Spoiler: Unreleased Content (Part Four) (Update: The Invasion Before)

Hello, fellow tappers.

Sometimes when analysing the game, we find some stuff that is nowhere to be found then in the game.

Sometimes it’s just scripts, sometimes… there’re items!

In august 2013 we had three articles speaking of them (You can view them here). Today we analyze stuff that were added but never implemented in the past one and half year!


Rigellian Billboard
This Billboard was  supposed to be part of a tie-in with the episode The Man Who Came To Be Dinner, an episode that was originally planned to air in May 2013. The episode was moved to season 26, and it aired on January 4th 2015! The ingame tie-in never showed up.

Ugly Elf Maid Cardboard Cut-Out
Ynreleased item from Winter 2014 event. The event finished and it wasn’t introduced to the game.

A tree that was never released.


Herb Powell’s translator was in the files for Level 55 update.

Springfield Heights Entrance and Small Springfield Heights Entrance

This two entrances were in the files for Springfield Heights update. The sign on the big one is present on the Tunnel to Springfield Heights.

Diaper Hill
Diaper Hill
This decoration was in the files for Monorail update.

Operation Exodus Rocket
The sound for this was in the files of the Treehouse of Horror 2015 content update.

Dr. Nick Billboard and Nuclear Inspection Van
This was found in the files of the Winter 2015 update.

Simpsons TV Menu

This was found in the files of the Tailgate and Daily Challenges System update.

Arabian Tent

This was found in the files of the Time Traveling Toaster update.


Sound files for Hailstone’s were found in the files.

Eight Misbehavin' version of the Shøp
This building was in the files for Springfield Heights update. It’s the Eight Misbehavin’ episode version of the Shøp.


This icon was in the files for Springfield Heights update, among the other crafting material icons, indicating a possible future sushi crafting material building for Springfield Heights.

Mountains Construction and Mountain Destruction

This two images seems to indicate a way to construct and destroy mountains and were also in the files for Springfield Heights update!

Office of Unemployment: Job Manager

A new function for the Office of Unemployment was implemented, but 2 icons are still missing.

Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag
Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag
This skin for Moe’s Tavern was in the files for Level 59 update. The Exotic Petting Zoo skins in the Winter 2015 content update uses the same sign.

Scream-son House (Alternative)
This was found in the files of the Winter 2015 update.

Frink’s House
The image from the show for this was in the files of the Valentine’s Day 2016 content update.


Jackson Five
They were supposed to be Boardwalk Performers but EA cut them out for unknown reasons. They’re still mentioned in the game files with the description “A performer for your boardwalk” and the unlock message “C’mon, Brothers, let’s not fight — let’s dance!”.

Our beloved (or hated?) Deal guy that is always in bankrupt. His unlock picture is still in the files!

Brave Tin Knight, Amateur Mage, Warrior of Muffintop and Rascal Rogue
unlock_troop01 unlock_troop02 unlock_troop03 unlock_troop04
The four attacking nerds from the Clash of Clones event were to appear as characters, and instead were changed to chained decorations.

Bender Bending Rodriguez
Bender Head
Bender appeared in the questline for the Clash of Clones event, and was set to appear in a tie-in for Simpsorama, but due to legal issues, the Simpsorama tie-in in the game was never released. He reappeared in the questline for the SciFi event.

George W. Bush

George W. Bush’s sad text icon appeared in the files for the 4th of July 2015 update.

Jackington and Bort

Jackington’s cruel text icon and Bort’s text icon were found in the files in an unknown update.

Sarah Wiggum

Sarah Wiggum’s text icon was found in the files of the The Invasion Before Christmas update.

Small Monster 1, Small Monster 3, Giant Monster and Monster Bundle
The monsters unlock image and bundle were found in the files of the Treehouse of Horror XXVII content update.


3D Homer

3D Homer’s text icon appeared in the files for the Tap Ball and Soccer Cup 2015 event.

Dirt Field
stadiumbfielddirt_transimage stadiumgfielddirt_transimage Grey_Dirt_Field
Dirt Field skin appeared in the Tap Ball and Soccer Cup 2015 event.


