Level 47 – Freddy Quimby – Full Walkthrough

I’m gonna jump over the Kwik-Tap Guide for Level 47 right now and jump right into the full walkthrough. We will be following up with the Kwik Tap Guide for those of you who wish not to be spoiled to all of the dialog. As I stated in my Overview post, Level 47 is kicked off by Mayor Quimby. Discover the story of Freddy Quimby and the influence of the Quimby family after the jump.

Freddy Quimby


The Cost of Living Pt. 1

After tapping Mayor Quimby

Quimby Head ‘I’ve got money. I’ve got influence. I’ve got much younger women. I am the er-uh epitome of success!’
Quimby Head ‘And yet no one respects me. It’s as if wearing a sash doesn’t carry the cachet it once did.’
Quimby Head ‘It’s time to remind the people why I got into politics – the enormous displays of wealth!’

Objective: Build the Quimby Compound

Freddy Menu

Upon Completion:

Quimby Head ‘The Quimby Compound was worth every embezzled penny.’

Quimby Head ‘And I, uh, taught those orphans an important lesson about living without doors.’

Quimby Head ‘I, on the other hand, have hundreds of doors for my five floors, four wings, three kitchens, two spas, and a partridge in a pear tree. Bronzed, of course.’


Freddy Head  ‘Hiya, Uncle. I, uh, got kicked out of limbo’s country club so I’m back!’

Freddy Head ‘The movers have already moved the maid into my room.’


Quimby Head ‘Then you tell them to move her back!’

Quimby Head ‘She’s a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen for me.’


Freddy gets the next prompt

The Cost of Living Pt. 2

After tapping Freddy:

Freddy Head   ‘Now that I’ve finished selecting my butler, it’s time to party like it’s going on Viewtube! Where’s my box of cats?’
Quimby Head  ‘Freddy, as the Mayor of Springfield, I’m expected to uphold a certain level of decorum.’
Quimby Head  ‘That’s why I do all my dirty dealings in back alleys and sleazy motels.’

Freddy Head  ‘Don’t worry, Uncle. I’ve learned the Quimby code of discretion from my father, Clovis.’

Freddy Head  ‘He’s the master! So discrete we haven’t even seen him since he boarded that small plane years ago.’

Quimby Head  ‘Well, I’m pretty sure this year isn’t an election year, so we deserve to treat ourselves.’

Quimby Head  ‘Speaking of which, I, uh, have an important meeting with Miss Springfield.’


The objective for this quest is conditional upon whether you have Miss Springfield or not.

Without Miss Springfield

  • Make Freddy Drink Irresponsibly
  • 8 hours OR 4 donuts

With Miss Springfield

Make Freddy Drink Irresponsibly

  • 8 hours OR 4 donuts

Make Miss Springfield Enjoy an Evening with the Mayor

  • 3 minutes OR 2 donuts


Freddy also gets the next prompt.

The Cost of Living Pt. 3

After tapping Freddy:

Freddy Head   ‘Butler, for breakfast, I’ll have the hair of the dog that bit me… so I can make it into a coat.’

Freddy Head   ‘Plus some booze.’

Chief Wiggum Head  ‘Your breakfast is on Springfield’s dime today. Welcome to the drunk tank, Mister Quimby!’

Freddy Head   ‘Joke’s on you – my breakfast is on Springfield’s dime everyday.’

Freddy Head   ‘And since I don’t remember anything I did last night and truly horrible acts are said to haunt you forever, I must be innocent.’

Freddy Head   ‘I’d like my car and my complimentary gift bag.’

Chief Wiggum Head  ‘You’ll get your complimentary gift bag on your day in court!’

Chief Wiggum Head  ‘*sigh* That sounded a lot more menacing in my head.’


Make Freddy Await His Day in Court

  • 12 hours OR 6 donuts
  • Requires the Police Station


Chief Wiggum needs to be free to continue.


The Cost of Living Pt. 4

After tapping Chief Wiggum

Chief Wiggum Head  ‘Alright Freddy, time to get you to the courthouse for your arraignment.’

Chief Wiggum Head  ‘Plus a little extra time at Lard Lad’s. The Wig’s got a craving for D-nuts.’

Lou Head   ‘I keep telling you, Chief — neither of those nicknames is going to catch on.’

Freddy Head  ‘You’re making a mistake, Wiggum. Don’t you understand that I’m rich?’

