Season Premiere episode tie-in update released!

An episode tie-in update has arrived in time for the Season Premiere. It’s an in-game update and Krusty starts the action. If you have Sideshow Mel in your game, he also gets tasks.


A few spoilers below:

Included in this update is Krusty’s Mansion, available for 115 donuts.


After the first quest ends, you’re awarded with a free new skin for Krusty, Tuxedo Krusty.


19 thoughts on “Season Premiere episode tie-in update released!

  1. When will Krusty Mansion be available again !!??


    1. It usually takes 6-18 months before an item is re-released. The Waterfall, Supercollider, snakespeakers, cigarettemachines and some other items has never been re-released.


  2. Nearly wiped my iPad to make space for the update, and all I get is THIS?


    1. The game is getting bigger.


  3. Mansion seems a little pricey, but the tux is cool.

    Any tasks or animations on the mansion?


    1. Not sure yet but tap the mansion in your neighbours town or any other premium to see if they have animations. Doh! Buildings usually only show ani when utilized, not tapped! my bad but the new aspirational chocolate build does have animation when tapped 🙂


      1. I purchased it after the first 12 hour task you get a 6 hour one to make krusty live like a 1percenter smoke comes out one of the window Imo it is not that great the scale is off compared to the other mansions, that gets to me in this game but to have a limited time build 110 is not so steep


  4. Graywolf1410 09/24/2014 — 20:48

    Just sent everyone on a 24 hour task


  5. How long is around for.


    1. Which? Krusty’s Mansion is available until Sept 29, 08:00 GMT.


  6. goaliegrrl31 09/24/2014 — 19:43

    Is anyone else bored of the COC Event???! Bring on something for Halloween!! 🙂


    1. Nuclear Building 09/25/2014 — 02:50

      Same here…..I personally don’t like the event. It’s kinda boring after you complete everything. Nothing to do!


      1. Agreed. Haven’t been interested in this last event.


    2. I have stopped playing the COC. I put everything I could in storage. It sucks that I can’t put the castles in storage and be done with the stupid event. It has taken me at least a week or more to collect 25000 cold pieces and I don’t think I will make it to 30000. I don’t want the other things because I’m fed up. I think players are getting bored and then they stop playing. What a waste.


  7. letsplaynintendoita 09/24/2014 — 19:35

    It appears this promotion ends on September 29th

    There is another date in the files that appeared that is currently unused. It is labeled Matt Groening Tie In Release Date and that date is October 29th



    1. really sounds like futurama to me


  8. goaliegrrl31 09/24/2014 — 19:33

    LOL….about a minute before I discovered this update I had just sent EVERY character off to do an 8 Hour task – d’oh!!!


    1. letsplaynintendoita 09/24/2014 — 21:03

      just store krustyburger


      1. goaliegrrl31 09/25/2014 — 15:03

        I’m clearly an idiot – LOL!!! I completely FORGOT that Krusty was associated with Krusty Burger. Ah well, waited until the task was done and now he’s decked out in a snazzy TUX.


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