Level 45 – What have your done with Ziff Corp?

10 million people purchased the iPhone this weekend so now that you have those big shiny screens lets see what you have done with the Ziff Corp building, sign and tennis court. Android users feel free to join in on the fun (but no iOS vs Android debates!)




15 thoughts on “Level 45 – What have your done with Ziff Corp?

  1. I added the tennis courts to McBain’s beach house. https://www.flickr.com/gp/smitty959/2733JT


  2. http://tinypic.com/r/25tagjb/8 i thought the building was going to be bigger :\


    1. Very nice! I like the Z.


  3. I’ve turned my Ziff Corp into another castle – makes it easier for Artie to defend against disappointed investors. 🙂
    The tennis court is now part of my sports/entertainment area.
    (And my main town’s account name is “cimddwc1”, by the way.Just in case you’re searching for it. 🙂 )


  4. Nuclear Building 09/25/2014 — 02:56

    Anyone else notice the the “Z” on the tennis court is backwards when it’s facing the south (left)?


    1. I said that yesterday, ha


  5. letsplaynintendoita 09/24/2014 — 18:41

    A tie-in for sunday’s episode has been released
    with Krusty’s Mansion (115 donuts)
    and Tuxedo Krusty (free skin, questline)
    also spAnser released this:
    There is another date in the files that appeared that is currently unused. It is labeled Matt Groening Tie In Release Date and that date is October 29th


  6. woodyisbored 09/24/2014 — 18:08



    1. Very nice. I haven’t got mine yet, can’t wait to get it.


  7. I know this has nothing to do with the post but does anyone know if there will be a tsto Halloween 2014 event this year? The current event is going so long…


    1. The CoC was one week late in release and Halloween will probably happen. Either Halloween is pushed back too or the planned downtime (for catching up on the regular stuff) will be shortened.


  8. Funny, I actually put my Ziff Corp in close proximity to Champwick’s mansion and the Stonecutter’s temple as well! Not quite as close as in your pic though.


  9. Bullfrog283 09/24/2014 — 01:06

    Maybe it’s me but it seems certain buildings like ZiffCorp and Ah Fudge are too small when conpared to buildings like Sprawl Mart, the DMV, and the Southern Cracker Factory. ZiffCorp should at least be taller, IMO.


  10. Kevin Burton 09/22/2014 — 20:59


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