Spoiler: Unreleased Content (Part Five)

Hello, fellow tappers, in the last part of our analysis of the unreleased contents we’re gonna read some interesting cut or edited out quests that become unused.

There is also one more quest that has been altered, and it’s just behind the corner, we’ll see it on January 1st!

Lisa The Sitter
Ned: I’m really impressed Lisa.
Ned: Todd didn’t even wet himself.
Lisa: Thanks Mr. Flanders!
Ned: Rod and Todd are still a little scared, so they’re going to stay inside for now.
Ned: Lisa, would you mind watching them?
Lisa: I’d love to Mr. Flanders!
Task: Make Lisa Babysit Rod and Todd.

Crime Spree and Die Bart Die
“Crime Spree Pt. 1” – Goal: Arrest Snake
“Die Bart Die Pt. 1” – Goal: Arrest Sideshow Bob
“Crime Spree Pt. 2” – Goal: Arrest Snake
“Die Bart Die Pt. 2” – Goal: Arrest Sideshow Bob
“Crime Spree Pt. 3” – Goal: Arrest Snake
“Cuff ‘Em Boys” – Goal: Arrest both Snake and Sideshow Bob

Beta Whacking Day questline
“Getting Carried Away” – Objective: “Make Ninja Homer Smash Up Flanders House”
“I Taught Bruce Lee All He Knew” – Objective: “Make Ninja Homer Twirl Whacking Stick”
“Wing Chun For Dummies” – Objectives: “Place Practice Snakes” and “Make Ninja Homer Fake-Whack Pretend Snakes”
“Getting All Tarzan” – Objective: “Make Bare Chested Willie Wrestle a Snake”
“Snake Rocks Rock!” – Objective: “Whack Snakes”
“008: License to Whack” – Objective: “Whack Snakes”
“King of the Whackers” – Objective: “Whack Snakes”
“I Want A Snake Stump”
“Hatching Snakes0”
“Hatching Snakes1”
“Whacking Day Has Arrived” – Objectives: “Make Lisa Do Next Week’s Homework” and “Make Homer Snake Hunt!”
“Whacking Day Pt. 1” – Objective: “Whack Snakes”
“Whacking Day Pt. 2” – Objective: “Make Apu Hold a Whacking Day Promotion”
“Whacking Day Pt. 3” – Objective: “Make Apu Do a Kwik-E-Mart 4hr Shift”
“Whacking Day Pt. 4” – Objective: “Make Ned Send Snakes Back to Hell”
“Whacking Day Pt. 5” – Objective: “Make Cletus Shoot Snakes”
“Whacking Day Pt. 6” – Objective: “Make Homer Snake Hunt!”
“Whacking Day Pt. 7” – Objective: “Make Lisa Release Snakes From Another Springfield”
“Whacking Day Pt. 8” – Objective: “Make Apu Hold a Whacking Day Promotion”
“Whacking Day Pt. 9” – Objective: “Make Apu Relax in the Brown House”
“Whacking Day Pt. 10” – Objective: “Make Milhouse Get Bullied by a Snake”
“Whacking Day Pt. 11” – Objective: “Make Ned Send Snakes Back to Hell”
“Whacking Day Pt. 12” – Objective: “Make Homer Eat at Krusty Burger”
“Whacking Day Pt. 13” – Objective: “Make Skinner Hide from Lisa”
“Whacking Day Pt. 14” – Objective: “Make Skinner Hide from Lisa”
“Whacking Day Pt. 15” – Objective: “Make Lisa Release Snakes From Another Springfield”
“Whacking Day Pt. 16” – Objective: “Make Willie Inject Himself with Snake Venom”
“Whacking Day Pt. 17” – Objective: “Make Homer Snake Hunt!”

