Crossover Season

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By now you all know that The Simpsons will be involved in the Family Guy season premiere however fox has recently announced that there will be two crossover episodes making their way to springfield this season so take a look at what they have in store for us and let us know in the comments what you think!

Family Guy – September 28thsim1

The season premiere brings the griffins to Springfield.  Homer and Peter become friends until they realize that pawtucket patriot is just duff with a label over it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few tie in items or characters for this episode but given The Family Guy game is by Tiny Co. and Tapped Out is EA, I would highly doubt it.  check out the trailer  and be sure to watch Sunday 9/28 on Fox

Bob’s Burgers – September 28th

Ok this one is more of a cameo than a crossover but bob belcher will help out peter and homer and while it seems unlikely, If bob opens up a burger stand in springfield I would pay the crazy number of donuts that EA would charge. Here is a screen grab from the above trailer

*The episode is the season premiere of family guy, not the simpsons so this is not technically anything but I love bobs burgers so its staying!

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 12.58.05 AM

Original Simpsons – October 19th – Tree House Of Horror

Halloween is just around the corner and with it comes Tree House Of Horror and this time its before halloween instead of after! One of the segments for THOH will contain a parady of “The Others” but the ghosts in this version will be none other than the original
Tracey Olman Show Simpsons! As far as tapped out goes I could see these ghosts being part of the halloween event or even the event being skins with older versions of the buildings, EA already has the rights to those episodes for the gamed so it would be pretty inexpensive to do.



Futurama – November

So far this season has family guy, the original Simpsons and they will kill off a character but they didn’t stop there! In November  Futurama will make a cameo and here is a screen grab courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Bender has made it into the game dialogue before and The character are drawn in a similar fashion so I could see them being unvoiced members of our springfield or possible thanksgiving balloons since it will most likely occur during the thanksgiving event.800px-SIMPSONS-FUTURAMA_612x381

Past Guests

There have been many many guests on the simpsons but here are some of times that Fox took one of their shows and brought them to springfield.

King of the hill – “We drove 2000 miles for this?!”


X-Files & Hank Hill – Fox Telathon


The Critic – Entire Episodeastarisburns7


Cleveland Show, American Dad, Bobs Burgers – Season 25 finale credits0


What do you think? Let’s talk in the comments and we will be sure to let you know what crossover season brings to Tapped Out as soon as we know!




15 thoughts on “Crossover Season

  1. It is actually Tracey Ullman.


  2. Yes to Futurama, the rest…. I’ll pass. No interest in FG & their “hilarious” rape jokes.


  3. according to my cable guide it says Sunday’s episode is about the death of a resident and nothing about the crossover episode


    1. jginsberg145 09/22/2014 — 20:26

      I originally wrote that the crossover episode was the simpsons premiere but it actually is the family guy premier


  4. Trevor Norkey 09/22/2014 — 17:17

    Technically Bob’s Burgers does not count because his cameo is in The Simpsons Guy, which is a Family Guy episode.


    1. jginsberg145 09/22/2014 — 20:27

      yeah I got my wires crossed when I wrote the post about it being a simpsons episode when it really is a family guy episode. updating now


  5. I would like to finally see Bender! I would also like him to be voiced. Seeing Tracey Olman times Simpsons as skins or ghosts seems like a nice idea too 🙂 And as already mentioned before, it would be great to actually play a game based on Futurama, like a separate, genuine one! A “city building” game or something else, like sending the crew on missions, I don’t know… It could be anything as it gives so many ideas to base a game upon!


  6. Futurama yes, thes rest though, no thank you.


    1. I completely agree. EA should really just focus on bringing the Futurama world into the game. I would love to have Bender and Leela in my Springfield.


  7. Graywolf1410 09/19/2014 — 20:49

    I have been saving donuts for this Futurama crossover since it was announced. This may be the first time I spend money on this game EA don’t mess this up.


  8. Really looking forward to this season. The Futurama crossover has me the most excited. Really hoping we get the Planet Express building and ship and would prob pay lots of donuts for the hypno-toad. All glory to the Hypno-toad!


  9. I would like to see a portal to New New York kinda like Krustyland.


    1. He’ll yeah that’s the best idea yet! Simpson’s town is too big for futurama decorations..and a whole new game like the family guy game is all well and good..but a portal leads to so many possibilities..even bringing characters back and forth between the two towns..


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