Membership License
Tap Ball Membership License appeared in the files for the Tap Ball and Soccer Cup 2015 event.


Springfield Heights Pavement, Springfield Heights Pavement Level 2 and Springfield Heights Pavement Level 3

Pavement Level 1Pavement Level 2Pavement Level 3
This types of pavements were in the files for Springfield Heights update.


Elf Berries 800px-Tapped_Out_CletusFarm_Elf_Berries
Meth Plant 800px-Tapped_Out_CletusFarm_Meth_Plant
Tofu 800px-Tapped_Out_CletusFarm_Tofu

Cabbage Baby 800px-Tapped_Out_CletusFarm_Cabbage_Baby
This are really interesting, as we reported here, they are different and new plants for Cletus Farm. The Elf Berries however have a special mention this month: it was the name of the items we would have collected in Phase 2 of the Christmas Event.
The Meth Plant was probably to be introduced after the intro used in one of the Simpsons’ episode “What Animated Women Wants”, that was also a tie-in in the game then, but was removed:


Memorabilia is a collection of objects the player can collect from buildings. The objects will cost donuts or can be randomly awarded when a job is done at a building that uses the set. The number is a probability between 0 and 1, indicated near the name of the Memorabilia in the text below.

Simpson House
Krusty Doll – 0.05
Boat Picture – 0.1
Sling Shot – 0.14
Lisa’s Sax – 0.17
Ned’s Lawn Mower – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Flanders House
Bible Card – 0.05
Religious Board Game – 0.1
Last Supper – 0.14
Flanders’ Bible – 0.17
Maude Picture – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Power Plant
Carbon Rod – 0.05
Suit Helmet – 0.1
Security Badge – 0.14
Demotivational Plaque – 0.17
Burns Painting – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Buzz Cola – 0.05
Squishee – 0.1
Play Dude – 0.14
Old Hot Dog – 0.17
Laramie Cigarettes – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Springfield Elementary
Apple – 0.05
Globe – 0.1
Malk – 0.14
Dodge Ball – 0.17
Beethoven Bust – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Willie’s Shack
Rake – 0.05
Mop bucket – 0.1
Kilt – 0.14
Flask – 0.17
Bagpipes – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Frink’s Lab
Beaker – 0.05
Test Tubes – 0.1
Hamburger Earmuffs – 0.14
Brain Helmet – 0.17
Push Popper – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Krusty Burger
Milk Shake – 0.05
Mother Nature Burger – 0.1
The Clogger – 0.14
Employee Hat – 0.17
Employee Of The Month – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

First Church of Springfield
Collection Plate – 0.05
Podium Banner – 0.1
Book Of Hymns – 0.14
Holy Bible – 0.17
Stain Glass Saint – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Van Houten House
Alfpogs – 0.05
Pajamas – 0.1
Bonestorm – 0.14
Baron Von Kit – 0.17
Krusty Walkie Talkie – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Cletus’s Farm
Old Boots – 0.05
Roadkill – 0.1
Shot Gun – 0.14
Musical Jug – 0.17
Geech Smell Hound – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Android’s Dungeon
Bootleg Videos – 0.05
Mary Worth Phone – 0.1
Ultimate Pog – 0.14
Angry Dad Comic – 0.17
Radioactive Man Comic – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Lard Lads Donuts
White Donut – 0.05
Pink Donut – 0.1
Chocolate Donut – 0.14
Plain Donut – 0.17
Purple Donut – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Moe’s Tavern
Pickled Eggs – 0.05
Bar Stool – 0.1
Cockroach – 0.14
Beer Mug – 0.17
Flaming Moe – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Town Hall
Mayor Sash – 0.05
Vote Quimby Sign – 0.1
Town Charter – 0.14
Money Brief Case – 0.17
City Key – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Springfield Retirement Castle
Pilltray – 0.05
Bingo – 0.1
Ointment – 0.14
Dentures – 0.17
S:S Tonic – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Police Station
Empty Donut Box – 0.05
Wanted Poster – 0.1
Wiggum’s Police Hat – 0.14
Wiggum’s Gun – 0.17
Wiggum’s Badge – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Springfield Downs
Discarded Wager Tickets – 0.05
Ticket Stub – 0.1
Track Rabbit – 0.14
Dogjacket – 0.17
Winner’s Wreath – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Pizza Box – 0.05
Chef’s Hat – 0.1
Bottle of Wine – 0.14
Accordion – 0.17
Picture of Italy – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Springfield Prison
Lunchtray – 0.05
Taser – 0.1
Prison Jumpsuit – 0.14
Straightjacket – 0.17
Die Bart Die – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Gilded Truffle
Match Book – 0.05
Valet Parking Stub – 0.1
Fancy Menu – 0.14
Tin Foil Swan – 0.17
Fancy Wine – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Duff Brewery
Duff – 0.05
Duff Lite – 0.1
Raspberry Duff – 0.14
Lady Duff – 0.17
Tartar Control Duff – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Springfield Library
Silverfish – 0.05
Turtle – 0.1
Old Computer – 0.14
Mables Table – 0.17
Audiovisual Terminal – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Springfield Observatory
Meteorite – 0.05
Buttzila – 0.1
Microscope – 0.14
Doomsday Whistle – 0.17
Telescope – 0.2
Set reward: 250$, XP 20

