Level 46 Walkthrough


Easy A (Part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

One Small Bounce For Man… (Part 1,2)

The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle (Part 1,2,3,4,5)

The Girl Who Gets a Dragon Tattoo (Part 1,2,3,4)

Dr. Feelgood (Part 1,2,3)

Easy A Pt. 1

Objective – Build Classy Girls Strip Club
Nelson – Give me your lunch money, dork-o!
Martin – I don’t have any today — I brought my lunch from home. But I’d be happy to share if you don’t have one.
Nelson – What? No, I don’t want your lunch! I just want the money.
Martin – So you’re one of those buy-don’t-bring guys, I understand.
Martin – Perhaps I can get Lunchlady Dora to put your lunch on my tab.
Nelson – I don’t want any lunch! I just want to threaten you and take your money.
Nelson – Bullying isn’t about lunch — it’s about power.
Martin – Sounds like someone’s got low blood sugar.
Nelson – *cries* It’s true.
Nelson – I used to eat at my Mom’s work, but she’s still gone and I haven’t had a real meal in weeks.
Martin – Well, maybe we can at least fix that.


Easy A Pt. 2

Objective – Make Nelson Change Mom’s Status to “Not a Stripper”
Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Binge on Nicotine
Mrs. Muntz -Nelson! Did you miss me?
Nelson – I sure did, free strip club buffet. *kissing*
Nelson – Oh, hey Mom. You’re here too? How were your weeks and/or years in limbo?
Mrs. Muntz – Not bad. I actually used the time to get my GED.
Nelson – What?! I didn’t know people could do stuff while they were missing from this world.
Nelson – Although I guess that makes sense… the rules always were a little fuzzy.
Nelson – So now that you have a high-school degree, does that mean you’ll get paid more to strip?
Mrs. Muntz – Actually it means I’m done stripping.
Nelson – Haw-haw?
Mrs. Muntz – That’s right, son. I’m going to enroll in college!
Nelson – But we don’t have a college in Springfield.
Nelson – Or a middle school.
Nelson – Or a sewer system.
Nelson – Heck, I haven’t even seen a gas station.
Mrs. Muntz – That’s okay. College isn’t about the campus — it’s about the experience. And I can still have that!
Mrs. Muntz – The first thing I have to do is completely reinvent myself on all my social media.
Mrs. Muntz – Son, take care of that for me while I have a quick smoke.


Easy A Pt. 3

Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Find Out Who Nathan Zuckerman Is
Mrs. Muntz – Okay, college experience‚ college experience.
Mrs. Muntz – They read in college, right? But hard books with symbolism and crap.
Side Show Mel – Did I hear someone say “symbolism and crap” I know the perfect book!
Mrs. Muntz – Could you hear me talking to myself?
Side Show Mel – Of course! You were speaking extremely loud!


Easy A Pt. 4

Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Have a Counting Crows Phase
Mrs. Muntz -*sighs*
Snake – What’s wrong, baby?
Mrs. Muntz – Nothing.
Snake – Was our love-making okay?
Mrs. Muntz– Yeah.
Snake – Okay, cool.
Mrs. Muntz– No one understands me!!!


Easy A Pt. 5

Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Meet Otto Behind the Kwik-E-Mart
Otto – Hey, girlie. Why you moping around so hard?
Mrs. Muntz – It’s all part of my college experience. I’m angsty now.
Otto – I hear that.
Mrs. Muntz – Do you? Do you really ‚Äúhear that?”
Otto – Hey, maybe I didn’t go to college… or maybe I did?
Otto – But I’ve been through hard times. And I know someone who’s always there for me.
Mrs. Muntz – Who?
Otto – Her name is Mary Jane.
Mrs. Muntz – Is she a friend of yours or something–noOtto
Mrs. Muntz – Oh, I get it.


Easy A Pt. 6

Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Strip to Pay For College

Mrs. Muntz – Boy, this college experience is more expensive than I thought.
Otto – Yeah, it can get pretty pricey.
Otto – What, with the grinders, scales, lighters, roach clips, splitters, papers, pipes, bongs, chillums, bubblers, volcanoes, brownies, candies…
Mrs. Muntz – I think I need a job. But what kind of job could a college coed get to work her way through school?
Otto – Well, according to all the movies I watch “after dark”, there’s really only one.

-After Objective Completion-

System Message – Check in with Dr. Nick to see him check out Mrs. Muntz for her “TMJ”


Easy A Pt. 7

Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Drop Out of College
Mrs. Muntz – College has been the greatest years wrapped up in a week of my life.
Mrs. Muntz – There’s only one thing left to do to get the complete college experience…
Mrs. Muntz – The same thing Bill Gates did, the same thing Mark Zuckerberg did, the same thing pretty much everyone who was ever anything at Harvard did…
Mrs. Muntz– I need to drop out!

