From Our Friends: Family Guy Tips News (Guest Post)

Hey all, bringing you all a change of pace for this post as we have kind of lost our way with our guest posts/cross-blog activity. For those of you new to Topix, we have always strived to positively coexist and even work with many, or most, other game sites and blogs, as it is not our intention to compete or disrespect any of the hard work that many other normal players, such as us, put into their sites to all accomplish one goal, help others. We offer guest posts to any site or even regular reader to add another dimension to our site.

Having said all of that, longwinded, I know, I bring you a guest post today from our friends at Family Guy Tips. Yes, it’s not a Tapped Out site or article but the games are so similar, popular and fan driven that it’s very hard to keep the two shows and games apart. Not to mention the fact that the fan/info blogoverse for the two games have just exploded in the last year or so. Anyway, I’m done rambling, let me get to the “guest” part of this guest post by turning things over to Zooeymarie.

Hello fellow Tappers!

I’m Zooeymarie from FamilyGuyTips ( Mike kindly agreed to let me guest post on TopiX, which is awesome as I have been a long-term reader – actually, I have been a reader right from the beginning! I have always found that TopiX has all the answers and are the fastest website to give all of us eager readers the information we need!

At FamilyGuyTips, we provide Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff players with walkthroughs, lists of tasks for all freemium and premium characters/costumes, unlocking guides, district walkthroughs, full update information, weekly competitions, and character, costume, building and decoration overviews!

I know you are all Simpson’s fans, so I thought I would start by showing you what I look like so you can picture me while you read (I am the woman on the left, and the other woman is Hollypopsicle, the other FamilyGuyTips writer):


Now that you know who I am and what I look like, I would like to tell you a little more about the game, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff.

If you haven’t played before, the story is similar to TSTO, but instead ofΒ Springfield blowing up from a plant explosion, Peter Griffin and Ernie the Giant Chicken ruin Quahog in a huge chicken fight across town! You can watch the intro which shows how Quahog was destroyed below:

FG:TQFS has held a few major events since it’s release last year in April (and a couple of mini-events too) including ‘Peter Griffin and The Kingdom of the Full Moon’, ‘Quahog Comic-Con’, ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Miracle on Spooner St.’ We are expecting a new major event in early February which will be based on Valentine’s. A few costumes for this upcoming event have been leaked: Multiverse Meg and Beautiful Peter!

The game name speaks for itself, as you really do need to ‘Quest for Stuff’. You unlock characters and costumes by setting the characters you already own onto material earning tasks which have different rarity values/drop rates:

– common
– uncommon
– rare
– extra rare
– epic

Over at our site, we have unlocking guides which tell you how many of each item you need to collect, the rarity and the tasks you need to set your characters, as well as all the character and costume walkthroughs and tasks!

As it stands right now, there has been a total of 57 characters released for FG:TQFS which are all voiced:






Not only does FG:TQFS have characters, but costumes/skins are introduced into the game too, here are all 55 costumes that we have had the chance to unlock:




Some of these characters and costume are premium (the premium currency: Clams, like your Donuts!) or were limited time. With events, the game developers (TinyCo) release event specific characters and/or costumes which disappear once the event ends… Some of these have made a reappearance though so if you are new to the game, you may have a chance of getting them again in the future!

Apart from all the fun and games of collecting materials, we receive Districts. When you reach a new District, new characters, buildings, decorations and sometimes costumes become unlocked, as well as a bunch of new questlines… And that’s where we come in to provide all of our readers with everything they need!

I hope you are enjoying the Queen Helvetica update on TSTO at the moment, but do you think you could have time for FG:TQFS too? We have recently received District 10 which includes Chumba Wumba Stewie, Pawtucket Pat and Pawtucket Brewery (you can collect materials to unlock Pawtucket Ale related buildings and decos to make a Beer-esque section in your town, especially with the Beer River tiles that have also been added!).

I think I have rambled way too much now, so I should probably shut up and let you get back to tapping… If you have managed to read this far and not been distracted by your device shouting ‘PUSH NOTIFICATION’ at you (I bet you shouted that in Homer’s voice in your head, didn’t you?!).

Thank you for reading, and thank you Mike for allowing me to guest post!

Download FG:TQFS here:




35 thoughts on “From Our Friends: Family Guy Tips News (Guest Post)

  1. I have been playing Family Guy for almost a year and have spent probably $150. I refuse to spend more. I am kinda getting burned out because it seems like you almost have to spend your hard earned money to beat the quests and earn certain characters. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


    1. For me the need for premium currency is the same. You can either tap every 2-4h or spend clams/donuts. FG takes more time or commitment (you have to check in way too often) but it is still doable to get every “free” item without spending clams. TSTO events rely heavily on friends so if you play anonymously you had to spend donuts in the latest event since you only got 8-15 phones from the other Springfield for the total duration. Both games have their +/-


  2. I was just going to let this one go, as tsto is enough for me & I have never really been interested in Family Guy but after reading some of the comments here I would like to say, Welcome honored Guest and thank you for graciously donating your time to post here. Not all of the people who visit me share the same political views, drive the same cars or watch the same programs, but if they are guests we treat them with respect (you know, put the dogs out and take our feet off the table). I may not be in the majority here, but I did enjoy the crossover episode. Keep up the good work & thanks again for visiting us.


