What changed with the Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014 updates? Catching Up post

Hello fellow tappers, during the holiday season due to the chaos of it, some updates didn’t recieve their What changed? post. In the job of being as complete as possible, I’m going to report you those changes we missed. Fixed problems are in red text. Enjoy
Thanksgiving 2014

November 21

  • The Mayflower is no longer limited-time, rectifying a change made in the original update.

November 27

  • The Thanksgiving Store-front image was re-added, as well as Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. The Thanksgiving menu-section-image on the Store-Front’s description has now been erroneously replaced with “Black Friday has landed! For a limited time, get all the black Friday items here!”, which is the description for the Black Friday menu-section-image on the Store Front.
  • Players have encountered a glitch where the “Leftovers” quest will not trigger and Puritan Flanders’ “Self Punish” task now required “(Null)*”, disabling the task and rendering the task unusable. It also appears the one-time Outdoor Feast Table task “Host a Peace Feast for Puritan Flanders” for Sacagawea Lisa had disappeared as well.
  • Reportedly fixes the years-old Springfield General Hospital glitch that leaves many players without the ability to build it due to Chester’s quests involving the building when it might not be built. It is unknown whether something has been fixed for players WITHOUT Chester.

November 28

  • Fixes “Leftovers” quest not triggering, due to in the original launch files for November 28th is labelled “Thanksgiving 2014 Deprecate Quests”. It added a hidden “qst_CheckIfThanksgivingMeal02Complete_” quest in order for the “Leftovers” quest and the rest of the event questline to occur.
  • In the “Move/Build” menu, the River is textured with snow, like in the Christmas events.

December 1

  • Fixed glitch with Guitar Central where when you try to store it, instead of giving you the option to “Use”, it displayed “*null”.


December 5

  • A new task was added for Santa, to “Eat Milk and Cookies” for 4h at the Toy Workshop, with a reward of 2 Presents and 45 XP.
  • The Ice Palace and the questline “The Ice Princess” were deleted, as was “Santa’s List Pt. 7”.
  • There appears to be some sort of Donut Promo on December 22 that ends on 27.
  • A 1-part quest for the Destroyed Holiday Wheel has also been added which gives you a small bit of dialog between Krusty and Homer and requires you to place the item. Initially placing the wheel was not a requirement.

December 11

  • Ned can now do the task “Take The Boys Snowmobiling” before Rod and Todd have been unlocked, with two different, albeit hidden jobs; the rush cost for the task is now 18 Donuts; and the time it takes has been changed from 16h to 10h. The glitch involving storing the Flanders House is still happening.
  • There were minor script changes for Part 2.

December 22

  • Added a Gil promo.
  • Re-added the Ice Palace and relative questline to the files.
  • Added new questline, “Frankincense, Myrrh and Donuts”.
  • Re-added Guiseppe’s Workshop, and added a new limited-time questline for him – “The Italian Grenadessance!”.
  • The Christmas skins now only have the option to purchase them in the Store if you have the building.
  • Added the Part 2 questline.
  • Removed references to Black Friday on Black Friday’s items.
  • Added Ice Walls to Walls category.
  • The Elf-lectric Swatter is now called Elf Bottler.
  • The Event Leaderboard has been added back.
  • The Writers Building cash exploit was removed.
  • The end date of Part 2 changed to January 18. The time for the christmas day mini-event changed from middlenight GMT to 8am GMT.
  • Added the Façade Decorated Lard Lad Donuts. Lard Lad Donuts shows the Façade in Other Springfield.
  • The Ice Palace changed to differ more from the Frozen one.

December 23

  • It fixed Zutroy not being gifted once Tunnel 19 is completed. (Some users still reports the problem though).
  • It fixed the disappearance of the option to buy Donuts in the store for some people.
  • The glitch with “Jingle Bell Wreck Pt. 14” not clearing from the taskbook was fixed. (Some users still reports the problem though).

December 24

  • Introduced crashes.

December 25

  • Fixed crashes.
  • Removed the Sideshow You minigame.

Thanks for reading and happy tappings with the tie-in!


7 thoughts on “What changed with the Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014 updates? Catching Up post

  1. David Glielmi 03/19/2015 — 15:26

    Can not get Springfield General Hospital, Burn 10 min. check-up never triggered. What can I do to correct this problem?


    1. It can take quite some time for the G. Hospital to trigger. For my C it took several levels but I wasnt in any hurry and didnt think to much of it. Many are experiancing trouble with this building. Read this thread and click “Me Too”:


  2. The game has gotten kinda boring lately 😦 I haven’t been playing a year yet(almost) and I never bought anything premium. I’m almost reaching level “””50″”” and a little land left. It has been getting boring for quite a while now. I don’t know whether I should uninstall or not, I played so much during 2014 and I loved it a lot 😦


    1. How can you be nearly at level 50? There’s only 48 levels released.


      1. You dont consider 48 is close to 50?


      2. I mean I reached the total XP twice after level 48

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I agree, it’s been dull lately, especially if you’re not spending donuts. I hope we get a new level or V Day tomorrow.

      To be fair, I think it’s been more than five months since the last time a week went by without either a new level or the opportunity to buy/win some sort of limited time content (even if it was just useless crap from that stupid Clones event). So it’s not like they’re giving us nothing, but what we do get is often not that exciting.


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