3 Years of Tapped Out: What Are Your Favorites? (Polls closed)

Hello fellow tappers,
It has been 3 long years, but on February 17, 2015, the game will have marked its 3rd anniversary.
What have been your favorite events, tie-ins, deals and levels in the last 3 years?
Let’s find out today with 6 polls. Choose your favorites and let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!
Update: The polls will close January 19th at 2pm GMT when we’ll create a new poll for 2015’s events!

Depending on the amount of options, some are going to be multiple choice and some single answer.

Let’s begin with the events that EA brought us in the last three years.

2012 is really short due to it being the beginning of EA’s journey on Tapped Out. My favorite one has to be Halloween!

2013 was an interesting year, with not just events, but the expansions of Squidport and Krustyland released. Whacking Day was a hard one, many loved it, many hated it, but together with Halloween it was the best hands down. The Christmas event gave us more hatred for the Wheel of Doom than anything else. Mention of honor goes to Valentine’s Day’s Harp of Death… so much hatred for getting locked out for a month with the sound of the harp of level up every time you open the game.

Oh 2014, the fun began with Valentine’s Day and Easter’s Wheels and Boxes of Doom! But then came the fun of the long-awaited Stonecutters event, with so many skins they had to make a few new character group just for them! Then the Clash of Clans spin-off Clash of Clones came and so many castles, squish and war between friends, that lead to the Halloween event, so much fun, and then this Christmas Event we’re still living.

Tie-ins are great, so much stuff can come from them, and their link with the episode that they’re tagged with makes it all more interesting. Of course the most loved ones are The Day the Earth Stood Cool and What Animated Women Want with Cool Brown House, Springfield Falls and the first release of the Swanky Fish. Honorable mention goes to the War of Art tie-in with a funny quest of catching those little guinea pigs, so adorable.

Everybody knows Gil, with his rip-offs, his impossible deals and his donut deals. Those are the ones that many love because of how much donuts costs. The one that was the most fun was the Black Friday 2014 Gil Deal, with SO many items discounted, 1 every hour for days. People had so much fun waking up at the hour of their favorite item’s offer… or did they?

And finally the levels. Every level has a story, most are fun, some are strange, some are weird, some short, some long, but they’re all here. I’ve grouped the beginning ones because they’re tutorial-ish, and have no particular characters to go with them.

So what are your favorites? Did we miss something? Let us know down below and we’ll see you next time.

Happy tapping!


19 thoughts on “3 Years of Tapped Out: What Are Your Favorites? (Polls closed)

  1. I go back and forth on whether Halloween ’13 or Christmas ’13 was my favorite. I think I’d have to say Christmas because of all the new content: seven income-generating buildings plus a KL ride, plus a decoration that started paying out once the event ended; three new playable characters, one of them premium; and, I believe, over a hundred donuts’ worth of bonus-increasing premium decorations given out as free prizes. The wheel was very frustrating, but it could be beaten through persistence, and unlike the V Day wheel or those awful Easter boxes, once you won one of the high-probability prizes it went away and you won cash or event currency instead; so you didn’t end up having to find space for dozens of the same low-value prize. The story and main quest line was pretty entertaining, though we might say it ended a bit too soon (that’s one thing I like about the two most recent events: The multi-phase storytelling ensures there will be something to keep you coming back all through the event.) and it had numerous mini-quests all throughout. Halloween ’13 was similar. I think the storyline there was a bit more interesting. The prizes were comparably good, but there weren’t quite as many, so I think in the end Christmas ’13 narrowly squeaks by Halloween ’13 as my favorite.


  2. To receive the proper gifts you are promised. Did not receive my 2014 Christmas tree nor playing the Christmas shuffle game or what ever you call it- my prizes were not awarded to me. Thanks for what ever I did receive.


  3. goaliegrrl31 01/08/2015 — 18:41

    I enjoy the Christmas and Halloween events the most!


  4. I loved Whacking Day. It was a lot of fun collecting snakes and littering your friends towns with eggs. I had lots of friends who were regulars and I loved coming into my town after some down time to find the streets and grassy areas filled with snake eggs. I still see some players with pavement instead of roads and I have to assume it’s because pavement gave you a little more area to place eggs.
    I was so disappointed in 2014 when Whacking Day was replaced with Easter because I hoped to capitalize with the items I bought for Whacking Day, but I realize at this point, it may be difficult for some to allow for large egg deposits from friends when land is critically needed to keep expanding towns.

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  5. Wow, I’ve been playing this game for three yars?

    Best event according to me was the first christmas, I just thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved every aspect of it.
    Although the one I was happiest to see was Halloween 2012, since almost literally nothing had happened between when I completed the original levels (around march sometime) and that big update. Level 21 was just “meh, just one more level” and Moonshine River was “Oh, ffs”.