    1. Hear hear. Rudeness to guests is not okay under any circumstances.


  3. johnnyicemaker 01/26/2015 — 18:06

    I am a Family Guy Tips reader and was directed to this site from there. I am amazed at the outrage from Simpson game players seeing a post about Family Guy on this Blog. I assume Zooeymarie was invited to write on this blog, and I am all for cross blog communications and coexistence. I find it amazing how territorial some people are and how the anonymity of blog posts empower some to write such scathing remarks. I for one play both games and appreciate the work that all the various blogs do to inform us players on how best to play the games and showing us ahead of time what to expect while playing, providing tips on how best to strategize timed quests, and generally how to keep the games fun and exciting. I for one appreciate the work all the blog sites do for both games and welcome cross platform comments here or elsewhere. I would have never found this site without being referred from FGT to read this post. I will now be a reader of this site as well.


    1. You are very welcome to Topix πŸ™‚
      I am a fan of “everything in its own place” but I agree that there’s no need for the harshness, considering this is a onetime deal and the games are simular and have a lot of common players.
      Haters and trolls will always be around and no one can please everyone. Comments like yours makes it worth it, we appriciate it, it seems like many finds it more fun to spread malcontent (over free stuff – neither the games nor the blogs requires any payments from the users, that is strictly up to the individual) than share the enjoyment.


  4. I’m not much of a family guy fan and have no interest in the game,BUT it’s always interesting to hear what else is going on out in the game world, and like someone else said, having a similar game out there keeps BOTH games sharp, which is always a good thing I think πŸ™‚ I also found it good to hear from someone about what actual game play is, I was curious when it came out but never got around to looking, and reading that info, Im glad, it doesn’t sound like I’d enjoy it. I don’t mind occasional cross posts about other topics that may interest players, especially if things have slowed in “our” game like they have right now, it keeps the site moving, both post and discussion wise πŸ™‚


  5. I appreciate what you’re trying to do: diversify, provide info on a related game, fill in the gaps during slow times in TSTO. However, I don’t like it. I come here for news on Simpsons, not Family Guy. It’s your site and you will certainly do as you see fit, but don’t expect these things to go over well with everyone. I’m not trying to be rude. It’s hard to do while disagreeing, but please know that. I depend on this site for info on Simpsons. I don’t want that to be muddled. Again, your site. I just don’t want to have to stop visiting because of off topic things and lack of posts (especially lack of posts during an event).


    1. On TOuk, we had this discussion when FG came out. Many were interested but for those who werent, it was annoying. A new place was created, info was posted on TOuk and if FG came up there it was referred to the new site.
      We do get some Qs about FG here, as many tappers plays both. Topix had ambitions to do a FG blog too but due to circumstances it wasnt launched.
      I think it could be clearer in the first paragraph that this post was off topic so those who arent interested could stop reading. The few posts in the past that has not been about the game, off topic, has been about the Simpsons.
      Youre not being rude, youre giving us constructive critisism πŸ™‚


  6. I think this was a great idea for a’s good to see collaboration from two passionate communities.

    I’ve been playing TSTO since the early days, and FG from the start. I find both games quite enjoyable at times, but also frustrating.

    I think TSTO needs to do more to stay fresh and interesting, while FG is still lacking decent design mechanics, and simple things like concrete/paths.

    I’ve enjoyed the appearance of voiced (!) celebrity characters in FG, while Milhouse is still mute..

    I digress, thank you to both communities for all the help, and the opportunity to vent..


  7. Conor heffernan 01/24/2015 — 23:33

    I had and played family guy the quest for stuff and I have to say I didn’t enjoy the game at all..The events were too confusing, the character unlocking process was tedious and random,and over all I just had bad experiences with the game


  8. I stopped playing it a couple of weeks ago because I logged in and it was at the beginning and no matter how many times I log in I can’t get my game back .it’s really annoyed me because I played since the day it came out and now it’s all gone and I’m not going to start all over again. I spent money on it too but thankfully not very much.


    1. That does sound annoying, I have known other players that this has happened too, but TinyCo did and can bring back your game where you left off! They class these queries as priority, so if you wanted to continue to play without losing progress, you can email, especially as you invested a lot of time and money into your Quahog!