-After Objective Completion-

Nelson – Mom! What are you doing back at the strip club?
Mrs. Muntz – The same thing all college dropouts do —
Mrs. Muntz – I’m stripping!
Mrs. Muntz – Everything is back to normal again.
Nelson – Wow, I did not expect that to happen!
Mrs. Muntz – Neither did I, son.
Mrs. Muntz – Neither did I.


One Small Bounce For Man… Pt. 1

Objective -Place the Moonbounce
Bart – Milhouse, I just heard some dude coming out of that Classy Girls place say he was glad he finally‚ “got his jollies”
Milhouse – What?! I want jollies!



One Small Bounce For Man… Pt. 2

Objective – Make Willie Hurt Other Kids in the Moonbounce

Willie – All right, I patched the hole in yer moonbounce from ye excessive bouncing.
Lisa – Willie, can you stay and bounce with us?
Willie – Well, I should get back to gardening…
Willie – I do have my gardening kilt on after all.
Willie – But I guess one bounce won’t hurt me!

-After Objective Completion-

System Message – Check in with Rainier’s daughter, Greta – , for further adventures with the Wolfcastle clan!



The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle Pt. 1

Objective – Make Greta – Sit in Silence
Wolfcastle – Hello, little girl. Have you been separated from your parents?
Greta – Dad, it’s me.
Wolfcastle – *looks around*
Greta – Your daughter.
Wolfcastle – *looks around*
Greta – Your only biological offspring.
Wolfcastle – Ah, ye! Hello…
Greta – …Greta
Wolfcastle – know.


The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle Pt. 2

Objective – Make Greta – Sit in More Silence

Greta – So‚ Dad. How’ve you been?
Wolfcastle – Pretty good. I’m on TV now.
Greta – That’s great!
Wolfcastle – 
Greta – …
Wolf castle – What ‚what’d you say??
Greta – Nothing.
Wolfcastle – Oh.


The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle Pt. 3

Objective – Build Wolfcastle’s Mansion
Objective – Make Greta – Consider Spending the Rest of Her Life Alone

Bart – *spits*
Greta – Wow, Bart. Your loogies are so heavy. Very impressive!
Bart – Oh, thanks! It’s all in the positioning of–
Greta – *cries*
Bart – Oh, boy. When you’re done crying, come find me and I’ll apologize for whatever I did.
Greta – Bart, I don’t actually like your loogies!
Bart – You don’t?
Greta – No! I only find you and your mucus irresistible because I so clearly have issues with my father!
Greta – Oh God, the daughter of a movie star has daddy issues!
Greta – I’ve become a cliche A horrible, horrible cliche


The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle Pt. 4

Objective – Make Greta – Work Through Willie’s Daddy Issues

Greta – Principal Skinner, I’d like to see the school therapist.
Skinner – Unfortunately, we had to get rid of our counselor due to budget cuts.
Skinner – So, you’ll be divulging your deepest, darkest thoughts to our very talented gardener.
Willie – Welcome to Willie’s shack, lassie! What brings you in today — therapy or the fish-gutting seminar I conduct?
Greta – Um… therapy.
Willie – Don’t be embarrassed. You would not believe how many people don’t know how to properly gut a fish.
Greta – I said therapy.
Willie – Oh. Okay, why don’t you start us off…
Greta – Well, I’ve been having some issues that I believe stem from my relationship with my father. He’s never around, doesn’t know I exist–
Willie – Daddy issues?!
Willie – Here’s my prescription — go outside and dig your own grave every day till you finish!
Willie – You’ll sleep like a baby and the constant reminder of death will make you appreciate every second of your God-forsaken life.
Greta – Actually, I think it would be better if I talked this stuff out.
Greta – A girl’s good bond with her father affects all her future relationships with men.
Willie – Nonsense. My Dad was never around, and neither me nor any of my twelve sisters has even HAD a relationship!
Greta – That’s terrible! You know, I think it’s important for boys to have quality time with their fathers too.
Willie – It is? Oh dear Lord.
Willie – I hate my father!
Willie – *sobs* I hate him good!
Willie – *more sobs* Haven’t ye ever wondered why I’ve never amounted to anything?
Greta – Um…
Willie – Well I have! I think about it all the time!



The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle Pt. 5

Objective – Make Willie Teach Rainier to Teach How to Play Ball
Wolf castle – Vhat’s wrong, Groundskeeper man?
Willie – Turns out I’m depressed.
Willie – My father was so busy chasing Scottish legends that he never even taught me how to throw a ball.
Wolfcastle – I can relate. I was too busy making many movies that I never learned how to teach someone to throw a ball.
Willie – Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Wolfcastle – Something vill pop up and tell us if we are.

