Level 49: Chalk Outlines Early Access

Hello fellow tappers,
something new appeared on today’s update: Early Access to the two Chalk Outlines.

Edit: apparently EA removed Early Access with the Stonecutters Black Market Sale update.

Early Access What does this mean you may ask?

While looking at the files, I found Early Access in the data for the Chalk Outline items.

Apparently Early Access started with Krusty’s Mansion and Krustylu Studios in the Clown in the Dumps update (September 24th-30th 2014), continued with the Springfield Clamphitheater in the Level 46 update (which remained unlockable at level 6 after the end date November 5th 2014), and now is available with the Level 49 update.

What’s Early Access?
You can buy the two Chalk Outline items if you’re Level 6 or above! You don’t need to be Level 49!

For infos on this two items click here.

Phew I thought i was done with this update, but apparently EA has something hidden in its sleves (files) everytime! Happy tapping everyone!


10 thoughts on “Level 49: Chalk Outlines Early Access

  1. If anyone needs any friends can you please add me my user name is annhaas


  2. Can’t remember if my game was registered, am lev 37 will I lose it all if I try toreg/login?


    1. As long as you dont delete/reinstall the game you should be fine.
      When you open the game, what does the splashscreen say, bottom left? Does it tell you to login or does it say Welcome username?
      Playing Anonymously means youre playing the default anonymous game on the specific device. If you like to change devices you need to connect the Anonymous game to Origin so you can login on another device. A new default anonymous game will be created on your device, accessable when you logout from origin, as well as keeping the new account, but you do not have to play the new game or even open it.


    2. if you register, it will ask to register your town to this new registration.
      i wouldn’t try to login just in case. it should be fine but better register your not-logged in town.
      if you see your nickname on bottom-left when you open the game it’s registered. same if you’ve friends in the friendlist


  3. Off topic but does anyone know what the next event will be? Valentine’s maybe?


    1. Ask EA. We have no inside info nor any influence on what’s to come.
      Contact EA directly http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/ and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


  4. Rockstar Vienna 01/29/2015 — 15:09

    Lol, another genius idea from EA.

    No thank you!


  5. I hesitate buying these because, like the islands I purchased, they may “give” them to us later. Yes, that was sarcasm, and, Yes, I am still perturbed about the “Great Island Scam of 2015.”


    1. I understand your point but they will never give these away. The difference is the islands are from an event and pretty much anything goes with events, unfortunately, but the chalk lines are level content. Level content is permanent content that unlocks at a certain level and if premium, will always be premium and vice versa if it costs cash. Yes, we did get a free bonsai tree few levels back but they’re cash items to begin with. I wouldn’t expect the chalk lines to ever be free.


      1. also the islands were probably given free after the days of fiasco during phase 2 with server problems, gil deal not working right, etc.


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