Chief Wiggum Head  ‘Son, I’ve been making mistakes since the day I was born.’

Chief Wiggum Head  ‘I came out feet first.’

Chief Wiggum Head  ‘And sure, the justice system is just a dog and pony show if you’re rich.’

Chief Wiggum Head  ‘Or cleaning up after a dog and pony show if you’re poor.’

Chief Wiggum Head  ‘But we’ve got to go anyway.’


Make Freddy Quimby Make a Court Appearance

  • 12 hours OR 6 donuts
  • Requires Springfield Courthouse

When Freddy reaches the Courthouse:

Judge Snyder Head  ‘Frederick Quimby, you have been charged with a cornucopia of crimes, including defiling a cornucopia.’

Judge Snyder Head  ‘Which, according to the Pilgrims who wrote our town charter, is punishable by death. How do you plead?’

Blue-Haired Lawyer Head  ‘Your Honor, you could hear how he pleads, or you could wrap this up and enjoy a complimentary lobster lunch buffet.’
Blue-Haired Lawyer Head  ‘As a man of the law, you must agree that letting all this lobster go to waste is itself a crime.’

Judge Snyder Head  ‘…& ‘

Blue-Haired Lawyer Head ‘Fine, my client pleads not guilty.’


Judge Snyder receives the next prompt, keep him free as well as Smithers.


Testify Pt. 1

After tapping Judge Snyder:

Judge Snyder Head ‘Let’s start with the witnesses.’

Blue-Haired Lawyer Head ‘There are witnesses?’

Blue-Haired Lawyer Head ‘What is the point of having money if it can’t silence people?’

Judge Snyder Head ‘Waylon Smithers, please take the stand and deliver your testimony.’


Make Smithers Testify

  • 4 hours OR 2 donuts
  • Requires Springfield Courthouse

When Smithers reaches the Courthouse:

Judge Snyder Head ‘Mister Smithers, ignoring protocol, we have sworn you in on the Malibu Stacy Bible you brought from home.’

Judge Snyder Head ‘Now please tell us what you saw that night.’

Smithers Head ‘It was in between Mr. Burns’ bedtime and his 4:00 AM “FDR got elected to a fifth term” nightmare.’

Smithers Head ‘I stopped into Moe’s for a flirtini, when Mister Quimby here showed up with a woman of loose morals.

Princess Kashmir Head ‘The only thing loose about me is my willingness to take off my clothes for money.’

Princess Kashmir Head ‘Everything else is off limits.’

Princess Kashmir Head ‘Unless you pay me.’

Smithers Head ‘Mister Quimby forced me to be his “wingman” and dragged me all over town.’

Freddy Head ‘You should be on trial for being the worst wingman ever!’

Freddy Head ‘You said there’d be hotties at that Steelworkers Sausage Fest.’

Freddy Head ‘There weren’t even sausages… just lots of men!!’


Keep Judge Snyder and Selma free for the next prompt.

Testify Pt. 2

After tapping Judge Snyder

Judge Snyder Head ‘Selma Bouvier, please take the stand and deliver your testimony.’


Make Selma Testify

  • 4 hours OR 2 donuts
  • Requires Springfield Courthouse

Once Selma reaches the Courthouse:

Judge Snyder Head ‘Ms. Bouvier, please tell the court what you saw that night.’

Selma Head ‘Only if you tell the court if you’re single or not…!’

Judge Snyder Head ‘Not a chance.’

Selma Head ‘Fine.’

Selma Head ‘Freddy and I crashed into each other outside of the Steelworkers Sausage Fest.’

Selma Head ‘Literally crashed – with our cars.’

Selma Head ‘Luckily I shaved my legs just a few months ago, so I was able to charm my way into a ride back to town with him.’

Selma Head ‘Sure, he was drunk and concussed, but he hadn’t left me for dead, so I thought the date was going well.’

Selma Head ‘Right up until he drove off a bridge into the river, and left me for dead.’

Selma Head ‘Thank god buoyancy is my greatest skill.’

Judge Snyder Head ‘This is not looking good for you, Mister Quimby.’

Freddy Head ‘No, your honor, in the light of day, SHE’S not looking good!…’

Freddy Head ‘I mean no comment.’


Kirk Van Houten needs to be free for the next task. Judge Snyder gets the prompt.

Testify Pt. 3

After tapping Judge Snyder:

Judge Snyder Head ‘Kirk Van Houten, please take the stand and deliver your testimony.’


