Ghost Ship Update! 10-29-2014

Sorry for the delay everyone. A small in-game update has arrived a short while ago. it has brought us one new item, two new bundle packages for the Treehouse of Horrors event store and a much-needed change for the level XP. Details after the break.

Pirate FlagPirate FlagPirate FlagPirate Flag

Only one new item came with today’s update but what a cool item it is.


Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

This is a very unique item in that you only need enough space to place the anchor and the boat hovers in the air over the ground.

Cost: 250 donuts


  • Automatic trigger
  • Complete “MyPad” quest

Size: The anchor is what is placed. It is 3 X 3 squares

Placement: Grass/Pavement/Boardwalk


  • 2500 Vanity
  • 5%, that is FIVE PERCENT,  Bonus money and XP to all jobs.

Income: $135 / 15 XP every 4 hour

Action Message: “Maintaining Operations with a Skeleton Crew”

Can be sold: No

Can be stored: Yes

Unique: Yes

Animated: Yes. Has a constant animation not one requiring you to tap it.

Quest: Yes

  • Bad Necromance 1-Part
  • Ghost Pirates in the Sky 1-Part
  • Loosely in the Sky with Pirates 1-Part
  • Plunderstruck

Limited Time! This item will only be available until November 2.

We were also given two more Treat Bag bundle packages for the Treehouse of Horrors event store:

Bundle of 10 Bronze Bags


Cost: 25 donuts

Bundle of 10 Silver Bags


Cost: 25 donuts

There has also been a huge change to the amount of XP required to level up from level 45 to level 46.

The new XP requirement is now only 612,960 which is a drastic drop from 1.5 million. This was obviously a mistake on EA’s part and now the XP is back to normal. You will or would have all most likely instantly received a Bonus Level Up right away and will also receive one for each time you max out the XP.

Old XP: 1.5 million

New XP: 612,960

That’s it for now. Will have the walkthrough posted very shortly. Enjoy!

Mike S


41 thoughts on “Ghost Ship Update! 10-29-2014

  1. My own two cents on the recent release of the Ghost Pirate Airship (it will be gone very soon).

    Though I myself have bought the Ghost Pirate Airship (wasting the remaining donuts I had to begin with), I believe that it’s a serious ‘meh’ in my book. For 250 donuts, you get a premium building with NO character. You get a 4h premium income ($135, 15XP plus what you’ve already got on the Conform-o-meter) and you get short quests and minor character interaction.

    You only really get 1 permanent job and that is with the Sea Captain’s 6h job ‘Swab the Ghostly Deck’ (which is thankfully premium). You get three quest-exclusive jobs, and one of them is available for Devil Flanders. Really, the Ghost Pirate Airship, though it adds an awesome animation and does have an awesome Halloween-ish sound (when clicked), it still isn’t worth 250 donuts. You can get one premium character/building combo (i.e. Frink’s Lab, Crazy Cat House, Lugash’s Gym, Community Centre) for less and Barney’s Bowlarama is equaled to that price and has an actual questline.

    The Ghost Pirate Airship may be a waste for 250 donuts (it should have been 150 donuts or even 200 donuts max.) but honestly, it’s your decision in the end. Time is nearly up for purchase of this boat so if you really want it, don’t waste your time pondering.

    ALSO, the Ghost Pirate Airship is not sellable. Though this does mean that you are stuck with it forever, this also means that you won’t accidentally sell it. It’s also good to note that all items, even premium building/character combos cannot be sold for donuts (what a waste!).

    -Leon N.


    1. You forgot that it adds 5% bonus. The Solid Gold Mansion generates income and xp and gives a task for Cletus but it didnt have the bonus so the Ship is a better buy although very expensive.


      1. Oops? Yes it does add 5.00% bonus (which is actually quite a lot when you think about it). Still not worth 250 donuts.

        (I’ll try to remember that next time I do these types of comments).


  2. Is there anything that can be done to get more donuts other then buying them???? :(((((((


    1. Level up. Bonus-level-up. Clean trash. Play Sideshow You in Krustyland. Get to maximum Friendshiplevel and you can get donuts from actions in your neighbourhood. Do the given quests – some reward donuts.
      One-time-only: tap Homer fast and repeatedly until he gives you a Jebediahstatue and 10 donuts.
      Right now: TreatBags can contain donuts, shooting down ufos in your neighbourhood could give you 30 donuts


  3. Just noticed in the THOH store that a free black hole is now available!


    1. The hole isnt free. It is part of the 70 donut supercollider that has finally returned 🙂


      1. Oh. I already had the supercollider, but not the black hole, so it appeared as “free” in my store.


        1. Strange. The hole was part of the tie-in on Halloween 2012 too and this is the first re-release.


          1. Yes. I had purchased the supercollider during a previous Halloween event, but never got the black hole. I’m very happy to see its return!

