Sideshow You, Where are you?

Hello fellow tappers,

some of you may have not noticed since Krustyland has apparently been forgotten by EA lately, other then one Level update, but one minigame in that area has stopped working.



Yes, for some obscure reasons, Sideshow You has been disabled in one of the Phase 2 updates.

The code removing it can be found in the picture below.

Sideshow You Disabled

The minigame provided a chance to win Krustyland Tickets and even 5 Donuts:

5 donuts: 1% (1/100)
50 tickets: 9% (9/100)
25 tickets: 20% (1/5)
10 tickets: 30% (3/10)
1 ticket: 40% (2/5)

People on EA Forum reported that they usually won 5 donuts every 300 times they played or so.

It’s still a mystery of why it disappeared but we all hope it comes back after the event!

Em made a thread at Answer HQ. Log in, same as your game and click “Me Too”. Sideshow You Disabled
EA is aware of this and are working on a fix but event bugs (missing elves, malfunctioning cannons etc) are prioritised so it will likely come after the event. Update from BurghBaby, Hero at AHQ, who has been in contact with EA:
EAs statement about Sideshow You is….” It will be fixed in January after the Christmas event!” So, when the update comes out in January, we should see Sideshow You working again!

Happy holidays and tappings! See you all later when I’m going to analyze some of the unreleased content that is still in the game or have disappeared from it, after the last post about them on August 2013!


25 thoughts on “Sideshow You, Where are you?

  1. i have a problem… every time that I go to Krustyland the game lock in the sideshow you page like if I had poped the balloons, but without any price… And when I click in any other baloon the game crashes and close. Someone can help me? Tks


    1. Have you tried storing SideshowYou?


      1. I can’t store because when I open KL opens sideshow you, and I get locked there, then, there is nothing to do besides close the game! My Milhouse is closed in KL!! HEEELP


        1. can’t you store the van houten home to store milhouse?


          1. It was a really good idea… It worked to bring back Milhouse… But I still can’t go to KL. Thanks LetsPlayNintendoITA.


        2. Contact support.


  2. I’ve played that mini game faithfully since the day I got it, and it’s never given me any donuts. I didn’t even know that was an option!


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 01/03/2015 — 18:07

      It should every 300 tries


      1. I’ve played daily for a year, and only won donuts once.


  3. Thank you, I noticed it was gone but figured it was a glitch. Thanks for the info. I recently won donuts in that pop side show game and it renewed my interest in KL. Figures it would get shut down.


  4. LaTigreBlue 12/31/2014 — 19:17

    Hi guys, compliments of the season to you and your families. I recently purchased the Little Elves Rides at KL for 30 donuts but the building is going Under Construction for 24 hours. Does that seem right to you that you pay donuts for a building and have to wait a day for it and it you try to rush, it is asking for more donuts?


    1. Hmmm. I guess they forgot to change the build time from when it was a Personal prize last year. I agree, it does sound wrong having to wait for a premium building to be done 😦


  5. Wait, so they deliberately disabled it? I figured it was another screwup like when Kwik-E-Mart stopped paying. Though come to think of it, they’re taking their sweet time with that one, too.


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/31/2014 — 02:39

      they probably caused trouble with the level system on phase 2 or something so they disabled them temporanely till the end of the event


      1. It was not done intentionally


  6. Why would they be working on a fix? It’s clear from the code posted that the game was disabled intentionally.


    1. The code shows how it was disabled, not that it was done intentionally. As playing SSY is part of the required tasks for the Krustiest Place on Earth questline it is necessary for it to work. No changes has been made to tKPoE, what I know of, and if it was intentional that questline has to change so you can progress to pt 16.


      1. Also to add to Em’s response, any changes made to the game whether unintentional or intentional will show in the files one way or another because that’s how the game operates. What we are seeing may just be the coded result of an unintentional glitch. It cannot just not show at all in the files or the entire building will disappear.


  7. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/29/2014 — 21:17

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  8. The Life Mosaic 12/29/2014 — 16:36

    I’ve noticed this and I’m bummed. I’ve been getting 5 donuts pretty much 1 out of 100, just like the odds say, and I was coming close to the 100 mark. Hope it returns. Also, anybody else noticed their Kwik-E-Mart no longer gives cash? Finally, looks like the Writer’s Building glitch in which it gave out endless cash and XP is fixed.


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/29/2014 — 16:51

      K-E-M’s is as much as a glitch as SSY’s. they’ll probably go back to normal once the event ends


    2. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/29/2014 — 21:19

      probably a mistake


  9. You misspelled mystery. You wrote mistery.


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/29/2014 — 16:35

      being italian sucks sometimes in english sites :p

      Liked by 1 person

      1. adamski14179 12/29/2014 — 19:46

        Wouldn’t worry your English is soooooo much better than my Italian, and I am sure that goes for 99% of the readers. Thanks for all the info and keep up the great work!!

        Liked by 1 person

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