Make Kirk Testify

  • 4 hours OR 2 donuts
  • Requires Springfield Courthouse

Once Kirk reaches the Courthouse:

Judge Snyder Head ‘Mr. Van Houten, please tell the court what you saw that night.’

Kirk Head ‘When I heard a knock on the door, I thought those girl scouts had a change of heart and wanted to give me back my hat.’

Kirk Head ‘But instead Freddy burst in soaking wet, and challenged me to a drinking contest.’

Kirk Head ‘Since I had to sell part of my liver to pay Luann’s alimony during the divorce, I asked if I could have juice instead.’

Kirk Head ‘But by then he was already hitting the whiskey, and on my wife.’

Luann Head ‘When we got back together, we agreed anything before second base isn’t cheating.’

Kirk Head ‘You need to learn the rules of baseball, Luann!’

Kirk Head ‘Anyway, he said my crying was harshing the mood so he stumbled off, but not before he did unspeakable things to our mailbox.!’

Judge Snyder Head ‘Tampering with the mail system is a federal crime!’

Judge Snyder Head ‘Your list of offenses, like Superhero movies, just keeps getting longer.’

Judge Snyder Head ‘Who says Judge Reinhold is the only funny judge?’


Upon completion of the task:

Freddy Head ‘That’s it? Pshaw!’

Freddy Head ‘As long as you don’t call that dancing girl to the stand, I’ll be home before my chow-dah gets cold.’

Blue-Haired Lawyer Head ‘Your honor, all comments muttered under my client’s breath are to be considered hearsay.’

At this point you will receive a system message:

Check in with Princess Kashmir to get her contribution to Freddy’s story!!

You do NOT have to purchase Princess Kashmir. The main quest will continue as usual. If you do purchase Princess Kashmir, you will receive an additional quest in addition to the main quest and her premium quest.


Freddy Quimby kicks off the next part, keep him free.


The Cost of Living Pt. 5

After tapping Freddy:

Freddy Head ‘They found me, ah, guilty on all charges. The court is going to throw the, ah, book at me!’

Quimby Head ‘Trust the, ah, system, Freddy.’

Freddy Head ‘But the justice system fails all the time! Why should I trust it?’

Quimby Head ‘Not the justice system. The system of, ah, Ivy League graduates and family connections!’

Quimby Head ‘To the Rolodex!’



Make Quimby Call In Favors

  • 12 hours OR 6 donuts
  • Requires Quimby Compound


The Blue-haired Lawyer will start the next part. If you do not have him the dialog will trigger automatically. The Lawyer is not needed for the task.


The Cost of Living Pt. 6

After tapping the Blue-haired Lawyer:

Blue-Haired Lawyer Head ‘Freddy, it’s time to hear the sentence.’

Blue-Haired Lawyer Head ‘Now remember, good or bad, we still walk out of that courtroom with our heads held high and my retainer fully paid.’


Make Judge Snyder Deliver a Sentence

  • 12 hours OR 6 donuts
  • Requires Springfield Courthouse

Once the task begins:

Freddy Head ‘Your honor, before you read the sentence I’d like to say a few words.’

Judge Snyder Head ‘It probably would have been smarter to have said those words before the trial was over, but I have no one to go home to, so alright.’

Freddy Head ‘I did not inhale, have relations with that woman, or falsify reports regarding WMDs’

Freddy Head ‘One of those should get me out of this mess, right?’

Quimby Head ‘I have something to say, Your, uh, Honor!’

Quimby Head ‘There’s a new municipal by-law, issued this morning, that you, ah, must be aware of.’

Quimby Head ‘It states “charges against any public figure must be reduced if the defendant regrets that he, or the less likely she, is caught.’

Quimby Head ‘The defendant may also publicly enter any twelve-step program, but does not have to complete it.’

Quimby Head ‘And may apologize on national television, but doesn’t have to mean it.’


Freddy receives the next prompt. Keep him available.


The Cost of Living Pt. 7

After tapping Freddy:

Freddy Head ‘I can’t believe this! They gave me indefinite house arrest!’

Quimby Head ‘Thanks to my buddy Gerry Mandering at city hall, your “house” now covers all of Springfield.’

Quimby Head ‘He’s a whiz at rezoning, he calls it Mandermania.’

Freddy Head ‘But what if I want French Caviar? Or Chinese Silk? Or Turkish Delight?’

