The Musk Who Fell to Earth Tie-In Walkthrough: The Devil and the FCC

Hello fellow tappers, today EA brought us a new tie-in update: The Musk Who Fell to Earth.

The following is the complete Walkthrough for the questline.

The Men Who Fell The Earth

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 1

After the player logins:
Homer HeadUgh! Not another TV sitcom featuring a fat guy who sits on the couch all day!
Marge HeadHomer, the power’s been out all morning.
Homer HeadThen what have I been sitting on the couch watching all day?
Marge HeadYour reflection.
Homer HeadMan, I’ve really let myself go.
Homer HeadWell, the easiest way out of any hole is through the bottom.
Homer HeadMarge, bacon me!
Marge HeadNo power means no stove means no bacon.
Homer HeadNO BACON?!

Task: Make Homer Suffer Without Bacon
Time: 3m
Location: Simpson Home
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 2

After tapping on Lisa’s exclamation mark:
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconHey, Dad, come quick! Mr. Burns still has power!
Homer HeadLiterally or figuratively?
Homer HeadDon’t answer, just get me my angry mob pants.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconYou lost your angry mob pants during yesterday’s angry mob.
Homer HeadThen get me my church pants. I’m usually pretty angry there too.

Task: Make Springfielders Round Up Into an Angry Mob (x5)
Time: 3m
Location: Simpson Home
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

68px-Tapped_Out_Lenny_IconHey, Burns, how come you get power while the rest… most importantly me… don’t?
65px-Tapped_Out_Carl_IconIt’s not fair! We’re living like backwoods deadbeats!
65px-Tapped_Out_Carl_IconNo offense, Cletus.
Cletus IconNone taken… or understood.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconSpringfield Nuclear is now offering “premium service” where VIP clients get access to power before the rest of you.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconBut there will still be plenty to go around for the poor.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconLike lifeboats on the Titanic.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconOr scholarship positions at prestigious universities.

System Message: Tune into this week’s Simpsons to see the Henry Ford of now times… Elon Musk! Sunday 8/7 central on FOX.
Tiein message
System Message: The electric car is now available in the store.

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 3

After tapping on Lisa’s exclamation mark:
70px-Tapped_Out_Willie_IconI can stand hundreds of years of British oppression, for being mocked as a foreigner, for making minimum wage to clean up kids’ puke…
70px-Tapped_Out_Willie_Icon…but Willie cannot stand un-microwaved burritos!

Task: Reach Level 10 and Build Willie’s Shack
Task: Make Willie Create a Business Plan
Time: 3m
Location: Willie’s Shack
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

System Message: Pick up the Manual Power Generator to get Slave Labor Willie!
Pick up

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 4

After tapping on Lisa’s exclamation mark:
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconThis is awful. Just think what these blackouts are doing to the moth community! What will they flock to?
Homer HeadMr. Burns’s? His place is lit up like a Christmas tree.
Homer HeadAnd his Christmas tree is lit up like some sort of SUPER Christmas tree!
Homer HeadKinda early to have it out though, if you ask me.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconWillie is right. We need to do something.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconAnd while I’m not accustomed to backbreaking labor…
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconI am accustomed to committees, bureaucracy, and red tape!

Task: Make Lisa Form a Committee
Time: 12h
Location: Simpson Home
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 5

After tapping on Lisa’s exclamation mark:
Smithers HeadSir, a group headed by an eight year old girl has issued a stern letter in favor of power grid neutrality.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconIncinerate the letter and send her the usual response.
Smithers HeadBut sir, she’s a minor.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconYou’re right. Send her a pony head instead.

Task: Reach Level 11 and Build Control Building
Task: Make Springfielders Protest Burns’ Premium Service (x5)
Time: 8h
Location: Power Plant Lot
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

The Devil and the FCC Pt. 6

After tapping on Mr. Burns’s exclamation mark:
Mr. Burns: So young lady, does your organization hold any actual authority?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconNot legal authority, but considerable moral and ethical authority.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconA simple no would suffice.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconSo unless you are here with a business proposal, I’m afraid I’m going to have to release the hounds.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconThey’ve got new electrified collars and very, very long extension cords.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconA business proposal, hmm… what’s nuclear power’s biggest competitors?
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconGiant radioactive monsters that crawl out of the ocean and attack our cities?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconNo, the oil industry!
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconAnd I know just the way to drive them out of Springfield…
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconMore giant radioactive monsters?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconNo, the electric car.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconAll you have to do is promise cheap electricity to everyone who buys one.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconYou win AND the environment wins.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconIs there any way to make it just me that wins?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconI don’t know… You’d have to work pretty hard to pollute the earth more than the oil companies.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconThen I’ll do it!