            Love this website! Keep up the good work!


          2. letsplaynintendoita 10/31/2014 — 16:09

            probably he never did the questline with lisa


  4. Was this item ever featured in any Simpsons episodes?


    1. Not sure. Possible from season 17 ep 18.
      Closest I could find was the Simpsons Comics #142 (May2008)


  5. Does anyone know why treat bag goodies sometimes have stars around them? I had two pumpkins in a bag, for example, and one had stars around it while the other didn’t. The count seemed normal (ie it went up +2). The same thing happened with chocolate bars. I haven’t seen it before so I’m really curious…


    1. I think it is part of the opening animation. When you open a bag a purple puff appears around the bag and maybe stars as well as smoke. Will look closer next time I open a bag but that is my guess 🙂


  6. Another Play Store update today (USA West Coast btw). Not sure what it was for, may have just been pre-loading data for THOH Phase 3?


  7. letsplaynintendoita 10/30/2014 — 20:01

    new update come out on android’s play store. nothing seems to have changed other then it being 4.11.2 now


  8. This would have been an awesome last community prize. I wish they would bring those back.


  9. This ship looks absolutely awesome. I moved a single tile to the far edge of the water outside of the lighthouse and placed it there.


  10. enguaguassu 10/30/2014 — 15:04

    Ghost ship is really cool but way too expensive. Sadly I am passing it.


  11. This update doesn’t appear to be showing up on my iPad, is this update Android/Google Play-only or what?


    1. The update for the ghostship was in-game but there’s suppose to be an android update in the store now. Im im iOS so Im not sure.


  12. the question is…. is that ship really worth it???? hoping to see a post like that asap before the ship is gone. but seems too expensive for what it is.


    1. What items are worth is highly subjective. I love the NPCs and those are worth any price for me but are useless “walking decos” for others. The GhostShip generates money, xp and adds bonus + it gives tasks to characters. The solid Gold Mansion have better pay but no bonus and had the same cost. If you want it and need the income and can afford it, Id say buy it, if you think “meh” then dont.


    2. There’s not really much more info that would be in a Should I Buy? post othe than what is in this post. I’ve listed the price, size, bonus, requirments, quests, etc. Only thing I didn’t include is that it adds a permanent task for the Sea Captain and possibly Herman but I have not completed the quest myself and the jobs in the files do not specify whether the quest tasks are permanent. Like Em said, worth is a personal perspective. I think it is absolutely worth it for the bonuses, rewards, income, quests, perment job and the AWESOME look and animation of it. You may think otherwise. I say it is worth it.


      1. letsplaynintendoita 10/30/2014 — 08:39

        only the sea captain has a permanent job with it


          1. In my opinion, it looks amazing, but is too pricey. 250 donuts is worth about £12.00.


    3. I am a bit of a premium item whore but this prem item is the coolest thing i have besides characters. Its got a good animation, very little space requirement and is just awesome. The bonus is huge too. Theres a nice nod to the ghost effect from previous thoh event.


  13. Gregory Hatfield 10/30/2014 — 02:38

    11-2 WTF???!!! At 250 donuts more time should have been given. Government employees and S.S. recipients won’t be paid until 11-3. EA missed the boat on this One. And the pay check!


    1. I agree, that’s a very hefty price tag for such a short amount of time. And in the files this is the Halloween promotion, what happened to getting something for free on a holiday?


  14. Oh my, that is SO expensive! I bought the whale for 300d and have regretted it ever since.


  15. letsplaynintendoita 10/30/2014 — 01:09

    oh ok sorry. np 😉 thanks for the article as always.


  16. letsplaynintendoita 10/30/2014 — 01:01

    the bonus % is 5%

    and i see it’s 3×3?


    1. Yep. 0.05 is 5%. And I will change the size, thanks.


      1. What you’ve got listed though is 0.05% which is 0.0005

        Thanks for the update.


      2. you don’t have 0.05 written, you have 0.05%, which if my math holds up is 0.0005. 0.05% is what one of the Spooky Wall gives you.


        1. I got it, I made a mistake writing this quickly. Thanks everyone for pointing it out.


      3. 0.05% is not 5%


        1. I get it, will fix it. I meant 5% or .05. I was just typing from what the files say.


      4. I think he is trying to say that 0,05% is not the same that 5%. But its true that 0,05 = 5% and 0,05% = 0,0005. So the mistake you made on the post is the use of the “%” symbol haha. Bye the way thanx for the post! The ship looks intresting, but its hard to me to think where i can put it so it looks good


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