Capturing Snake

Snake used to have the same function as Sideshow Bob, as he can be seen in the game files, running with a bag of money and a gun, and an animation of him “Struggling” when arrested. It is likely this is related to the “Crime Spree” quest trilogy.


There seems to be a lot of unreleased content EA has hidden for us. Will we see them in the future? Let’s wait and see.

I’d like to thank WikiSimpsons for this great infos, and I’ll see you in the final part of the Unreleased Content: the quests! Happy holidays and tappings!


13 thoughts on “Spoiler: Unreleased Content (Part Four) (Update: The Invasion Before)

  1. This was really interesting to read! Thanks so much for the rundown! Wish they did bring in Jackson Five and Tokyo hotel!


  2. We need these things now. Can’t wait to knock down some mountains. The firehouse and the entrances for Springfield Heights is a must 😊


  3. Giggity, giggity,goo!


    1. I’m only putting this comment through to let you know we are not amused with you hijacking the comment threads for your nonsense. And you may want to rethink you games because no matter what name you use you IP address does not change. We will not be approving anymore comments from this IP.


  4. Proofread. Have some respect for your readers. So many typos and such terrible grammar.


    1. Have some respect for the writer. Do you understand that English is not the first language for this writer? Do you think it will encurage the writer to keep publishing posts? Do you think other readers will dare ask questions if their languageskills are being critiqued? As long as it is understandable, it is all good, the rest is minor. We will not exclude ppl because of lack of knowledge of the English language.


  5. Nice! The cabbage baby is…. Interesting. I assume it’s from an episode I’ve not seen.


  6. Magilla_84132 12/30/2014 — 05:00

    The memorabilia sounds like what they do in the family guy game.


    1. How do you get placeble items from buildings in FG?


    2. I play Family Guy every single day as well as Tapped Out and I have yet to see or gain anything resembling usable content from any buildings. They have special currency during events that drop from certain buildings but it is to cllect to win content.


      1. Magilla_84132 12/30/2014 — 16:11

        I admit, I only played the family guy game for about a week. But, what I’m referring to is the objects, wine bottle, tissue, lip stick, things like that. The ones you would get after the character completed the task you sent them on. Looking at the object on the list above, there is no way these are going to be placeble objects, they are way too small. Where are you going to place a matchbook or valet parking stub, or boat painting? It sounds more like an event or something like the halloween crafting, where we would have to collect so many of the different objects to get prizes.


        1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/30/2014 — 16:57

          it looked like the items you collect to get the halloween tie-in item


          1. Magilla_84132 12/30/2014 — 20:55

            That’s the other thing I was thinking. That maybe they would work together to give you a special skin, or something.


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