Cannon Control Building Guide: The Cannon Upgrade!

Hello fellow tappers and welcome back on the How To guides of the Christmas Winter Snow Event!

Yesterday we talked about the Better One’s Elf‘s quest involving the Cannon Control Building.
Elf Cannon Control

It’s one of the prizes for Phase 2 unlocked after getting 1700 Tapped_Out_Elf_Bells.

Once you unlock it you can place it in your town, and upgrade your Elf Cannon to make it more powerfull and faster!

There is in fact a time where your cannon will need to cool down. After it’s cooled down the icon returns to tell you you can fire it again.
Cooling down: ico_mhud_cannoncooldown_se Ready: ico_mhud_cannonfire_se

Once you unlock it, you can actually start gathering Cogwheels, Tapped_Out_Cogwheel, by bottling up Elves. This cogwheels will be used to upgrade the Cannon.

When you tap on the building, you’ll get a window like this (this one already has it upgraded to level 21).

There are 3 types of upgrades:

  • Elves per shot: How many Elves you shoot with the Cannon each time you activate it by tapping on it.
  • Bells per Elf: How many bells are dropped from shooting every Elf.
  • Cool down: How many hours and minutes it takes for the Cannon to cool down after shooting it 3 times (unless you spend 12 111113_0544_DonutHolePr1.png to speed it up).

Each upgrade level costs some cogwheels but you can also use Donuts to speed it up.

The following is a table of all the levels and their effect on the Cannon I created myself with the help of WikiSimpson’s tables. Check out those Donuts prices! Holy Molly! (they’re actually the prices of Cogwheels in the shop: 2 donuts per Cogwheel).

You can also buy Cogwheels from the store. As said above it’s 2 donuts per Cogwheel.


I hope you enjoyed this guide to the Elf Cannon levels, if you’ve any question leave it down below and I’ll see you later for Lurleen Lumpkin’s Level 48 Premium Questline Kwiw-Tap. Happy holidays and tappings!


28 thoughts on “Cannon Control Building Guide: The Cannon Upgrade!

  1. itsIggyIggs 01/12/2015 — 07:07

    It is impossible to get the Canon to level 20 without buying the cogs with donuts. That is so not sugoi


    1. I agree that the Cannon levels should have been easier. Either that or they should have set tapped elves to drop cogs 100% of the time. I finished Phase 2 on Friday and had only achieved Level 13 or 14 on the cannon. By my calculations, that means that I earned less than 40% of the total number of cogs necessary to reached Level 20.

      On the flip side, you can probably now identify which of your neighbors have some source of infinite donuts. You’d have to be ridiculously wealthy to have spent ~$250 to upgrade your cannon from 1 to 20.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually from lvl 1-20 it would be over 13000 donuts or ~$550
        Mine is on lvl 15 and halfway to 16.


        1. Oops, I added up the number of cogs, not the number of donuts. 🙂

          13000 donuts could buy you EVERY premium item in the Store and still have plenty left for the future. Which makes the purchase of the cannons seem even more insane.


  2. I’m not getting elves in my Springfield anymore I don’t know why 😥 😥 😥


    1. None at all? You should get 3 every 30 min


  3. Bah, no way I’ll be able to upgrade the cannon up to level 20 :\
    I play every day but the cog demand is too high.


  4. My control building disappeared from my town and its not in my inventory


    1. Strange. It cannot be stored. Neither can the Toy Workshop and the cannon.
      Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


  5. If you’re in an Anonymous account. Login buttons: Welcomescreen, bottom left. Friendscreen (minitowns) tap the Handshakeicon, bottom right in the pop-up “add origin friends” enter log in info.
    Either exit the game to access the Welcomescreen or play through the first levels to access the Bart/Milhouse button to take you to the Friendscreen with the minitown.


  6. What use are the bells


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/31/2014 — 00:51

      to get prizes


  7. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/30/2014 — 21:53

    just log back in it happens. if it doesnt work reinstall.
    in case it starts from beginning again just do the tutorial till you get to add friends and that’s it


  8. I just earned the cannon control building but can’t find it to place it in my town.


    1. It should be in your inventory, under buildings


  9. Doesn’t the skin of the cannon change with level 10 and 20?


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/29/2014 — 08:40

      yes i already showed it in the Prizes questlines post 😉


  10. Ross Landers 12/29/2014 — 06:27

    I am on the side of the other frustrated players here. What is the point of upgrading cannon if it shoots more jars than you can reasonably generate? Speed up the cannon as per quests and then wait to use it! I think somebody misjudged something. Great work Topix though!


    1. Although you cant get maximum payout by using as many jars as (technically) possible you still get maximum payout for the jars you do shoot. My personal theory is that you were only suppose to get one shot between cooldowns and this changed and they forgot to consider the lack of elves this would bring. I think it is very possible to get all prizes despite the lack of elves but it is a bummer that you cant utilise the cannon to the maximum.


      1. Glad it is not just me ,I tap and search but never have enough.I checked the chart seem to be on par with the count for the day so it must be bad planing on ea’ s part what with the clogs for donuts nobody will buy since you never get an excess of elves.this is why i love this site always can find out what is going on in game as well as the basic quest info


  11. I fire more elves than I can get …
    I can’t seen to stock them so that I can shoot them everytime the cannon is ready…
    Any help?


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/29/2014 — 02:11

      the only way is upgrading the cannon i know it’s annoying but that’s how it is 😦


      1. How is upgrading the cannon going to help? I am having the same problem. My cannon has been ready to fire for half an hour, but I only have 18 elves. Is it like that for everyone?


        1. How often do you collect elves? You get 156 elves a day (3 every 30 min +4 from the cave every 8h = 6 elves/hour x24 = 144 + 4 elves x3 = 156) The most elves you can shoot a day is 156 (12×13)
          The town can hold 40 elves with a buffert of 20.
          Edit: me and math dont mix, forgot to multiply the shots, you dont get one every time the cannon cool, you get 3 shots, so yeah there will be a shortage of elves as you need 468/day but can only collect 156… EA better change the spawn rate.


          1. I am very active at these events, I collect them often until I get the message. I’m only missing the ones that spawn when I am a sleep..


          2. Ive not run out yet but I am dwindling away. After just firing and clearing im down to 160.

            The early days of the quest you needed to catch all that you could to build up a buffer.

            At my rate of use I have maybe 4 days of buffer left. Cannon upgrades may change that as well.

            Just got sequel stop. All freemium.

            Insomnia has its perks. 🙂


  12. Hello lpnITA very informative post. Thank you for bringing us the guide that fast. One minor correction- it is rather 3500 bells and not 6500 when you get the cannon control building. Greetings from addicted player and blog reader from Poland


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/28/2014 — 21:24

      it’s 1700 actually. yeah my bad. thanks for the help!


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