Level 49: Chalk Outlines Early Access

Hello fellow tappers,
something new appeared on today’s update: Early Access to the two Chalk Outlines.

Edit: apparently EA removed Early Access with the Stonecutters Black Market Sale update.

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What changed with Level 49 update and in the Conform-O-Meter?

Hello fellow tappers,

Today EA released Level 49 and with this update some things changed, as always.

This post includes the few changes, the new Rating levels and how the new items affect the Conform-O-Meter.

  • Ghost Ship audio was added back.
  • A new strip of land was added.

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Level 20 Premium Walkthrough: Don Vittorio – The Family Business

Hello fellow tappers,

Level 49 has just been released and it added a new premium building and character: Rancho Relaxo and Don Vittorio. The thing is: it’s unlockable at level 20! Enjoy the walkthrough right after the jump!

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Level 49 Walkthrough: Michael D’Amico – Baking Bread

Hello fellow tappers,

Level 49 has just been released. After the jump you can read the complete questline. Don Vittorio’s questline is next!

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Level 49 New Buildings, Decorations and Land Info

Hello fellow tappers, Level 49 was released today by EA. Today I bring to you all the infos on the new update.

D’Amico Summer Home
damicosummerhome_transimageunlock_michaeldamico MDA
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Level 49 released: Michael D’Amico and Don Vittorio!

Hello fellow tappers,

Level 49 is out!

The Mafia is invading Springfield!
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Last 24 hours for The Musk Who Fell to Earth items!

Hello fellow tappers,

I’m here to remind you that the The Musk Who Fell to Earth tie-in will expire in 24 hours, January 28th at 8am GMT.

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From Our Friends: Family Guy Tips News (Guest Post)

Hey all, bringing you all a change of pace for this post as we have kind of lost our way with our guest posts/cross-blog activity. For those of you new to Topix, we have always strived to positively coexist and even work with many, or most, other game sites and blogs, as it is not our intention to compete or disrespect any of the hard work that many other normal players, such as us, put into their sites to all accomplish one goal, help others. We offer guest posts to any site or even regular reader to add another dimension to our site.

Having said all of that, longwinded, I know, I bring you a guest post today from our friends at Family Guy Tips. Yes, it’s not a Tapped Out site or article but the games are so similar, popular and fan driven that it’s very hard to keep the two shows and games apart. Not to mention the fact that the fan/info blogoverse for the two games have just exploded in the last year or so. Anyway, I’m done rambling, let me get to the “guest” part of this guest post by turning things over to Zooeymarie.

Hello fellow Tappers!

I’m Zooeymarie from FamilyGuyTips (www.familyguytips.com). Mike kindly agreed to let me guest post on TopiX, which is awesome as I have been a long-term reader – actually, I have been a reader right from the beginning! I have always found that TopiX has all the answers and are the fastest website to give all of us eager readers the information we need!

At FamilyGuyTips, we provide Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff players with walkthroughs, lists of tasks for all freemium and premium characters/costumes, unlocking guides, district walkthroughs, full update information, weekly competitions, and character, costume, building and decoration overviews!

I know you are all Simpson’s fans, so I thought I would start by showing you what I look like so you can picture me while you read (I am the woman on the left, and the other woman is Hollypopsicle, the other FamilyGuyTips writer):


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What changed with the Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014 updates? Catching Up post

Hello fellow tappers, during the holiday season due to the chaos of it, some updates didn’t recieve their What changed? post. In the job of being as complete as possible, I’m going to report you those changes we missed. Fixed problems are in red text. Enjoy
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What changed with the Queen Helvetica and Elon Musk update?

Hello fellow tappers,

The latest two updates brought us some bug and glitch fixes. Let’s see what changed!


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