Get Ready to Stream Every Simpsons Episode Ever — Vulture
Thought I’d share this gem with all of you. Tomorrow!!

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17 thoughts on “Get Ready to Stream Every Simpsons Episode Ever — Vulture

  1. Available, except if you live anywhere on the majority of this planet! Why don’t they just say available only to US based readers?
    I can never understand the logic in these deals. Do the sites only want US based visitors? Do they think people in other countries aren’t aware (that the US can get the free streaming) and that non-US users can still get it (but with a bit of tech hassle)? Is the logic that they think that US based users would pirate the show so they may as well offer it free (or do they want people in other countries to pirate it, in spite)? The internet provides a global audience, it a shame some websites/content producers are so US focussed.


    1. I think it has to do with international laws and copyright issues as well. If a non-US tv channel pays to have the exclusive right in their country for airing the show it wouldnt be right to stream it there.
      The stream isnt exactly free. You need to pay the cablecompany for your regular (tv)subscription before you get access to the stream – by verifying that you do indeed have a subscription for one of the companies listed. Without a subscription – no “free” stream.
      Im not in the US and I do not have any tv-subscriptions at all – not even basic cable, so thats a double no for me.


      1. There’s a tendency amongst internet-savvy types to take a really technocratic attitude towards media availability, extrapolating their consumption habits as being the default standard, which is often reinforced by their peers, being of a similar demographic, often using the same methods.

        But ultimately, most people still watch TV on an actual TV, and the traditional TV model of selling shows on an individual country-by-country basis is still incredibly profitable – I read somewhere that FX paid $750m for US rights to the show.

        I’m sure one day it’ll likely shift to a more globalised model, but it hasn’t happened yet, and it doesn’t matter one jot that the internet provides a global audience.


        1. Yes, I agree. Ive been thinking that they could do it the same in the rest of the world (verifying the tv-subscription for each country/region) but that would be a large and complicated process, involving dozens of companies that need to adjust their streams/online services as well, re-negotiating contracts (for more showings on different platforms) etc The profit from the show would probably be a lot less so I dont see it happening soon.


  2. I tried it last night. Hopefully it’s still working out some kinks, but I didn’t like it. Too many bells and whistles getting in the way when you just want to watch an episode. It’s almost glacially slow, the layout is so bizarre it’s almost useless, and worst of all, they’re constantly asking for the login info of my cable provider. If I wanted everything to depend on that, I’d just watch TV!


  3. The point of this post when many people aren’t in the US?


  4. letsplaynintendoita 10/21/2014 — 07:04

    this is a pic provided on ea forum

    too bad those donuts you see there are for the app itself and not for TSTO 😦


    1. letsplaynintendoita 10/21/2014 — 07:04

      Here’s what FX chief of marketing, Stephanie Gibbons, said at the recent press tour:

      “We [also] have plans to reward viewers. Because there’s such a plethora of content, we have plans to award using doughnuts, an iconographic element that’s indigenous to ‘The Simpsons’ that we will track where people will be able to uncover special rarities and content behind the scenes, original content developed by the team behind the show, basically, through their dedication and their fandom, be able to explore elements that won’t be available to general civilians.”


  5. But does it support Chromecast?


    1. I’m currently unaware of any of the service specifics for the app. I’m researching all of the details to put in a proper post but have to wait like everyone else for the release.


  6. Ironic how a site named is not available in many regions… 😦


    1. Right. Apparently it is not available in Sweden 😦


    2. It’s not available anywhere yet because it hasn’t officially launched yet. I can’t access it either.


      1. It says “Thank you for your interest in FX Networks.
        The content you are trying to access is not available in your region.” which pretty much sounds like refusal based on a IP geolocation filter.


      2. I’d be v. surprised if it’s available anywhere outside the US though, as it’s being run by a US channel.


        1. Yep, there we go (from the UK);

          “Thank you for your interest in FX Networks.
          The content you are trying to access is not available in your region.”


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