Quimby Head ‘All of those women make house calls and you know it.’

Quimby Head ‘And if you follow the rules, you might get time off for good behavior.’

Freddy Head ‘Rules? You mean like take off my shoes while inside? Like an animal?’

Freddy Head ‘You might as well lock me up. Like an animal!’



Make Freddie Quimby Enjoy a Privileged Life

  • 24 hours OR 12 donuts
  • Requires Quimby Compound


And with that we have come to the end of the Level 47 main quest. Along with the extra quest I mentioned above with the purchase of Princess Kashmir, there is also a quest for the French Waiter as well as a main premium quest for the Princess. I will be covering those walkthroughs in a separate post due out very soon.

I hope you are all enjoying the newest additions to our towns. Stay tuned for more! Including our Thanksgiving speculation post! Thanks for reading.

Mike S.


28 thoughts on “Level 47 – Freddy Quimby – Full Walkthrough

  1. Got to the “make Kirk testify” part of this storyline & can’t get any further. Kirk will not come off my Taskbar so that I can continue. Plz help!!!!


    1. Contact EA directly http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/ and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


      1. The same thing happened with me!! Is there no other way?


        1. Unfortunatlly not. EAs advisors are often very nice and helpful.


        2. I fixed my problem. Put the character & building the task takes place in, in storage. Exit the game. Turn ur phone off. Turn phone on. Put building & character back into the game from ur storage. Do task again. This worked for me & my wife today.


  2. Well I was very happy when this level first hit, but now I have to say, I’m disappointed there wasn’t more to it. Too few tasks that ran too long, not enough involvement for the rest of the town. Judge Snyder was pretty deep into it, and you do have the three random people called on to testify (each with very funny stories) but other than that, nothing. The two premium characters’ quests were even shorter (tempting me to say we didn’t get what we paid for) and the two friend prizes didn’t even unlock one-part quests.


  3. I stored the Two-nicorn and it’s gone. It says I have it in my character collections. What do I do?


    1. Have you checked the character section of your inventory and is sure it is not there?
      Contact EA directly http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/ and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


  4. Can’t wait for the thanksgiving update! I hope we will continue to see new and exciting characters & buildings as well as “old favorites” available!


  5. Matthew nuttelman 11/14/2014 — 19:15

    when is the Thanksgiving update going to happen?


    1. Dont know yet but it will come


      1. How is the French waiter? Do I need to buy the Princess for this? Ahggggg I’m still waiting in my thoughts…


        1. He’s on a 24h inside task now so I still dont know but theres no hurry.
          No, you dont need the princess stripper and she will stick around too so dont stress it. None of the premiums are necessary.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Thaaaaaank you!!!


  6. Bit disappointing there is no tasks/quest line involving Freddy and the French Waiter? … other than that great additions!


    1. letsplaynintendoita 11/14/2014 — 14:24

      he has a 3 parts questline. they’ll make a separate post later


  7. An idea for how to enhance these articles:

    It would be great to have a list at the beginning of the walkthrough of the people and things who will need to be free for the various tasks.

    This way someone can make sure they have the right people and things available but still minimize the number of spoilers.

    An alternative idea would be to have a standardized highlight so that its easy to pick out while better ignoring the other content.

    As an aside, I’m viewing on mobile so that may already be happening.

    Thanks for all of the effort!


    1. Thats how the Kwik tap WTs works. Kwick taps are easier to do and should come first but if the Full version’s done we often forget the Kwik. I’ll make a suggestion about releasing both versions 🙂


      1. Thanks! You’ve all built a great community here. 🙂


    2. The walk throughs so are just fine the way they are ! 😃


  8. letsplaynintendoita 11/13/2014 — 23:21

    well there we go. Ingame update fixed the infinite spawning $ signs on halloween items


    1. Aaaaaand so much for that!


  9. Anybody having a hard time trying to log in via Origin besides me .?..


    1. Same here, it kicked me out after “downloading updates” and does not seem to recognize my login/password. Tried to go to the EA website and it said “we are having technical difficulties right now”


      1. I did finally get back in tho, took about an hour and only after the updates repeated.


  10. letsplaynintendoita 11/13/2014 — 20:43

    thanks for the guide 😉


    1. No problem man, thanks for always coming here and reading our stuff.


      1. letsplaynintendoita 11/13/2014 — 20:53

        np and i love sharing so i share them on EA forum with credits always =D


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