Covercraft – Season 26 Episode Tie-In Update Overview

Along with this years Thanksgiving mini-event came an episode tie-in for the upcoming episode titled “Covercraft” which is set to air Sunday, November 23 at 8:00 EST. I realize many of you do not live in the US and will not be seeing this episode for some time but I feel it necessary to get the coverage for this out first due to the timing. For those of you who can’t see the new episodes as they air there are ways around that *hint**hint*.

Any how the breakdown of the tie-in update is after the jump.


According to the game files the dates listed below pertain to this update:

  • Covercraft Start Date – November 20, 2014
  • Covercraft End Date – November 25, 2014


This tie-in update only contains 1 new item Guitar Central. It also comes with a rather long 12 part quest line called Two Minutes of Hate but only if you choose to buy the building. Let’s break down the item first.

Guitar Central

Guitar Central

Cost: 50 donuts


  • Level 17
  • Begin Two Minutes of Hate Pt. 2


  • Improves Consumerism (10 pts.)


  • $135 / 15 XP
  • Every 4 hours


  • Base is 12 X 4 squares
  • Stands a little over 5 squares high

Permanent Jobs: Yes

  • Otto – Shop at Guitar Central – 2 hours – $175/40 XP

Can Be Sold: No

Can Be Stored: Yes

Action Quote: “Making Dreams Become Purchases”

Tapping Sound:

There is a 2-part prologue quest leading up to activating Guitar Central in the store. I will give you the walkthrough for that below. If you decide to purchase the Guitar Central building then you will receive the full quest for it which contains 8 more parts. The total quest is 10 parts.

Two Minutes of Hate Pt. 1 (Prologue to Guitar Central)

Lisa will start it off if you have her free. After tapping Lisa:

Lisa ‘Dad, I’m all out of reeds.’

Homer Head ‘What’s a reed?’

Lisa ‘It’s a wooden insert I need to properly play my saxophone.’

Homer Head ‘Your sax-a-ma-phone?’

Lisa ‘Yes, my sax-a-ma-phone.’

Homer Head ‘And you need a re-a-ma-eed to play your sax-a-ma-phone?’

Lisa ‘Yes, I need a re-a-ma-eed to play my sax-a-ma-phone.’

Homer Head ‘Then let’s go to the st-or-a-ma-ore!’

Lisa ‘Are you OK?’

Homer Head ‘I think I’m having a stro-a-ma-oke.’


  • Reach Level 17 and Build King Toot’s

King Toots $37000

  • Make Homer & Lisa Visit King Toot’s

Once they arrive at King Toot’s:

Lisa ‘Oh no! King Toot’s is closed!’

Homer Head ‘The windows are all boarded up!’


Lisa begins the next part, keep her available.

Two Minutes of Hate Pt. 2 (Prologue to Guitar Central)

After tapping Lisa:

Lisa ‘What happened?’

Homer Head ‘I know. I’ll ask King Toot’s long time neighbor, Moe the bartender.’


Make Homer Visit Moe’s

Once Homer reaches Moe’s Tavern:

Homer Head ‘Hey Moe, what happened to King Toot’s?’
Moe Head ‘Let’s just say that King Toot and I had a little… disagreement.’

Homer Head ‘Can you elaborate on said disagreement?’

Moe Head ‘Well, when your store is next to another guy’s store for many years, sometimes little annoyances build up till they feel, not so little.’

Homer Head ‘Can you elaborate more?’

Moe Head ‘I want to elaborate, but my lawyer says I can’t.’

You will now receive a system message:


Tune into this week’s Simpsons and find out what went wrong between Moe and King Toot that led to the closing of King Toot’s! Sunday 8/7 central on FOX!

And then another:

Check out the Guitar Central in the store and make Homer’s musical dreams become purchases! Available until Monday!

If you purchase Guitar Central the quest will continue on.

I will continue the remainder of the walkthrough for Guitar Central shortly but I just wanted to get out the most vital information for those of you who may wish to purchase the building. For the price of 50 donuts you get a decent sized building, a 10-part quest and a permanent job for Otto so I would say it’s not a bad deal. But ultimately it’s your decision but make it quickly this won’t be around for long! Thanks for reading.

Mike S.


15 thoughts on “Covercraft – Season 26 Episode Tie-In Update Overview

  1. XXTRUESCOPESXX 11/22/2014 — 19:54

    Goodbye Nathan?


    1. Yes, Nathan’s personal life has gotten to a point where he isn’t able to invest much time blogging. Things like that tend to happen and it’s great for him. Plus the game has gotten stale for many long term players and how much they are catering to newer players by filling every update with more old content than new content and it ends in some of us tired of playing. But Topix is still standing. I will be here with whoever I can find and whoever else is staying until we cannot anymore.


      1. XXTRUESCOPESXX 11/22/2014 — 21:46

        Yeah the game is stale for me too


        1. Yeah, for me it’s still an everyday addiction to check in but with each update that comes it seems they are all more geared to releasing old stuff and giving us long term players little in the way of new content. But in reality I have never played one game so long ever in my life and will continue to do so. I also wish to continue Topix because our mission was always to help people enjoy the game as we do or did.


          1. I actually took a 6 month break from the game (and that included visiting sites dedicated to the game) and while it appears I missed out on some interesting promotions in the end I’m glad I did. I feel rejuvenated on the game and am back to being a daily player again.


          2. I’m not sure if this building is worth enough for thanksgiving I got Crunopia for free, and I don’t know is was luck or is the real end of the task. The last days I was sick and still and obviously confused about everything. I don’t want to spend my donuts just because…


            1. Yeah everyone gets one cornucopia for free. Good thing about Guitar Central is it adds a new permanent job for Otto.

              Liked by 1 person

            2. Yes, we all get one free cornucopia, it is not even available for purchase until you’ve gotten the free one.

              Liked by 1 person

      2. We greatly appreciate it! Any time I need info on the game I don’t even Google it, I just come straight here. Thank you!


  2. letsplaynintendoita 11/22/2014 — 18:27

    so wait is the Stomach Steple Center also part of the tie in? i remember it being of the episode Large Marge


    1. According to the files the Stomach Staples Center is a Thanksgiving building. It’s actually listed in the files as:

      But the sound file and info about it is the Stomach Center.


      1. It will become available on November 29. I am working on an Overview now but got a lot going on and wanted to get the Covercraft covered first since it is really limited-time.


        1. And the outdoor dining table should be available on the 26th. Will have the post done within a few hours. Gotta take a break. Reading the files gives me a headache.


      2. letsplaynintendoita 11/22/2014 — 18:34

        It’s actually listed in the files as: ?

        should be this one

        ok it’s strange btw cause its not a thanksgiving episode item.
        i cant find info on wherever we saw the festive table.


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