Task: Make Burns Promote the Electric Car
Time: 24h
Location: Control Building
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

Willie Skin
skin unlock

He’s Got the Power! Pt. 1

After tapping on Willy’s exclamation mark:
Slave Labor Willie HeadThat Mr. Burns really scalds me haggis!
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconI know, but what choice do we have? His plant is the only source of power in town.
Slave Labor Willie HeadThere’s one source of power Mr. Burns doesn’t have control over — the human spirit!
Slave Labor Willie HeadBy which I mean witchcraft.
Slave Labor Willie HeadIt’s just like my pa used to say, “When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into your open wounds, you sissy boy. You’re the reason why your mother left. Sweet dreams, son.”

Task: Make Slave Labor Willie Generate Electricity
Time: 24h
Location: Manual Power Generator
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

He’s Got the Power! Pt. 2

After tapping on Willy’s exclamation mark:
Willie: Ach! So was I able to man-power-up the town?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconUm… I think I saw a light bulb flicker.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconIt could have been a firefly, though.
Slave Labor Willie HeadSounds like a job well done! Now to celebrate with a hearty meal.

Task: Make Willie Subsist on Gruel
Time: 4h
Reward: 100$ 10 XP


The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

After buying one Electric Car:
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconOoh, an electric car!
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconThis beautifully designed feat of engineering is really going to change things around here.
Homer HeadEhnn… how fast does it drive?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconI don’t know. It doesn’t actually go anywhere…
Homer HeadSo it’s not going to change anything, is it?
Homer HeadJust like the real electric car.

Hope you enjoyed this tie-in and don’t forget to tune up this Sunday on Fox for the newest episode of The Simpsons, The Musk Who Fell The Earth. Happy tapping everyone!


31 thoughts on “The Musk Who Fell to Earth Tie-In Walkthrough: The Devil and the FCC

  1. goaliegrrl31 01/26/2015 — 15:19

    It appeared the ELON was playing Tapped Out on the screen in his ship at the end of Sunday’s episode………..LOL!


    1. LoL. Saw that too. Low level, small town. Marge in the topleft characterfinder but no Moe’s visable…


      1. Moe’s Tavern can be on the right off screen but the level is low. weird


  2. Cynical New Yorker speaking – What a coincidence: the 3 electric cars cost the same as the islands, 120 donuts. So after buying the cars, can I expect EA to give them away to everyone for free? Ugh. Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me. Not happening.


    1. goaliegrrl31 01/26/2015 — 15:17

      Interesting. Has anyone purchased these E-Cars or plan to?


        1. goaliegrrl31 01/26/2015 — 16:59

          Do you like them? How large are they? Would you say they are worth the donuts minicha?


          1. I like them fine. About the same size as other cars. Best buy is the yellow, if youre looking for most bonus/donut (I think). For me, this is an acceptable price range for vehicles.


  3. Hey, is there any rhyme or reason to deciding which episodes get tie-ins? Thinking back on those I can remember offhand, a few are obvious landmark episodes, like season premiers and finales, or the Futurama crossover. But mostly, they seem to be chosen more or less at random.


    1. probably fox chooses them to get more people to watch them. if i was fox i’d release one tie-in every episode 😀


  4. The net neutrality ‘satire’ in this quest is sooooooo hamfisted.

    And then Willie’s subquest just ends after two steps. Ever feel like they’re not really trying? 😉


    1. Yeah, I hear ya.


  5. Huh, so Willie’s quest is only two steps after all, that’s not a mistake. I was wondering why he wasn’t prompting me to do more; I figured it would involve each of his five regular tasks.


    1. yeah sometimes the quest doesn’t cover all tasks


      1. I should be used to it by now, but I have to say, it feels pretty lazy. Especially since this skin and the non-bonus-increasing decoration that comes with it are the only new content in this tie-in.


          1. Well yeah, that too, for premium players.


  6. goaliegrrl31 01/22/2015 — 21:32

    ELECTRIC CARS – can these new premium/donut decorations actually be placed on the roads – does anyone know? THANKS!


    1. no they can’t like the others, but you can place them on concrete


      1. goaliegrrl31 01/22/2015 — 21:33

        THANK YOU! Sorry, I posted twice


      2. And that’s exactly the reason why I’m not gonna add them to my town.


    2. More importantly, who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?


  7. Joren Arens 01/22/2015 — 20:06

    Is that Slave Labor Willie, a cotume or a new character??


  8. Why don’t they give us this Musk guy?


    1. No idea. I would ask ea but the ea forum is down


      1. Probably because he’s a real person.


        1. well then what about Matt Groening?


          1. Matt Groening is the Simpsons creator. No need for licensing there. Whereas Mr. Musk may require payment to use his likeness in the game.


        2. Really? Never heard of him. And the name does sound like a fictional character.


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