-After Objective Completion-

Wolfcastle – Why are we throwing ball, when we’re both so terrible at it?
Wolfcastle – Why don’t we bond by you watching me film my newest blockbuster movie “McBain VIII: I’ll Kill Anyone”.
Willie – Getting invited to a Hollywood movie set is all I ever wanted from a father.
System Message – Check out Wolfcastle’s “McBain” Outfit For More Bonding With Willie



The Girl Who Gets a Dragon Tattoo Pt. 1

Objective – Make Greta Pretend to Date Mr. Burns
Greta – Well, nothing I say or do has any impact on my father.
Greta – Perhaps if I was to date an older man that would get his attention.
Burns – Oh, hello little one. Didn’t see you down there.
Burns – My old man sight isn’t so good, and my old man feet are big and swollen.
Greta – Ugh, getting attention sure is icky.

-After Objective Completion-

Greta – Dad! I want you to meet my new boyfriend. He’s thousands of times older than me and we’re in love.
Wolfcastle – Willie, watch me shoot this lady cop!
Greta – Quick, Mr. Burns — make out with me!
Burns –  But it’s almost sundown. I need to get home before I get confused.
Greta – Ughh!!



The Girl Who Gets a Dragon Tattoo Pt. 2

Objective – Make Greta – Witness Hell on Earth
Greta – Oh, Dad. Just wanted to let you know that my therapy bills are piling up, so I’m going to work at the prison to pay for them.
Wolfcastle – I commend your hard work. You could easily be one of those rich kids who never put in a hard day’s work.
Greta – Aren’t you concerned about me?
Wolfcastle – Villie, my boy! Come watch fake blood pour out of my eyeballs!
Willie – Aye, papa!
Greta – *sighs* Well, I guess I have to follow through.


The Girl Who Gets a Dragon Tattoo Pt. 3

Objective – Make Greta Write a Rambling Letter
Greta – Whoever thought it’d be so hard to disappoint a father? Everybody made it sound so easy.
Snake – You want to disappoint your father? Stick with me, chica, I’ve never not disappointed a girl’s father.
Greta – Hmm. Maybe it’d be smarter if I just wrote my dad a letter.



The Girl Who Gets a Dragon Tattoo Pt. 4

Objective – Make McBain Fight Climatic Battle
Objective – Make Greta Bask in her Dad’s Attention
Greta – …so in conclusion, you’re a negligent and borderline abusive deadbeat dad.
Greta – But you’re a movie star, so basically, I love you.
Wolfcastle – I basically love you too, Greta.
Greta – By the way, this is my new boyfriend, Snake.
Wolfcastle – Was ist das?! Nein, nein, NEIN!
Snake – Nice to meet you, Mr. Wolfcastle. I’m a huge fan.
Wolfcastle – Then you’ll have to come to the set of my latest movie.
Wolfcastle – You can watch from the wall I’ll be shooting at mcbain


Dr. Feelgood Pt. 1
Objective – Make Dr. Nick Prescribe Medical Marijuana

Mrs. Muntz – Yeah, it’s a real bad case of TMJ, doc. Real bad.
Dr. Nick – I don’t know what TMJ is, so I’ll have to take your word for it.
Mrs. Muntz – Yep. Think you could hook me up– I mean prescribe me something?
Mrs. Muntz – I’m looking to go the all-natural route.
Dr. Nick – Hmm… I don’t know if I can.
Mrs. Muntz – But you’re a doctor.
Dr. Nick – Oh yeah!


Dr. Feelgood Pt. 2
Objective – Make Dr. Nick Meet Otto Behind the Kwik-E-Mart
Dr. Nick – Hmm… I think I’m feeling a little TMJ too. Perhaps I should give this medical plant a try.
Dr. Nick – After all, as a doctor I am required to try all the medications I prescribe!
Dr. Feelgood Pt. 3
Objective – Make Dr. Nick Trip Out
Dr. Nick – Hi, patient Dr. Nick!
Dr. Nick – Hi, Dr. Nick!
Dr. Nick – I just wanted to have a check up with you, after you took that mind-altering medication!
Dr. Nick – I’m feeling very fine. Very fine, indeed.
Dr. Nick – As your doctor, that’s good to hear.
Dr. Nick – Yep! No side effects whatsoever!
Dr. Nick – Yay! We did it!


33 thoughts on “Level 46 Walkthrough

  1. How does one do the second quest … One Small Bounce For Man… Pt. 2? My WIllie (hahahaha) is locked!


    1. No idea! Same for me and a lot of others.


  2. I’m locked at the bounce house before it gets to Willie’s part as well – do several of the kids need to bounce first? I play entirely too much so I’m not worried about pulling from trick or treating if need be so I can unlock the darn thing. Willie is bored and needs to bounce!


