Should I Buy…Teleporters Alpha and Omega? Premium Guide

Hello Tappers!

The Halloween Event has begun and since we’re at the end of week one, It’s time for a premium guide on the new items the Halloween 2014 event brought. So what has teleported into our towns? Well believe it or not we have actual teleports! In this premium guide I will be looking at the Teleports Alpha and Omega. Before you click that confirm donut button I would check out this premium guide first!


This will follow out as a normal premium guide with Game Information, Background History and some pros and cons all topped off with a conclusion.


Game Information

Name: Teleporters Alpha and Omega



Cost: 50 Donuts

Size: 2×2

Limited Time?: Yes

Animation and Sound?: YES! It teleports you from one teleport to another!

Unique?: Yes

Event: Halloween Event 2014

Quest?: Yes a small one, along with a set of dialogue


Homer: Oh my God! Teleporters! I can’t believe we have them here in Springfield.

Frink: Ah yes, the mind reels at the possibilities this kind of technology makes achievable.

Homer: I’m gonna use it to teleport the milk back to the fridge so my cereal doesn’t get soggy.

Frink: Or it can be just another gew-gaw that makes sedentary bozos even more lazy. With the obesity and the fatty heart and the oy-van sweating.

Your only task it called ‘Warp This Way’ which is to place both teleports Alpha and Omega and once placed use the teleports.



The two teleporters Alpha and Omega appeared in the Treehouse of Horror VIII special in the story Fly Vs. Fly.

In a parody of The Fly, Homer buys a matter teleporter from Professor Frink’s yard sale. Bart asks if he can use it, but Homer refuses. That night, Bart tries to sneak Snowball II into the teleporter and at the same time, Santa’s Little Helperjumps in. The pets come out of the machine as a creature with a dog’s head at one end of its body and a cat’s head at the other. A second creature with a tail at each end of its body emerges shortly afterwards. A fly lands on Bart’s arm and thinking that he will become a mutant superhero, Bart grabs the fly and steps into the teleporter. He comes out with his normal head, but with the fly’s body whilst the fly has his body.


The rest of the family wakes up and sees Bart’s body with a fly’s head and decide that it must still be Bart and accept him as he is. The real Bart tries to convince the fly into going back into the teleporter, but the fly attempts to eat Bart, who later enlists help from Lisa. The fly overhears their conversation and chases Lisa into the kitchen where it tries to kill her. Bart tries to stop the fighting, but is quickly eaten by the fly. Lisa then sees this as an opportunity to undo the process and pushes the fly into the teleporter. Bart comes out the other end, now with his head back on his real body. Homer then pulls out an axe, making it appear that he is about the destroy the machine, but then angrily chases Bart around the house for messing with it. (Source: Wikipedia)

Pros and Cons


  • Handy to use when moving from one side of your town to another.
  • It’s small and easy to place
  • For 50 donuts it is a decent price!


  • There is no main quest featuring around the decorations apart from one small quest to place the items.
  • You don’t get Fly Bart which is a shame.
  • It’s only available for a limited time, so act fast!

In conclusion I have to say this was a difficult one, however if you have the donuts to spare then spend! This is a neat decoration for a small price and you can teleport from one side of your town to another which is quite useful. However if you are limited on donuts then maybe wait until you are certain about getting this decoration. I hope this premium guide has helped you make your decision on purchasing Alpha and Omega. Happy Tapping, Nathan.


14 thoughts on “Should I Buy…Teleporters Alpha and Omega? Premium Guide

  1. Gavin1995321 10/21/2014 — 22:37

    Hi guys, this isn’t really relievant to the teleporters but is related to this Halloween update, I was wonder if you could help me decide something, I’m seriously consider getting the alien with drive in theatre before the event finishes, but I my problem is that is I were to buy the 300 donut bundle I wouldn’t be to sure who else to buy with the other 150 donuts, was just looking for some helpful ideas from someone :)! Thanks guys


    1. I really don’t know who to suggest with the other 150 donuts at the moment but I can say with 110% certainty that the drive-in theater is one of the best buys in the game so I would highly recommend you get that.


      1. The Drive-in is pointless, IMO, same principle as Channel6/KBBL/Cletus’ and you always forget to set program… and the longest one is only 3h! Not that fond of the cat-eating ugly alien. Although if you have the premium Krustu-lu there’s an extended quest that gives you 10 donuts. 110% is an impossibility.
        As you can see, what premium to get – if any – is highly subjective.
        I would get Witch Marge. She can trick or treat and speed up crops.


  2. I bought the transporters and regret it. I’d strongly suggest you not buy them


  3. Is it worth buying some donuts to get it? I have 24 currently so I would need to buy some and for premium content this year I have spent a lot of donuts on a certain alien that has to do with movies, but it was worth it. Is this worth buying some donuts? If so I’m so gonna do it but I’m not sure, also I know devil Flanders will be with the hell house or whatever but what if you have him but not the alt for the church (hell house thingy)? If we still have to spend the same amount of donuts, then I’m just going to be disappointed. Have a good day/night 😀


    1. Not sure DevilFlanders will be re-released at all and probably not in conjunction with the façade. If it happens the cost will be the same though.
      It is up to you if you want to buy donuts or not. I cant tell anyone to spend real money or not. If you buy donuts, it is better to get the big amounts as the cost/donut will be lower but that too is entirely up to you if you think it is worth it.


  4. Does anyone know the benefit(s) of the regailian hunting license?


    1. It doubles the probes from neighbours. Still only 90 actions will yeild probes but you get 2/action instead of 1


  5. I am doubting with this one.On one hand,is the only new premium item that actually interests me.On the other,I want to buy the cementery ,the bad dream house and the house of evil so I don’t think I have enough.If I don’t have the raven and krusty doll will they appear in my menu along with the bad dream house and the house of evil? Or will I be able to buy the buildings without the walking decorations? Also ,how do we get the rigelian queen?


    1. Not sure the Bad Dream House, House of Evil or the Halloween characters from 2012 will be re-released at all.
      You can always box up the NPCs if you dont want them in yiur town.
      The Rigellian Queen will probably be unlocked at the third stage. Craft 400 BrokenFences, 400 RottenEggs, 300 Gummibears (or ~300 donuts to craft right away without any ingrediants).


    2. Just remember the Event comes in Stages, in Stage 1 we got Count Burns as the re released content, in stage 2 and 3 I suspect we will get the Bad Dream House, Super Collider and the House of Evil to be released! I really hope they are re released, as I want them too!! 🙂


      1. Oh yes, and I forgot about Booberella, Zombies and Cemeteries!! 😛


        1. Those are already available in the premium menu. I’ e posted a pic on our Flickgroup


          1. goaliegrrl31 10/17/2014 — 18:10

            AH HA!!! This answers my question I just posted in the THOH tie-in area! Thanks minicha.


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