Crime Spree and Die Bart Die
“Crime Spree Pt. 1” – Goal: Arrest Snake
“Die Bart Die Pt. 1” – Goal: Arrest Sideshow Bob
“Crime Spree Pt. 2” – Goal: Arrest Snake
“Die Bart Die Pt. 2” – Goal: Arrest Sideshow Bob
“Crime Spree Pt. 3” – Goal: Arrest Snake
“Cuff ‘Em Boys” – Goal: Arrest both Snake and Sideshow Bob

Cleanup on Earth 2
Lisa: I can’t believe people vandalize our friends in the other Springfields.
Homer: …I know, unbelieveable…
Ned: We should be good neighboreenos and help them tidy up.
Task: Clean a Friend’s Vandalized Building

Don’t be a reap-scate
Apu: We should sneak into other Springfields, if we find any ripe crops we can harvest them for our Springfield!
Task: Harvest a Friend’s Crop

Wet the (flower) bed
Lisa: We should water our friend’s crops in other Springfields to make them grow faster. Maybe they’ll help our crops in return!
Task: Water a Friend’s Crop

Everything tastes better in an alternate universe
Homer: I’m bored of all the restaurants in our Springfield. We should eat out in one of our friends towns.
Task: Collect Money from a Friend’s Restaurant

Shop in the name of love
Homer: Apu, you’re all out of Krusty Extra Frosted Flakes!
Lisa: Why don’t we try shopping in one of the other Springfields?
Task: Collect Money from Friend’s Shop

Friendly Taxman
Homer: We should go door-to-door in the other Springfields and ask for money to help rebuild our Springfield!
Task: Collect Money from a Friend’s Home

Spray it, don’t say it.
Homer: Those other Springfields think they’re so cool. Well, we’ll show them!
Task: Vandalize a Friend’s Building

Gotta get that D’oh!
Homer: How’s your cleaning, Lisa?
Lisa: *grumbles*
Homer: Aww, two more times!? That’s it, I’m going to use these donuts I was saving to get some money now!
Task: Get 500 Money with Donuts

Hey Whittle, Whittle
Cletus: Reckon I could use this time to whittle up a toy for my newborn.
Cletus: Maybe a nice pointy stick for pokin’ t’other kids.
Cletus: All the latest studies say babies learn about their world by pokin’ it.
Task: Make Cletus Whittle

Lisa’s Saxophone
Lisa: My saxophone!
Lisa: I bet we’ll find all kinds of stuff when we do things around town.
Lisa: Look, I’ve started a log.
Objectives: Collect Lisa’s Saxophone and View your Memorabilia Collection
Lisa: I’ll keep track of everything we find.
Lisa: I bet people will reward us if we find everything.

Ray Gun Advertisement
Cletus: I saw’en something over da’farm last night, I did. Looked like one of those alien space-do-hicks.
Ned: Alien spaceships? What’s next?
Professor Frink: Oh for glaven’s sake, I’ve been observing the UFO myself for days.
Professor Frink: My blueprint for a highly sophisticated Ray Gun to shoot the UFO down is complete.
Kang: OH NO! The humans seem to have stumbled upon advanced weapons technology. I hope they don’t have enough donuts to build it.

Simmer Down Neddy
Objectives: Send Ned on a Power Walk and Calm Ned Down
Ned: Diddily, that’s better.

Krusty: Thanks to Krusty Burger, I’ve been making lots of money and making people sick… but something’s still missing in my life.
Krusty: How can I be a show-biz jerk without a show-biz?
Objectives: Have Santa Coins and Build Krustylu Studios

The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 2 (alt)
Lisa: It’s kind of lonely around here.
Lisa: We should rebuild one of our neighbors’ houses.
Homer: Woo-hoo!
Homer: The sooner I get neighbors, the sooner I can borrow their stuff and never return it.
Lisa: We just have to move that shrub out of the way first.
Objectives: Move the Shrub and Build the Brown House
System Message: You can also sell things rather than moving them.
Homer: Sell it to who?
Homer: There’s no one here.
Once the build is complete:
Homer: Who even lives there?
Lisa: I’m not sure. They don’t come out much.
Lisa: But I’m sure they’re nice.

