What Changed with the Level 46 Update?

This is my first attempt at a “What Changed…..?” post so please bear with me. Mrfy is currently taking some time away but have no fear, we’re still here to bring you all relevant info. Let’s get right to it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.56.04 AM

With the addition of Mrs. Muntz and Greta Wolfcastle, we now have two new character sets:

  1. Even More Oddballs
  2. More Kids

So far the two new characters are each the only one’s in their set but more can and probably will be added.


*Base level multipliers have changed as usual:

38 1.3 1
39 1.3 1.3
40 1.4 1.3
41 1.6 1.4
42 2.0 1.6
43 3.0 2.0
44 4.0 3.0
45 4.0 4.0
46 4.0 4.0


Base multipliers change with each update, usually level updates but not necessarily. What this means is every building has a base price in the files. The level multipliers alter the price of each building as you progress throughout your game. Here’s an example using a level 38 building:

The Court House has a base price of $106,500. Using the multiplier for the level it becomes $138,450.

Usually when a new level is released, the multipliers adjust so that older buildings become cheaper, and the new level’s buildings are at 4 times the base price. So if you wait for newer levels to come out, the buildings will get cheaper.


*There are two new Building Group names. These groups are used for holidays, events, special quests, etc. They distinguish which buildings are used for which quests and which characters. They are:

  • MrsMuntzGoOnDatesGroup
  • VulgariORKwikEMart

*The amount of points needed to maintain 5 stars has also increased:
Rating OLD Max NEW Max
Indolence 490 520
Obedience 310 330
Consumerism 318 318
Gluttony 381 381
Tree-hugging 30445 32015
Righteousness 239 249
Vanity 45770 47920
Soclialism 2394 2514

Only Obedience and Consumerism remained the same.


*There’s a small increase of XP to all of the Premium 6-hour earning buildings. These buildings used to earn:

  • $175 / 18 XP

They now earn:

  • $175 / 20 XP

So far I’ve only found Fort Sensible and the new Preparatory School that are Premium 6-hour generators but when I am able I will add a full list.


*Greta Wolfcastle has been added to the list of kids who have a Treat Bag earning task:

  • Peruse Artisanal Treat Bags – 16 hours (Vulgari Jewelry Store OR Kwik E Mart

She also gets a small 1-part Halloween related quest with Bart which unlocks the Treat Bag earning task.


I am still searching through everything but that is what I found so far. I will update this as I find more changes. Please if you notice anything comment below.

Mike S.


29 thoughts on “What Changed with the Level 46 Update?

  1. Can someone please tell me how the second part of the bounce house quest line starts? I bought and had willie and Bart bounce but the second part didn’t unlock, very annoying!


    1. Have no idea! Having the same issue myself.


      1. I won’t say good minchia, but I’m glad it isn’t just me!


  2. I think you have.a small eror there, you say that obedience has changed the same, but still you write: “Old max: 310” and “New max: 330”


  3. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 17:12

    so: Ghost ship update:
    Ghost ship for 250 donuts
    changes to the shop now the THOH go to is just a item and you click on it to open the THOH menu
    Questline for Devil Flanders (x1 job), Old Sea Captain (x2 jobs), Herman (x1) if you buy the ghost ship.
    XP bar reset to normal 612960 (and you get bonus’ donuts if you passed that already)
    You can now buy packs of 10 Bronze and 7 silver bags for 25 donuts (contained in the New! menu with the star and ! inside the star)
    no other changes i noticed


    1. goaliegrrl31 10/29/2014 — 20:12

      250 DONUTS seriously???!!!!! I’m a huge fan of purchasing the “limited time” items for my Springfield – but this is a tad steep to say the least. Wow.


  4. Got an update. Ghostship: 250 donuts. Pfff.
    XP bar back to normal.
    And 3 donuts received


    1. And the darn thing can only be placed on tiles… 😦 or so I thought. Can be placed on grass and concrete too but not the sea or shore.


      1. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 17:20

        uh no it can be placed everywhere except Krustyland


        1. Not on water or the shore but yeah, on grass and concrete. Strange. My first thought was to place it in the sea, it being a ship n all, but noooo! then I tried the shore and still nooooo! Never occured to me to try to place it on land…


          1. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 19:40

            oh minicha so you’re aware, it not only gives out payout, but the ship gives a 5% bonus not advertised!!!


          2. It’s a “Flying Dutchman” type of a ship. A ghost ship… It’s supposed to be floating in the air not in the sea… But I support the idea of placing it on a Squidport tile. Though I won’t be buying it myself — price too steep. But looks spectacular I see 🙂


          3. I placed mine on the shore right away…not sure why that isn’t working for you.


      2. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 17:22


      3. Place anchor on squidport, ship seems floating in the water


        1. letsplaynintendoita 10/30/2014 — 01:10

          yeah, just need a tile to do it


  5. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 06:49

    oh also today is the day that the date in the file for Matt Groening Tiein 😀
    also havent noticed anything in particular regarding the THOH update other then the changes that we can all see and you’ve already pointed out.


    1. what update?


      1. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 16:39

        it was said at the beginning of THOH that today was set as MattGroeningReleaseDate in the files


      2. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 16:41

        well it just got updated: Ghost Pirate Airship, 250 donuts


  6. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 06:44

    another thing i noticed as well as many have, is the huge incremental in the next bonus level to 1.5 milion XP!

    Thanks on the post, will share it, with credits of course!


    1. Actually from what I saw in the files the “To Next” amount was the same for 45 as for 46 but not sure if I’m reading it right. I had to cut the post short to go to work so after work I will take a closer look.


      1. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 09:15

        ok it’s weird though. so high. people think it’s so people cant farm donuts with level up but that is strange due to the thing that that is a thing going on for a lot of time why change it now looks like a bug


    2. Finished today the xp bar. Not a glitch and (get ready) here’s the next bonus level: 1.817.088. They are definetaly preventing people from farming donuts with level up #sad


      1. letsplaynintendoita 10/29/2014 — 14:40

        someone pointed out it was to prevent bonuses during event and it reset to normal after event so it’s possible it’ll be set back to normal after HW


  7. They have finally entered an upper limit of the number of items/buildings that can be placed in Springfield. Not sure of the actual number but the last warning message I got was around 7600……


    1. Not finally. The max has always been 7,500 items. After that you can not place anything unless you put someting in the inventory/sell it 🙂
      First warning at 4,500 and then every 150(?) items. Noticible lagging around 6,000-6,500 items, depending on device, and longer loadtime for visiting neighbours around the same amount.


      1. It used to be an absolute limit, allowing not one item more. Then it changed to a warning due to the huge differences in devices that the game is available on and their capabilities. The warning allowed you to go beyond it but the possibility of getting lag was there, now I’m not sure what it is, if it’s the absolute limit or the warning.


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