The 3rd and Final Phase Has Begun!

As planned the final phase of the Treehouse of Horrors event is now under way! The currency is now Long Protein Strings and a few changes have taken place.

Long Protein StringsLong Protein StringsLong Protein StringsLong Protein StringsLong Protein StringsLong Protein StringsLong Protein StringsLong Protein StringsLong Protein Strings

Before I get into the noticeable changes I would like to apologize to everyone one last time for the event calendar. The timeline for the Ray Guns was inaccurate and shows October 31 as a full day of Ray Guns when in fact it is not. This was not intentional. I have always made it my and our mission to bring you the most accurate information as possible and take no pleasure in knowing something I pinned to my site is inaccurate. I am going to leave the calendar up as is for the Protein Strings because with everyone getting an unexpected full day to start collecting them, if you are on track with the calendar with the extra day you are guaranteed to win the prizes. Thanks to EA, today’s changes have corrected my mistake and given everyone who followed our calendar another chance. Details here.

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There’s An Update in the Google Play Store

Just happened to check my Play Store and there’s a small update for Tapped Out. There’s no noticeable changes so far but I’m still checking everything out. Could possibly just be a bug fix of some sort. Comment below if you notice anything or if you have an update for IOS.



Last Call for Ray Guns!

According to my game we’re just under 7 hours left before the currency of the Treehouse of Horrors 2014 event change for the third and final time and we enter the last half of the event. Our final currency is Long Protein Strings. Although the counter has a specific time, there may be a little extra time as usual before the actual changeover hits but regardless, keep tapping those aliens, dropping those eggs and get all of the Ray Guns you can get in this last bit of time. I will be announcing when the changeover officially hits so stay tuned and good luck!!

Icon Ray GunLong Protein StringsIcon Ray GunLong Protein StringsIcon Ray GunLong Protein StringsIcon Ray GunLong Protein Strings

Ghost Ship Update! 10-29-2014

Sorry for the delay everyone. A small in-game update has arrived a short while ago. it has brought us one new item, two new bundle packages for the Treehouse of Horrors event store and a much-needed change for the level XP. Details after the break.

Pirate FlagPirate FlagPirate FlagPirate Flag

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What Changed with the Level 46 Update?

This is my first attempt at a “What Changed…..?” post so please bear with me. Mrfy is currently taking some time away but have no fear, we’re still here to bring you all relevant info. Let’s get right to it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.56.04 AM

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Fortress of Choclitude – Level 45 Freemium Guide

The newest arrival to the Aspirational buildings came in the form of the Fortress of Cholcitude. For those of you wondering, Aspirational Buildings in Tapped Out are a few buildings that are usually very high-priced, very large in size, do not come with characters, do not generate income and very rarely come with any quest lines that involve the people of Springfield. They are generally very obscure buildings that are only seen for mere seconds in episodes of the Simpsons. The Fortress of Choclitude is no exception. With a price tag of $10 million dollars, it is buildings like these that really take serious thought and consideration in regards to whether they are worth shelling out all of that in-game cash.



Have no fear! This is where I come in and do my best to give you the most accurate, reliable and relative information for items such as this in the hopes that it will help you make an informed decision as to whether to pass on or pay for the item. Although this item does not cost donuts, it may as well for the amount it costs and with that I bring you the Freemium Guide for The Fortress of Choclitude.

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Level 46 Walkthrough


Easy A (Part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

One Small Bounce For Man… (Part 1,2)

The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle (Part 1,2,3,4,5)

The Girl Who Gets a Dragon Tattoo (Part 1,2,3,4)

Dr. Feelgood (Part 1,2,3)
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Level 46 Update: Mrs. Muntz

Level 46 is here and with it comes a new set of quests, characters, buildings and decorations. Spoilers after the break

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LAST CALL: Probe collection ends in 6 hours

Several hours ago EA put up an announcement letting us know that the new currency will be called ray guns and if you are tracking the timeline, there is just over 6 hours remaining to collect probes.


We do not know what happens to those items if they are not unlocked but would suggest you try to get them just to be safe.