The Others Pt. 2
Lisa: We should find another Springfield to visit.
Homer: And the more friends we have, the more money we get from the Daily Bonus!
Objectives: Build a Kwik-E-Mart and Add a Friend
Lisa: I got a friend! “Dear Diary, today was amazing…”

This Town is a Part of us All
Lisa: Dad, Springfield just doesn’t feel right without the statue of Jebediah Springfield.
Lisa: Let’s build it!
Homer: Woo-hoo!
Homer: Bronze casting!
Homer: It’s about time!
Lisa: Do you know how to cast bronze?
Homer: Shh… the bronze is boiling…
Build the Jebediah Springfield Statue

Quest Objectives
Afternoon Discount-meats Make Homer Buy Expired Hotdogs
Make Homer Lounge in the Pool
Alpha Nerds, Assemble! Make Martin Attend a Mensa Meeting
Bushes Should be Trimmed Place a Bush Sculpture
The Drama Prince Make Martin Rehearse Play
Family Values Make Kearney Attend Counsel with the Ex
Famous Jazz Musician… Sort of Make Lisa Play the Saxophone
Good Fences Make Bearable Neighbors Build some fences
It’s a Garden Par-TAY! Build a Gazebo
It’s Pronounced Nucular Build the Power Plant
Pet Snake Whack Snakes
Pilgrimage to the Buddha Whack Snakes
Productive! Make Homer Watch Monkey Trauma Centre Marathon
Prosthelytize This! Make Ned Hand out Pamphlets
Squishees Make Milhouse Shop at the Kwik-E-Mart
Make Bart Shop at the Kwik-E-Mart
The Others (Had dialogue, same as original “The Others” quest) Visit Another Springfield
Visit an other Springfield’s Krusty Burger
The Whistle Blower Make Martin Serve as Hall Monitor
Tossa Da Pizza Make Luigi Toss Pizza
Trunk Full of Snakes Whack Snakes
What Gambling Problem Place a bet at Springfield Downs
What’s a Phone Booth? Place a Phone Booth
Where’s the Waste? Make Mr. Burns Hide Nuclear Waste

Olmec head dialogue
The Olmec head was intended to be given out after the bug fixes after the original release of the game.
Sign To thank you for the patience while we fixed this game, you’ve received 60 FREE DONUTS.
Homer: 60 FREE DONUTS?! Woo-hoo! It’s Donut Christmas!
Sign As one of our top players, you’ve received a FREE Olmec Head! Find it in your inventory.
Homer: Ooh, a gigantic menacing stone head! I already have one of those in my basement… but it’s nice to have one for outside too.
Sign Enjoy this FREE limited-edition Olmec Head decoration, available only to our top players that stuck with us while we made game fixes!

