Poll: Halloween 2014

Hello Tappers!

It’s poll time! Since the Halloween event will be arriving soon I thought I would do a small poll just before the arrival of the event. Halloween 2012 brought Zombies stalking the citizens of Springfield, with Halloween 2013 bringing us Ghosts haunting Tapped Out. So the question is, what will Halloween 2014 bring?



Last year I did a similar poll asking you which Halloween monster you would like to see roaming around your town. Last years winner was the Killer Dolphins however instead we just got Ghosts. This year I’m back with the same poll asking you, the readers of Topix, which Halloween monster you would like to see roaming around your town? Get voting in the poll below and the results will be posted next week!

I know who I’ve voted for. Do you? Happy Tapping, Nathan.


18 thoughts on “Poll: Halloween 2014

  1. tappedoutideas 04/18/2015 — 13:15

    Maybe we might see a Freddy Krueger-type character who could make Springfield pass out 😴💉


    1. What about the character from christmas. Its based on him


  2. Why is Barney a premium character but his tasks are paid at regular character rates?


    1. Barney was free/regular during christmas 2012 so he wasnt always a premium character. When characters becomes premium it can take a while to adjust the payouts.
      Other free/regular limiteds that has become premium: Maude, CountBurns, Ms Springfield, Tatum to mention a few.


  3. No results?


  4. Sandra Gray 10/13/2014 — 18:05

    Love the trees and having lots of fun


  5. cjbrownlv788 10/07/2014 — 08:06

    I wish “community prizes” came back
    Players from 2012 – 2013 will remember that EA rewarded game players with deluxe items as we collectively accumulated points / items
    Now we have to spend donuts to get these items (boo! hiss!)


  6. Ants. Gotta make those hail ants signs pay off. 🙂


  7. I think it’s going to be about aliens, seems like they were dropping a hint towards the end of the Clones event when Homer talks to the Barbarian about removing the Clones event.


  8. TheLizardKing 10/06/2014 — 09:56


    Um… wasn’t it gremlins?


    1. What did you use the ghostbombs for? 🙂 Did you get the ghostzapper?


  9. I voted for vampires. But let’s be honest whatever it is its bound to be better than the clash of clones event (good initial quest and loved that you could raid random towns but it was far too long and repepitive)
    The Simpsons treehouse of horror episodes are always great and the TSTO Halloween events have a reputaion for being the best the game has to offer. Im ready bring it on……


    1. You can say that again. I’d be looking forward to the end of Clash even if it was just going back to normal.

      I wasn’t playing two years ago, but last Halloween’s was the best event I’ve played to date. Christmas was comparable but I had to dock it points for introducing that damned wheel (though at least that paid off cash after you’d hit a prize rather than infinite fences). Ever since it’s been all down hill, here’s hoping they rally.


  10. powerturtle90sdudemon 10/05/2014 — 17:24

    If they’re going to tie it in with this year’s Treehouse of Horror then it should be ghosts! That’s what the Ullman-era design Simpsons are showing up as, and that would be a fantastic costume/skin to get


  11. The giant advertising icons from attack of the 50 foot eyesores. They could roam around destroying the town.


  12. I want Zombies again, it made the event more enjoyable


  13. Werewolf


  14. letsplaynintendoita 10/05/2014 — 14:49

    superheroes please!


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