Fortress of Choclitude – Level 45 Freemium Guide

The newest arrival to the Aspirational buildings came in the form of the Fortress of Cholcitude. For those of you wondering, Aspirational Buildings in Tapped Out are a few buildings that are usually very high-priced, very large in size, do not come with characters, do not generate income and very rarely come with any quest lines that involve the people of Springfield. They are generally very obscure buildings that are only seen for mere seconds in episodes of the Simpsons. The Fortress of Choclitude is no exception. With a price tag of $10 million dollars, it is buildings like these that really take serious thought and consideration in regards to whether they are worth shelling out all of that in-game cash.



Have no fear! This is where I come in and do my best to give you the most accurate, reliable and relative information for items such as this in the hopes that it will help you make an informed decision as to whether to pass on or pay for the item. Although this item does not cost donuts, it may as well for the amount it costs and with that I bring you the Freemium Guide for The Fortress of Choclitude.


The Fortress of Choclitude comes to our virtual Springfield’s by way of an episode called “Girly Edition.” It was the 21st episode of Season 9 and aired on April 19, 1998.

 The Fortress of Choclitude appears in a series developed by Krusty called the “Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour.” The idea for this show was pitched by Krusty after the FCC voiced their objections at the lack of education children were receiving from the Itchy & Scratchy Show. 

To appeal to the FCC Channel 6 creates a new educational show with a news format called Kidz Newz. The children of Springfield were tapped as staff for the new show which included Lisa as head anchor. The show gets cancelled after an ongoing feud for the lead spot takes place between Bart and Lisa.

Although shot down at first, the “Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour” fills in the spot the cancelled news show held.

Girly Edition 2

The Fortress of Choclitude is the headquarters of the Choco-Bots, which are a group of robots who resemble Mars Bars (chocolate bars), play with toys made by Mattel and live in the fortress.

The four Choco-Bots are:

The Unnamed Leader

Chocobots Leader





Major Nougat

Major Nougat





The Chocobots resemble many super-hero groups and fight for the good of humanity. When called upon for duty the Chocobots put their chocolate bars together to “Power Up!”

Girly Edition 6

And then fly through the roof of the Fortress.

Girly Edition 7

Topix Fact: This is also the same episode that gave us Mojo the Helper Monkey



Game Info


Cost: $10 million


  • Reach Level 45

Placement: Grass/Pavement

Size: 8 X 8 squares

Build time: 36 hours

Character(s) Unlocked: None

Quest(s) Activated: None

Income: None

Animation: Yes.

  • When tapped the roof opens and Cocoa flies out.
  • Has a constant running animation of chocolate dripping off of the building.


The Fortress of Choclitude, like every other Aspirational building comes with an extremely huge price tag. These types of buildings are more suited for the long-term player who has played long enough to build a significant stash of in-game cash. Not much exists in the game that requires lots of steady payments of in-game cash so it’s not hard to have a lot on hand at higher levels. Obviously this item has no bearing on any of the game’s progression and is not a “must” buy.

For those of you just trying to get by and advance through the levels I say hold off on this. Only the Sit-N-Rotate and the Sunsphere are the only Aspirational’s that have come with any type of character involvement so this will basically just sit. However, it does have an awesome animation, is a highly unique building and is taken straight from the show which is a huge plus for me. It goes well with the Ah! Fudge Factory, in my opinion. Also you will get a substantial one-time boost to XP like all Aspirationals so there is a little bonus to the purchase.

The biggest pro for this item is that it is a permanent addition to the game meaning those of you struggling to get through have time and there is no need to rush out and purchase this right away. But if you do get to a point where you have a lot of game cash and nothing to spend it on I would highly recommend this building.

Happy Tapping!

Mike S.





19 thoughts on “Fortress of Choclitude – Level 45 Freemium Guide

  1. I really like the aspirational buildings and hope they continue to do more of them. I have been playing for a very long time and just have nothing to spend money on. Even after all the recent land, quest buildings, and the choco tower I am still over $70-80mil (and climbing).

    Here’s hoping for the world’s biggest toilet!


    1. I have a feeling the World’s Biggest Toilet is coming soon. It’s been in and out of the files for a long time.


      1. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 00:31

        i’d love to see spAnser’s EA Tower in the game too 😀


        1. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 00:32

          with Black Market building too of course


        2. I removed the pic as we dont want to encurage hacks.
          This is one of few sure signs that a town is hacked and if you see a EAHQ in your neighbourhood you could report it to EA ( Same login as the game) and maybe get some donuts for turning the cheater in.


          1. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 02:13

            uh no that was a picture from google really old. you cant see that building since it’s not in the game. it was a custom building


            1. Sorry. Assumed it was a pic of the build. It actually DO exist in some hacked games.


              1. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 02:19

                yeah it was a pic of the building from when he released it. it does. it’s a cool building would love ea to make it real. that gold coming out. looks like it’s made from the money we pay for donuts lol


                1. IMO, still not worth risking your game and device for. EA will not likely add it.


        3. See the toilet actually existed in the game files from EA so it is very likely to make it into the game. The EA tower was completely cutom and I don’t see ever making it to the game. Especially for the fact that it has absolutely nothing to do with the Simpsons. It was a cool looking building and I always commended spAnser for having the know-how to even accomplish something like that but it will never see a legit game.


  2. Thanks, thus post helped a lot.

    On a unrelated topic. I just got a message while playing the game that Sideshow Bob had escaped from prison. Is this message new?


    1. The notifications are a mystery to me. Sometimes they come when I got a visitor sometimes not. Always changing.


      1. letsplaynintendoita 10/28/2014 — 17:16

        that looks like when SSB is in your town roamin.
        hey minicha is the “what changed” with the recent updates still in the work pleasE? =)


        1. That is mrfy’s area 🙂 for some odd reason he seems to actually like the tech-side and that awful math thing. I dont like numbers so Im more than happy to leave it to him besides I dont have the files nor could I read them even if I did. Right now mrfy’s concentrating on his new job but since he enjoys doing the tech stuff I assume he’ll post when he finds the time.


          1. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 02:01

            ok thanks


  3. I accidently bought this building but I’m actually quite pleased with it. I still have plenty of cash left since I’ve been playing for so long and out of all the aspirational building it’s the easiest to place. I really enjoy tapping it and seeing the animation.


  4. Compared to other aspirational buildings, say the Popsicle skyscraper (not sure if that’s what it is called), how tall is the fortress of choclitude. Curious seeing as it’s the only building left for me to get wondering if I should save space so that it doesn’t overlap other buildings.


    1. Compared to the popsicle scraper, the KingHomer scraper and ClausCo it is quite short. The area is about the same. Look around in your neighbourhood and see for yourself.


    2. It’s actually the same size as the ZiffCorp building.

      As Mike said I held off on the aspiration all buildings till I had ridiculous amounts of cash, all the useful purchases (including the land), and such an income base that I couldn’t go broke if I tried. Nevertheless, with the tower, the new strip of land, and the high prices for all the buildings from a Levels 44-46, I still have not quite recovered all that cash in six weeks. (Granted I haven’t had all my characters working regularly in that time, with the kids trick or treating and many of the adults being kept available for event-related quests.)


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