Whacking Day dialogue
The following is dialogue from the original Whacking Day questline script, not in the correct order:
“Getting Carried Away”:
Ninja Homer: “Whack! Whack, whack whack! Aww, I need more things to smash with my whacking stick.”
“I Taught Bruce Lee All He Knew”:
Lisa: “Dad? Everyone loves Whacking Day but I hate it. Is there something wrong with me?”
Ninja Homer: “Yes honey.”
Lisa: “Then what should I do?”
Ninja Homer: “Just squeeze your rage into a bitter little ball and release it at an appropriate time. Like that day I hit the referee with a whiskey bottle. Remember that?”
Lisa: “Yeah…”
“Wing Chun For Dummies”
Ninja Homer: “New Practice Snakes.”
“Getting All Tarzan”
Milhouse: “Help! Snake!”
Bare Chested Willie: “Hey Snakey, let the lad go. Time for some one-on-one time with ME.”
“Snake Rocks Rock!”
Homer: “Oh my god, Snake Rocks! Now I can get even more snakes. My life is complete.”
“Whacking Day Has Arrived”
Homer: “What’s your problem?”
Lisa: “Whacking Day’s coming.”
Homer: “Woohoooo! The greatest day of the year!”
Lisa: “But killing snakes is evil.”
Homer: “Maybe so Lisa, but its part of our oh-so-human nature.”
Lisa: “Just try to whack quietly, please, so I can get some work done.”
“Whacking Day Pt. 2”
Apu: “Welcome to your official whacking day headquarters. I’ve hidden a snake somewhere in the store. The first one to whack it gets a free SQUISHEE!”
“Whacking Day Pt. 3”
Apu: “Hey! Hey! Oh, I should have put more thought into my promotion. It will take me hours to clean up this mess.”
“Whacking Day Pt. 4”
Homer: “Grab a stick, Flanders, and get whacking!”
Ned: “Oh, I couldn’t. Killing defenseless animals is wrong.”
Homer: “Just pretend you’re Ehud, and the snakes are Eglon, king of Moab.”
Ned: “I don’t know where you got such an obscure Biblical reference, but it works for me! Let’s kill some snakes!”
“Whacking Day Pt. 5”
Cletus: “Dang! I clean forgot about Whacking Day. Where’m I gonna get a stick at this hour?”
Homer: “If you need a weapon, what about that shotgun in your back pocket?”
Cletus: “Doesn’t seem very sporting…”
Homer: “Oh, Cletus. Whacking Day is just like any other beloved tradition: the point is to murder as many snakes as possible. By any means necessary.”
Cletus: “Well said, fat man.”
“Whacking Day Pt. 6”
Homer: “I can’t let some hillbilly out Whack me!”
“Whacking Day Pt. 7”
Lisa: “That’s it! I can no longer sit by as our un-limbed brothers and sisters are whacked into non-existence for no other crime than being different!”
Homer: “They also committed the crime of being slimy. And the crime of scaring Indiana Jones.”
Lisa: “Those aren’t crimes!”
“Whacking Day Pt. 8”
Apu: “Snake hunters of Springfield, come to the Kwik-E-Mart for my new promotion. The first person to guess the correct weight of the bag of snakes I’ve hidden somewhere in the store gets a free squishee!”
“Whacking Day Pt. 9”
Apu: “Oh no, not again… I need a vacation.”
“Whacking Day Pt. 10”
Milhouse: “Whacking Day always strikes me as a bit unfair. I mean, I’m so much bigger and stronger than a snake.”
“Whacking Day Pt. 11”
Ned: “Don’t worry little brother. We’ll smite these unholy serpents back to Genesis!”
“Whacking Day Pt. 12”
Homer: “Phew! Whacking certainly is a workout. I need to replenish my precious, precious fat reserves.”
“Whacking Day Pt. 13”
Lisa: “Principle Skinner, I need to call an emergency meeting with you.”
Skinner: “Certainly Lisa. My door is always open. How about…”
Lisa: “We need to STOP this dreadful snake massacre immediately. It’s cruel.”
Skinner: “…next Wednesday at 11:30pm?”
Lisa: “But that’s way past my bedtime!”
Skinner: “Sorry Lisa, gotta run.”
“Whacking Day Pt. 14”
Lisa: “Principle Skinner, are you avoiding me?”
Skinner: “What? Of course not. What self-respecting adult would hide from a little girl?”
Whacking Day Pt. 15″
Lisa: “Fine, then I’ll do this on my own.”
“Whacking Day Pt. 16”
Skinner: “Willie, what’s that you’re injecting yourself with?”
Willie: “Snake venom. It makes you strong, according to the ancient Scots.”
Skinner: “I wonder why you never hear people talk about the wisdom of the ancient Scots?”
Willie: “Probably because they were idiots who were wrong about everything. Now shut up and let me inject myself.
“Whacking Day Pt. 17”
Homer: “I’ve gotta find more snakes to whack.?!”
Springfield Cleaners Pt. 1
The following dialogue was supposed to have occurred after Homer was sent on the task:
Homer: Mmmm…. Half buried, possibly radioactive Duff.

