Happy New Year from Topix!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of our friends, family, readers and insanely addicted Tappers all over the world a very Happy New Year!


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Spoiler: Unreleased Content (Part Five)

Hello, fellow tappers, in the last part of our analysis of the unreleased contents we’re gonna read some interesting cut or edited out quests that become unused.

There is also one more quest that has been altered, and it’s just behind the corner, we’ll see it on January 1st!
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Spoiler: Unreleased Content (Part Four) (Update: The Invasion Before)

Hello, fellow tappers.

Sometimes when analysing the game, we find some stuff that is nowhere to be found then in the game.

Sometimes it’s just scripts, sometimes… there’re items!

In august 2013 we had three articles speaking of them (You can view them here). Today we analyze stuff that were added but never implemented in the past one and half year!
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Sideshow You, Where are you?

Hello fellow tappers,

some of you may have not noticed since Krustyland has apparently been forgotten by EA lately, other then one Level update, but one minigame in that area has stopped working.


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New Year’s Fireworks: New Years Eve 2014 Promo and The Italian Grenadessance!

Hello fellow tappers, are you ready for the New Year? Have you bought your fireworks? No? Well EA thought for you too!

Today starts a whole new quest which reintroduced an Italian character from 4th July 2014: Giuseppe!

Get ready for some fireworks action as we analyze the newest quest brought to us as this post is going live.

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Level 48 Premium Walkthrough: Lurleen – Country on the Inside

Hello fellow tappers, Level 48 was released on December 16th, during the Winter 2014 event, and introduced 2 new characters: Janey e Lurleen.

We already analyzed Janey’s questline here.

Lurleen Set

Today we analyze the interesting questline of Lurleen
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Cannon Control Building Guide: The Cannon Upgrade!

Hello fellow tappers and welcome back on the How To guides of the Christmas Winter Snow Event!

Yesterday we talked about the Better One’s Elf‘s quest involving the Cannon Control Building.
Elf Cannon Control
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Winter 2014 Premium Kwik-Tap: King Winter and Stupid Sexy Flanders

Hello fellow tappers, LetsPlayNintendoITA here again for another quick guide, or as we call them, Kwik-Tap guide. This time, it’s the Premium Questlines!

We already covered Ice Princess Martin & Ice Palace’s Questline here: Ice Palace and the Princess Nerd.

Now for the rest of them: King Winter and Stupid Sexy Flanders!
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Winter 2014 Phase 2 Prizes Questlines

Hello fellow tappers, we return here now to analyze the 2nd Phase prizes questlines. 2 of them in particular, the Cannon Control Building and Little Helper Ralph are longer then the rest and Ralph’s really funny. Let’s go!
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Winter 2014 Phase 1 Prizes Questlines

Hello fellow tappers, today we analyze the prizes questlines. In this post we start with the Phase 1 prizes and the reward for completing all tunnels: Zutroy! The prizes are all pretty simple questlines but Zutroy’s is 8 parts long. Let’s go!

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