    1. It is a known glitch. For some reason it is stuck.
      Contact EA directly http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/ and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


  3. I got the grand pumpkin but nothing is happening for me to get the pumpkin house. How do I trigger “Life is Grand” part 2 to get the pumpkin house?


    1. For me it came after Milhouse was done with his 20h task.


  4. I didn’t get the System Message after Willie finishes the Moonbounce task – is that just me?


    1. I havent done it yet so I cant say what it is. Sure you didnt fatfingered it too quick and missed it?


      1. Fatfingering it is entirely possible, but I can’t get the next part to start even though Wolfcastle is free.


        1. Oki. It isnt Ranier but Greta (premium) Wolfcastle that this refers to. My guess is that this is a push for you to buy the prep school and Greta for 180 donuts to get more tasks.


  5. I finally saved up enough $$ to buy the fortress of choclitude and I don’t see it anywhere in the build menu 😦 was this a limited time item?! I’m way past the current level and it was available to me before, I just didn’t have the cash


    1. It is still available. in the buildings menu.
      Pull the blue flap to the right when you open the buildmenu to see all catagories.


  6. Not sure if anyone is aware, but “Dove of Doom” has revised the prize calender for ray guns.. he thought that each phase was 12 days, but the “ray gun” phase is only 11 days with the 3rd stage being 13 days.. so instead of 592 ray guns a day, you need 646 each day..


    1. It spans over 12 days but the actual time is 11. On the first and last day you dont have the full 24h to get the 592 rayguns…


  7. letsplaynintendoita 10/24/2014 — 14:32

    King Homer Skyscrapper. 250 donuts?
    Good thing i got it last year as a Community Price!!!


    1. Scott (aka, Shakusky) 10/24/2014 — 21:24

      I wish I could sell mine to someone for 100 donuts! I don’t even use it!


  8. Can someone confirm if the house of evil is leaving this weekend? Oh gawd I’m still missing 4 donuts! If so I would rather get the bad dream h. Instead of nothing….


    1. Not sure. I think the House of Evil will stay through this raygun stage but if I were you Id buy a scratcher if you really want it and buy it now. This system with limiteds that dont state the end date is so frustrating! It gives us no time for planning/saving so it is crap.


      1. I got it ! Got them in bronze bags haha


  9. goaliegrrl31 10/23/2014 — 19:08

    KINDA STUPID that we need to keep having Nelson free for the Level 46 quest (Easy A) when he’s out trick or treating for the Halloween event!!


    1. Yup yup 😦 12h that he couldve been earning 1 1/2 bags.


      1. Level 46 won’t start for me until after this event is done. The level will still be around afterwards; the prizes won’t.


    2. I believe you only have to use him once during the quest line, so it’s not much of a loss. What’s far more annoying is that Greta’s quest line takes so long when I could be sending her trick-or-treating as well.

      Actually it’s not that bad, as I hadn’t planned on having her available at all, so whatever bags I do get from her are bought with house money. I wouldn’t mind at all, really, if her story were remotely interesting. Instead it’s dialogue reminding us she’s not close to Wolfcastle followed by “Make Greta sit in her own building and sulk” over and over.


  10. Halloween related question:Do you think the bad dream house is worth the donuts?Does it have any quest or something? Thank you so much guys!


    1. If you like it, it may be worth it for you. No utilisation this year – so no animation to be displayed but it might be used again.


  11. letsplaynintendoita 10/23/2014 — 09:21

    will we get a “What’s changed in level 46 update”? i love those =)
    also another thing they’ve to fix is: Willy’s job at the Moonjump is not permanent and yet his job there is still present when you tap on it after doing the quest 😦


    1. mrfy will probably do A What Changed? when he has the time 🙂


  12. letsplaynintendoita 10/22/2014 — 16:57

    hey, will you do one for the Dr.Nick new questline? =)


    1. letsplaynintendoita 10/22/2014 — 16:57

      btw thank you very much for the Walkthrough


    2. jginsberg145 10/22/2014 — 17:09

      working on it now


      1. letsplaynintendoita 10/22/2014 — 17:12

        cool thanks 🙂

        also this unlocks if you buy the Clamphitheater

        Attend A Clamphitheater Show
        Objective – Make Agnes Attend A Clamphitheater Show
        Objective – Make Marge Attend A Clamphitheater Show
        Objective – Make Krusty Attend A Clamphitheater Show

        no text, the questline happens when you place it and has no text (the jobs are permanent)


        1. What Dr Nick quest? I don’t see one.


          1. letsplaynintendoita 10/22/2014 — 19:19

            it unlocks after part 6 of mrs. muntz’s quest


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