What changed with the Queen Helvetica and Elon Musk update?

Hello fellow tappers,

The latest two updates brought us some bug and glitch fixes. Let’s see what changed!


  • Quimborghini is now animated.
  • The Miscellany icon in the Store has moved to the end of the bottom row. It was on the end of the middle row.
  • Red Brick Walls’ size is back to normal
  • Zombie Pet regained his bowl.
  • The Friend’s screen graphical glitch is solved.
  • Ice Princess Martin’s Be Cool and Host an Ice Palace Play Date jobs are back.
  • Premium payout for 3 minutes jobs changed from 9$ and 3 XP to 10$ and 3 XP.
  • A fix was added to the Climbing Up To The D-List Pt. 3 quest
    Homer’s dialogue was changed from “I’ve eaten a whole saltlick before in one sitting at that stable. I think I can handle one little pepper.” to “Is your idea for ‘America’s Laziest Premises’ about a gritty, violence-packed law show?”
  • Matt Groening and Hugo have been added to the “RegularCharacters” and “RegularMale” groups and can now partecipate in the “Make Springfielders…” jobs.

Let us know if you see anything else! 🙂

Happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “What changed with the Queen Helvetica and Elon Musk update?

  1. Trevor Norkey 01/24/2015 — 17:56

    Ice Princess Martin’s 24 hour and 4 hour premium tasks are back.


  2. Gillian Kaney 01/22/2015 — 11:35

    The Kirsty Burger Rig’s sign is now illuminated and flashes. I’m pretty sure it did nothing before.


    1. It changed with the xmas removal 😉


  3. Yay! Red brick walls are back!


  4. hasanmohamma 01/22/2015 — 01:57

    it wont let me on the games forum is what i meant because it keeps redirecting my to ea.com but I dont know why is this happening to you as well?


    1. EA is working on the issue. some DNS problems. hope they’ll be back soon


      1. hasanmohamma 01/22/2015 — 02:07

        Thanks for the help friend (=


        1. No problem. Also i’ve problems connecting to facebook too


  5. hasanmohamma 01/22/2015 — 01:55

    I just got back from work and why wont it let me on the ea forum keeps redirecting me to ea.com, but why ?


  6. Thanks so much LetsPlayNintendo for keeping the site updated.
    I guess the other writers are taking a time out or something,but in the meantime,I am glad that you take the time to provide info to your readers.


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