!, and the Sham Rock Cafe are now part of the Eatery building group. This is used when multiple characters are assigned to eat at a restaurant but which one they choose doesn’t matter.

  • The sound played when you tap on The Happy Sumo has changed. It’s not as loud, and there is a missing “hooh” sound at the end. (The first part sounds like “How you met”, to me.)
  • Akira’s unlock sound was changed from the Homer “Hey You, does anyone know who that is” to the premium unlock sound “ooh, a premium character”.
  • Homer can Tap Away His Thoughts now in any skin rather than just his normal costume. Similarly, Lisa can Go For Shakes in any skin. Both of these tasks are temporary jobs from the Level 44 quests.
  • In the quest A Deep Bonsai Of Relief Part 4, it will now show the Bonsai message “Make Akira Plant, Prune and Re-pot to get more Bonsai!” when you’re assigned the task to build 3 Bonsai.
  • Shary Bobbins was moved again from Helpful Guest Stars to More Oddballs.
  • Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr. was removed from Regular Characters, so they will not be assignable to group tasks.
  • Bart, Lisa and Milhouse can now Go To School in any skin rather than just their regular one. Uter also gets the Go To School job, but it’s not marked premium.
  • Moe’s task to Spy on Midge now requires an unoccupied shrub. (Artie Ziff has a Spy on Everyone task which also uses shrubs).
  • Database and Akira can now Attend the Recital Under Threat of Death from the quest The Prince And The Premise Part 11.
  • An extra level was added to the building base multipliers. Levels 37 & 38 stayed the same at 1.3 times the building base rate, Level 39 stayed at 1.4 times, Level 40 is the same at 1.6 times, Level 41 is the same at 2.0 times, and Level 42 is the same at 3.0 times. Level 43 dropped from 4.0 times the base rate to 3.0 times, and both Level 44 and 45 are at 4.0 times the base rate.

Some things which haven’t been fixed:

  • Eddie and Lou’s 8 hour task to Ride The Eyeballs Of Death no longer pays premium. This has to be a mistake, as it is a premium attraction in Krustyland, and other non-premium characters like Lisa, Bart, and Comic Book Guy still earn premium for the same task.
  • If you have the Sit ‘N’ Rotate, Selma and Skinner get a 2 hour task to Dine at the Revolving Restaurant, but it is always appearing at the top of their job lists.
  • FIT Milhouse’s tasks don’t scroll to the previous task length. For example, if you assign a character a 4 hour task, then choose FIT Milhouse to assign a task, the top task is his 60 minute one rather than the 4 hour. Minor issue, but sometimes results in assigning him the wrong task.
  • Manjula and Apu’s joint 1-hour task should earn at the premium rate for both characters, since it takes place at a premium location, their apartment. But right now, it earns premium for Manjula, but not for Apu.
  • Squeaky Voice Teen is still appearing in the Decorations build menu.

Let us know if you spot anything else. 🙂


4 thoughts on “What Changed with the Level 45 Update?

  1. Mike ( not S ) 09/17/2014 — 19:32

    Helter Shelter is still super small. Maybe EA has no intention of changing it back to its original size.


    1. I am still extremely annoyed by this change and think less of the game and EA since they did it. No reason to spend donuts on items they can shrink at any time.


      1. Only premium that has a different size is the billboard. Both Chao’s and HS were cash/off the wheel.


  2. letsplaynintendoita 09/17/2014 — 17:17

    thanks! shared on EA forum 😀


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