  6. My fav level is fat tony,legs, and louie because I made a giant mafia compound that is 4 plots big


  7. TheRealTiminator 01/08/2015 — 10:05

    How about best premium character quest line?
    I’m going to nominate Luann Van Houten for the whole Investorettes story line & fleet-a-pitta unlock & a premium rate 8hr task for Kirk.

    And for best premium building, I think you can’t beat the Aztec theatre, it gives you an income & premium rate tasks for Comic Book Guy & Bart. And it is a reasonable purchase price for those of us who have to watch our donuts.

    BTW. In my opinion the whole Clash of Clones event that everybody moans about was deliberately hateful as a ploy to discourage anybody thinking of defecting from tsto & going to play Clash of Clans instead. It certainly worked that way for me, I have a friend who plays it & every time he suggests I join him I break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. Uuurggghh!!!!!!


    1. Yeah, probably Luann. Others that I’ve enjoyed include Akira, Chester, Cat Lady, Manjula, and the Lawyer. But no one had a lasting impact to compare with Luann’s.


  8. Nice. The only flaw was that we had about 3 weeks of nothing, and then only got that stupid Clash of Clones event


  9. How about the worst 2014 event!? I vote 100% The Clash of clones event! I would rather have the wheel of death/misfortune…determine everything from here-on-out, than ever…ever have to deal with Anything as tedious, monotonous and mind numbingly effingly stupid, As the Clash of Clones event! Never in my three or so plus year of playing this game have I ever wanted to go Godzirra on a company!! That event, was…the worst…in the history of any gaming experience! Pure filth and vile EA! It is your sloppiest, laziest, most uninspired filth yet!!! If you can’t come up with something original…don’t copy a poor, sad sack of a game…especially one that is five plus years old and is a “has been”…
    Be relevant guys…Call of Duty, Battle Field…etc if you want something relatively fresh….


    1. TopiX is not EA. We have no influence on what EA decides to do or not. Please dont shoot the messanger – go directly to the source.
      Contact EA directly http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/ and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


      1. As someone who plays both Clash of Clans and TSTO, I will admit that the Clash of Clones event was awful.

        To the OP, I don’t have access to all of the stats, but I’m pretty sure TSTO and CoC were both released around the same time in 2012 – and CoC has actually made more money and draws more players than TSTO to this day. And that is without using “Premium” content that can only be purchased with real money…

        Some of the writers for the Simpsons are CoC fans, evidenced by this new youtube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClvZkow9qyyuAQoIRaM0_Nw/feed – which is probably why they made a CoC inspired event for TSTO.

        EA listens to the players – they got rid of the stupid random wheels of death and prize boxes after all – they know what works and what doesn’t. The Clash of Clones event was a learning experience for them.


    2. I hated Clones too, but Easter was much worse. They were awful in very different ways: Easter was much too hard, Clones much too easy. Easter offered lots of good prizes but masses them infuriatingly difficult to get, Clones offered boring prizes that were if anything hard to avoid. Both involved getting stuck with far too many event-specific decorations that we can’t get rid of to make room for more interesting objects, but some of the Easter items can be incorporated into the town’s normal design, whereas it’s impossible to do so with the Clones stuff. The Clones items have never even appeared on the show, except for the box fort. Easter brought cool new playable characters (though one required donuts and the others were infuriatingly difficult to get) and buildings, all of which had a history on the show. The Barbarian is the only new character from Clones, and he does not belong. However, two new levels came out during the Clones event, giving us some fairly interesting if not exactly exciting show content, and keeping things fresh as we all finished winning the prizes and/or getting thoroughly sick of them and giving up. Finally, the end of Clones moved us directly into the far more interesting Halloween event, while the end of Easter brought nine straight days of crashes, lags, and freeze-outs that rendered the game literally unplayable–with a limited-time episode tie-in going on, no less!


  10. Trevor Norkey 01/07/2015 — 23:04

    This game has really come far. I almost gave up on it around May of last year until the Stonecutters hit. That event really saved the game for me. I hope they keep the ideas coming and quit just using one time characters to define a level. Now cross your fingers that at this time this year we will be logging into our games to see the whole Lovejoy family riding a monorail.


    1. Stonecutters saved the game for me as well. After V Day, Easter, and the post-Easter crash, I was about ready to walk away. But when the crash resolved Level 41 came out, and I figured I’d use that as a kind of probationary thing. Then Stonecutters, which was so much fun, and then they won me back. And I agree that the levels based on one-off guest stars have gotten old. There are quite a few fairly prominent recurring supporting characters still out there, as well as some guest stars who are a lot more memorable than the ones we’ve seen recently.


  11. Keith Dills 01/07/2015 — 22:22

    Love the game wold love to see a Futurama update that wold be cool. can’t wait to see what you guys have plans for this year


    1. LetsPlayNintendoITA 01/07/2015 — 22:27

      we’re not EA man/woman 🙂


    2. The time to do a Futurama update was two months ago, but they gave us Groening and that pointless rabbit instead. If Bender didn’t join the game then, he never will, I’m afraid. 😦


  12. Thansks for a fun post


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