What Changed with recent updates?

After taking some time off from TopiX recently, I decided to look at what has changed since the last time I posted (this includes yesterday’s in-game update). Mike previously covered the Level 46 changes in his post here.

  • The BBQ Pig and the ZiffCorp Sign can no longer be placed on the sidewalk. The BBQ Pig can still be placed on grass, pavement, beach and the boardwalk, and the ZiffCorp Sign can be placed on grass or pavement.
  • A new building group has been added, VulgariORKwikEMart. As expected, the Vulgari Jewelry Store and Kwik-E-Marts are part of the new group, which Greta Wolfcastle uses for her new task, Peruse Artisanal Treat Bags.

  • Another new building group has been added, MrsMuntzGoOnDatesGroup. Krusty Burgers, Springfield Elementary, Willie’s Shack, Moe’s Tavern are part of the group, but it appears to not be used. Perhaps a planned task for Mrs. Muntz?
  • Characters in the Build Menu who can earn treat bags have had the text removed stating that they earn treat bags. Of course they still can earn treat bags if you buy the character and assign the proper task, just the text has been removed.
  • The default building award for premium 6 hour buildings has changed from $175 and 18 XP to $175 and 20 XP.
  • The cost to build the Rigellian Tribal Hut has changed from an unspecified amount of Broken Fences, 300 Candy Corn, and 50 Chocolate Bars to 50 Pumpkins, 300 Candy Corn, and 50 Chocolate Bars.

24 thoughts on “What Changed with recent updates?

  1. Just this minute got update.
    The creator!
    Yes Matt Grayning!,,,,,
    Update hit, dialogue followed, Matt and homer.
    Perhaps I should have held off hitting a 75 doughnut purchase, but I couldn’t help myself.
    Next thing a multiplying bunny.
    More dialogue with Lisa and homer.
    Now a 12 hour, or maybe more wait!


    1. Oh forgot to say.
      Homer panics, bunnies multiply.
      It’s a Futurama crossover.


      1. Don’t rush things.
        Seems the detail of the update hits on 10th Nov.
        You build the writers HQ )24hrs).
        Seems the mutant bunnies may be a feature of this, so you may want to get on that


    2. letsplaynintendoita 11/05/2014 — 16:14

      when he’ll mutate on monday he’ll become this

      possibly a skin for the mutant rabbit?


      1. Mutant rabbit has no icon in task menu, task icon is what looks like a black hole?


        1. Hmmm. For me the taskbook shows a white rabbit.


          1. For me, a black hole, don’t seem able to screen shot it on an iPad to show you


  2. Welcome back.


  3. Um anyone else not get a gold bag since yesterday? I have opened over 30 bags today. Not one was gold. I did not get one single candy bar all day. What’s happening here?! Are they trying to force us to buy them or what?? All I need are the candy bars and suddenly today not a single one. 😑


    1. It is random. The most common bag is bronze then silver then gold. If you have a premium ToT it will give silver/goldbags. For the rest it can be one of the three, most likely bronze.


  4. letsplaynintendoita 11/04/2014 — 22:34


    Matt Groening is coming to TSTO!!!
    After the delay from 29th of October, he’s finally coming for the Simpsorama tiein! nice!


  5. The Creator is coming to Springfield! Not the big one, although this one is much richer. Get ready for his arrival in our upcoming update.

    so mg WILL come or what? :O


  6. I meant to say Rigellian Hut in my last question.


  7. My recent update still has the Rigellian cost as 330 corn, 55 candy bars and 55 pumpkins…does anyone have a suggestion on how can I get this changed?


    1. That is the price for crafting a second Hut. It cannot be changed. The third Hut will cost 360 cc, 60 cb and 60 p


  8. Magilla84131 11/04/2014 — 20:40

    Any word on if there’s going to be an episode tie-in coming this week for the futurama crossover episode?


    1. Nothing yet but Im hoping to get a Bender-topiary.


      1. letsplaynintendoita 11/04/2014 — 21:02

        lets hope we get it!


      2. I have saved 462 donuts for this. Freemium donuts. The sweetest kind.

        If they dont do a futurama event I’ll do my own! With blackjack and hookers!


        1. You can NEVER go wrong with blackjack and hookers, just saying.


  9. letsplaynintendoita 11/04/2014 — 20:26

    this other stuff was added on Wikisimpsons:

    A “New!” menu in the store was implemented, which contains some newly implemented things as well as some things you’ve recently unlocked because you’ve levelled up.

    The Mayflower from Thanksgiving 2013 was re-added permanently for 100 donuts.

    Fix to award Goblin Bart and/or Archer Lisa if you have the appropriate castle built but for some reason didn’t get the costume before.

    Maude Flanders’ 8 hour dual task to “Get Revenge on Homer” now earns 840$ and 210 XP when it used to earn 840$ and 205 XP.


  10. letsplaynintendoita 11/04/2014 — 20:05

    thanks. Shared with credits on EA forum. πŸ˜€
    this site’s post are always really informative and great. love it πŸ˜€


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