What changed with the Queen Helvetica and Elon Musk update?

Hello fellow tappers,

The latest two updates brought us some bug and glitch fixes. Let’s see what changed!


  • Quimborghini is now animated.
  • The Miscellany icon in the Store has moved to the end of the bottom row. It was on the end of the middle row.
  • Red Brick Walls’ size is back to normal
  • Zombie Pet regained his bowl.
  • The Friend’s screen graphical glitch is solved.
  • Ice Princess Martin’s Be Cool andย Host an Ice Palace Play Date jobs are back.
  • Premium payout for 3 minutes jobs changed from 9$ and 3 XP to 10$ and 3 XP.
  • A fix was added to the Climbing Up To The D-List Pt. 3 quest
    Homer’s dialogue was changed from “I’ve eaten a whole saltlick before in one sitting at that stable. I think I can handle one little pepper.” to “Is your idea for ‘America’s Laziest Premises’ about a gritty, violence-packed law show?”
  • Matt Groening and Hugo have been added to the “RegularCharacters” and “RegularMale” groups and can now partecipate in the “Make Springfielders…” jobs.

Let us know if you see anything else! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “What changed with the Queen Helvetica and Elon Musk update?

  1. Trevor Norkey 01/24/2015 — 17:56

    Ice Princess Martin’s 24 hour and 4 hour premium tasks are back.


  2. Gillian Kaney 01/22/2015 — 11:35

    The Kirsty Burger Rig’s sign is now illuminated and flashes. I’m pretty sure it did nothing before.


    1. It changed with the xmas removal ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Yay! Red brick walls are back!


  4. hasanmohamma 01/22/2015 — 01:57

    it wont let me on the games forum is what i meant because it keeps redirecting my to ea.com but I dont know why is this happening to you as well?


    1. EA is working on the issue. some DNS problems. hope they’ll be back soon


      1. hasanmohamma 01/22/2015 — 02:07

        Thanks for the help friend (=


        1. No problem. Also i’ve problems connecting to facebook too


  5. hasanmohamma 01/22/2015 — 01:55

    I just got back from work and why wont it let me on the ea forum keeps redirecting me to ea.com, but why ?


  6. Thanks so much LetsPlayNintendo for keeping the site updated.
    I guess the other writers are taking a time out or something,but in the meantime,I am glad that you take the time to provide info to your readers.


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