Weekend Old Character Promotion – Suzanne The Witch

Last week EA made the count burns skin available for players who had not unlocked it last year and it seems like this may be a weekly occurrence


You can find all of the info on Suzanne in this post from last years Halloween event. CLICK HERE FOR THE POST


18 thoughts on “Weekend Old Character Promotion – Suzanne The Witch

  1. Suddenly I’m not able to buy zombies anymore!


  2. letsplaynintendoita 10/19/2014 — 10:27

    looks like a few items are in the menu now
    heck house and devil Flanders, cauldron with witch marge, bad dream house and a few others some one reported on ea forum.
    though bad dream house and house of evil are without characters unlike what spAnser wrote at the beginning.
    dunno cause i’ve all of that characters/buildings


    1. I’ll have to check my third town, it doesn’t have anything on purpose so I can see what is available and when. Thanks


    2. House of Evil comes with the doll but nothing for the bad dream house. Posted a pic on our Flickr group


  3. I love her. Decorate her house with pastel fences from Easter and the egg fences, and the cotton candy trees. Looks awesome. I really wanted the house, looks cool.


  4. Why did they keep re releasing old items. That’s all this event literally is. Bring in new items jeez…


    1. They re-release items because newer players keeps asking for them. For longtime players that is boring but be happy we didnt have to spend donuts for most of them 🙂


      1. Ya but they brought back more old items than new items. I understand newe lr players didn’t get them , but at least bring in lots of new items so us long time players can have fun and enjoy the game as much as the newer players buying the old items


        1. Not too fond of the crafting and collecting stuff but I find that those new items are more then enough in addition to the personal prizes.


        2. I’m greatly enjoying the new items and I’ve played since their first launch. (And then their second lol)

          I appreciate that they bring back the old items. Not only does it benefit new players, but some old players didn’t get a chance at them the first time. Like with the whacking day event. I missed out on snake willy due to real life stuff, but then they brought it back!

          And there’s only so much they can do at once. This is a long-haul game, so just keep playing for new and awesome stuff. 🙂


  5. Butler85whufc 10/18/2014 — 11:04

    I like Suzanne but not the house so I have it hidden behind costingtons


  6. Can someone confirm if the House of Evil is indeed returning?


    1. It is available now.


  7. Not a fan of Suzanne the witch. I got her last year and now she is one of only 3 characters I leave in storage. The gingerbread house looks cool in a forest area but you can’t have one without having the other so given the option I’d pass on her


    1. I think she’s great. The house is odd and hard to place but she adds a permanent task for Homer and it’s one of the best animated tasks in the game. She isn’t one of those crazy items that have never seen the light of a Simpsons episode, like ALL of the Clash of Clones junk, which makes her more valuable for those who prefer items exclusive to the show. I disagree, she is a good buy in my opinion.


      1. I think she’s a great buy, personally. Not for everyone, but the house has multiple possible uses. I like to keep mine in my Christmas section because it’s a gingerbread house. Someone else said they use the Easter pastel fences and trees, and that sounds cool. The. There’s the Hansel and Gretel in the woods approach. Many ways to use the house 🙂


        1. Yeah I have mine in the woods next to the Pumpkin House with a trail leading to it. I was inspired by the Hansel and Gretel episode so I tried to decorate it that way.


  8. letsplaynintendoita 10/18/2014 — 06:22

    her job with homer is great and the quest (if still present) with bart and lisa is great too


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