Best New Year’s Day Ever

Before December 16th 2014 update there were some differences in this questline:

In Pt. 1 the text spoken by Homer was going to be:

Homer: Woohoo! New Year’s Day! Finally that terrible Christmas update is finished.
Homer: What… why are they still here? And where’s the monorail i requested last year?
Homer: It’s time to tell you people in charge what I think!
Homer: You’re a bunch of slack-jawed, overpaid, ignorant f–

In Pt. 5, there was going to be the return of Homeretta from Level 40’s questline, but they used Homer instead. And after the task, there would have been more text:

Homer: Reeeeeally funny! It doesn’t make sense!
Homer: And besides… 2015 better have bigger plans.
Homer: I know I asked the same thing last year, and that’s the point!
Homer: It’s the worst New Year’s Day ever.

In both, references to the Monorail and Righteous Indignation from 2014’s New Year’s Day were removed.

Homeretta’s icon was Lady Homer small Head.

Well this were very interesting to say the least. Some are tutorials, some have been changed out, some were cut completely out.

This concludes our analysis of the unreleased content (till new ones comes out at least).

I’d like to thank again WikiSimpson for this great infos, and I’ll see you in the next post. Happy holidays and tappings!


10 thoughts on “Spoiler: Unreleased Content (Part Five)

  1. Is anybody else having difficulties today getting into Simpsons tapped out or is it just me?


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 01/01/2015 — 17:59

      you’re not alone, everyone had and still has problems 😦


  2. Francesco Bisiesto 12/31/2014 — 01:36

    Do u know if we will get any more land? Its very frustrating and I don’t know why they don’t release it. They never listen.


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/31/2014 — 02:14

      EA support says that they won’t release any soon. till all bugs and lags are fixed. it’s not that they never listen. they’ve to mantain the game playable more then having more land. 😉


    2. The dificulty is the older devices that cant handle expansion because they lack memory and preformance. An easy way out is to remove the game on all devices older than one year so the game can expand to the players demands. All you have to do is get a new device, if you cant afford it, too bad! would that be satisfying to you?
      Help EA by writing codes for all devices and all platforms and all generations. Make sure it does not require too much space and that it will work on older devices without looking bad on the new ones.


      1. Well, I have to confess that the lack of land is starting to be an issue for me too.
        Of course I will always prefer a playable game with good performance and with no lags to the land expansion (my iPad is more than two years old and I do have some issues with some apps, but not with TSTO), but looking at how little space I have left in my main town I still get upset.
        My main Springfield starts to look crowded with all the buildings and other items I have. To the point I had to do some rearrangements already which I don’t like. And I don’t even have any 3-d structures or massive forest areas! I can imagine some people having to get rid of their beloved creations…
        So for now my second town brings me even more satisfaction as I have more room there and can plan ahead as I have a lot of unlocked land. That happens because I am now more aware of the actual space I am going to have and to the fact I play this game freemium so there are no extra buildings except for Happy Sumo which I got for the free earned donuts. All this gives me more freedom to plan my second town and I am more relaxed 🙂
        Still my main town is my main town and I want it to grow, evolve and keep going. I know it is just a game but still it is hard to let go of what you started and what tou chersish so it would be sad if, for instance, I had to stop this very town or make a major overhaul.
        So I think some kind of balance should be found both for the players with older and newer devices. It is just a question — how?


  3. Is this ACTUAL dialogue in The Simpsons Tapped Out?


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 12/31/2014 — 00:50

      no unreleased


    2. Depends on your definition of the word “actual”. Technically, it was written by the staff and inserted into the game files at one time.
      On the other hand, it was never released for public consumption, and our only ways of knowing that it existed would be if we were to read the game files or visit this site.


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