      1. Thank you I might give that a try .


  9. Tadorama in TSTO and Tadmire Giggity in FG 01/24/2015 — 18:07

    I’m glad there are 2 similar games in the iOSphere. It challenges them both to improve and build upon what the other is doing. A little rivalry keeps updates coming and improves game mechanics. I have played TSTO for almost 3 yrs and have played FG:tQfS everyday, since it’s launch. They have been equally frustrating, with their crashes and amusing, with their offerings. I won’t get in to specifics, but I like them each, for their own strengths. Thanks for writing and sharing this. Without these communities and an open forum, these games would be less enthralling and I would not still be playing. Keep it up!


    1. Fancy seeing you here Tadmire! πŸ˜€ I think the rivalry is good too, and have been playing both games too! I have always been on Android so I never got to play TSTO from launch, and being in the UK – I missed out on FG BETA too! 😦 But, I have been playing both games as long as I have been able too! You’re welcome, I’m glad FGT’s and TopiX’s communities have helped you stick to both games! πŸ™‚


  10. I will not be playing family guy just don’t care for the show a little too out there for my taste must be getting old lol.I did however find this interesting and nice info for others who may want to play or check out your blog.I think an occasional jump from Simpson’s is fine learn able something different but related.


    1. Thank you for your honestly Heather, but I bet you aren’t old! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you found this interesting, even if you do not plan to play πŸ™‚


    2. I don’t watch FG regularly, I’ll tune in occasionally if I’m aware that something interesting is going on, and the last episode I saw was the Simpsons crossover at the start of this season. In the scene at Moe’s, Homer accuses Patriot Ale of being a ripoff of Duff and Peter responds by saying that Duff’s resting in its laurels and boring drinkers so that they were ready to make the switch. Obviously we know what they’re really talking about; and when Peter says “Don’t get me wrong, I loved Duff when I was younger, but I don’t think I’ve even had it in the past thirteen years,” my first thought was “That’s funny, that’s how I feel about Family Guy.” When it was new I found it fresh and cutting-edge and I really liked it, but before long I got the feeling that it had become too self-conscious of its status as a pop icon, and when that happened, I stopped watching regularly.


  11. I used to play FG, but deleted it after a few months. I couldn’t get very far into the game without friends, and the friends function never worked for me or my husband’s account. We both stopped playing it. Maybe if I’d found your blog earlier we might still be playing. We just got fed up with the game and quit.


    1. Oh no, that’s a shame Debbie! There were problems with the Multiverse, did you used to get kicked off when visiting friends? If only you had found us before, we could have helped πŸ™‚


  12. I had and played family guy I enjoyed playing it but deleted it cause I got so tired of it kicking me off and and I had to start all over again I got pretty far and said forget my daughter keeps begging me reinstall it but I won’t so sorry no family guy here I’m sticking to Simpsons tapped out


    1. I’m sorry to hear the problems you experienced 😦 did you have an account? If you did, and were willing to play again, you can email TinyCo at and they will reinstate all of your progress so you can carry on where you left off!


  13. No. Don’t do this again. This is extremely irrelevant and unimportant in my opinion, not only to TSTO (TOPIX) and the community, but purists itself. TSTO and FG…it is like comparing the cool kids (TSTO) to the super slow kids on the short bus (FG). Sure, they are good for a laugh, but there really is no substance there…ahhh…just like the FG show! While I have no problem with a separate and combined TSTO/FG site, there should not be any intermingling between the two. NO matter how slow the day or week!


    1. we didn’t write this like we’re going to post about FG game every day or something man


    2. Ok this one i can’t let pass by.
      TSTO nor the familyguy game aren’t religions. And even if they were, there aren’t our lifes. I Play TSTO since 2012 and i loved this post. It gave me a glance at the familyguy game and their community (who is a dedicaded to their game as we are to TSTO)
      Maybe after this post and others i’ll try that, we’ll see. But at least be open for It.


      1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post ArnoutVI, and that you are even considering playing FG too πŸ™‚ hopefully see you over at FGT if you decide too!


    3. I agree with not liking the family guy post on a TSTO site, but this post is rude.


  14. Interesting, and thanks for all the info. I don’t dislike Family Guy by any means, but I don’t think I have enough of an interest in it to match the time commitment I’ve put into Tapped Out. However, that could change in the future, and if it does I’m glad to know I’ll have a reliable source to guide me into it,


    1. You’re welcome, Jack! It is understandable that time is a huge factor, I only find it hard to keep up with both games if they both have big events, but that might be due to having to let all our readers know all the new info! πŸ˜‰ Thank you, it’s good to know that we might see you over at FGT one day!


  15. I found your blog in early December , and I love your work, I have always thought that fans of Family Guy and The Simpsons we are not so different and I think these games and blogs are the irrefutable proof , good job girls!!! Greetings from Mexico to TSTO Topix and Family Guy tips!!!!


    1. Thank you for being apart of our community Joe! πŸ™‚ We are pleased that you are a fan of FGT and TopiX! Greetings from the UK!


    1. Thank you, and thanks for the opportunity Mike! πŸ™‚


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