The Return of The Episode Tie-Ins!

Hello Tappers!

I’m back! And I just kicked things off with an information post on the upcoming episode ‘Clown in the Dumps’. Before I get back into posting valid information about the game I thought I would just do a small speculation post to get the ball rolling.

Earlier this week we got the first episode tie-in update of season 26 for the episode ‘Clown in the Dumps’. The episode tie-ins have made a return but what future episodes of Season 26 will be featured in Tapped Out? As you know we don’t get an episode tie-in for every episode of the season, however, in this post I will be exploring some of the episodes that could make it into the game as an episode tie-in!


Sit back and relax and let the speculating begin!:

What episodes could we expect to be turned into an episode tie-in? First of all looking back at previous years after the first episode tie-in we usually get the Halloween update which is based around the Treehouse of Horror special. We can most likely rule out the possibilities of having an episode tie-in for ‘The Wreck of a Relationship’ and ‘Super Franchise Me’, can’t we?


Well I would not rule them out since we are still in the middle of the Clash of Clones event which would come to an end just before the arrival of the Treehouse of Horror XXV episode. This could mean two more weeks without an update until the end of the Clash of Clones event. So maybe EA could sneak a small episode tie-in update of one of the two episodes just before the Halloween event? However, I have to say this is very unlikely.

After the possible Halloween event could we see the possible Futurama episode tie-in? This is something that I’m uncertain about as It could happen but then again it might not! Or maybe due to the Clash of Clones event running into October maybe instead of a Halloween event we could get a possible Futurama event!? Now that would be awesome! There has been a lot of talk about getting an episode tie-in for the Futurama crossover so I think I’m going to talk more about this subject in another post as It needs to be looked at in more detail!


The final two episodes that have been given a confirmed air date is ‘Blazed and Confused’ and ‘The Musk Who Fell to Earth’. We so far don’t know much about these episodes apart from small detail. These two episodes both have guest appearances from Willem Dafoe and Elon Musk. Elon plays himself in his guest appearance which makes it unlikely that we’ll be seeing him in Tapped Out. However, Willem Dafoe does play Bart’s new teacher ‘Mr. Lassen’. This is a character that could be easily added to the game with an interesting story line to link to the episode. I would like to see Mr. Lassen appear in Tapped Out.

Now onto the unscheduled episodes of Season 26. First, we will start off with the obvious. The Man Who Came To Be Dinner was an episode that was supposed to air as the Season 24 finale, however, it was replaced by ‘Dangers on a Train’. This episode actually was supposed to be an episode tie-in update and even had some decorations in the files linked to the episode. They already have the unreleased decorations in the files so when the episode finally airs we could be seeing an episode tie-in for this episode coming up in January 2015.


Another episode that has recently been confirmed is titled ‘Maggie Goes to Nursery’. This could be an episode tie-in that finally brings Maggie into Tapped Out!? Or maybe if Maggie is already released before the episode could we expect some things relating to Maggie’s Daycare Adventure?

Now I don’t want to go into more detail in other confirmed episodes of Season 26 as we have yet to get information on them. I will hopefully update this post by 2015 as we get more information on the upcoming episodes of Season 26. So what episode do you want to see as an episode tie-in? Share your thoughts and opinions on this speculation post in our comment section below.

Happy Tapping, Nathan.



6 thoughts on “The Return of The Episode Tie-Ins!

  1. goaliegrrl31 10/02/2014 — 14:01

    New update today – a PREMIUM donut item offer……….


  2. Since the show is retiring Mrs. Krabbaple, I wonder if the game will discontinue her as well?


    1. I dont think so. Mrs K is a big part of the game.


  3. Personally, I don’t want a Futurama event. First we had Clash if Clones – compeletely unrelated to Tapped Out. A tie-in for Futurama would be okay, but a new event straight after the other one that has nothing to do with the Simpsons? No thank you.


    1. snuphaluphagus 10/02/2014 — 08:43

      Futurama has a lot to do with The Simpsons.


  4. powerturtle90sdudemon 09/27/2014 — 17:53

    A Treehouse of Horror event has to happen. I mean, how could they pass up an Ullman-era skin/costume for each of the Simpsons?


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