Level 49 Walkthrough: Michael D’Amico – Baking Bread

Hello fellow tappers,

Level 49 has just been released. After the jump you can read the complete questline. Don Vittorio’s questline is next!


Baking Bread Pt. 1

After tapping on Anges’ exclamation mark:
sidebar_agnesThis town is awash with crime and I’m going to give that no-good Mayor of ours a piece of my mind!
sidebar_quimbyYou know I’m the Mayor, right?
sidebar_agnesListen, you. I’ve had my house egged, my lawn donuted, and my porch flaming dog poo’d. Things gotta change around here!
sidebar_quimbyI got one of those flaming bags too! It seems there’s a serial pooer out there! I’ll expand the police force immediately but only because this affects me, too!
sidebar_agnesThis is way over their heads! We need organized muscle to sniff out these sickos!
sidebar_quimbyHey, you’re right. A deal with the mafia is just what we need to straighten this town out.
sidebar_quimbyIf I’ve learned anything from the years I spent in organized crime, it’s that if you want them to do for you, you have to do for them.
sidebar_quimbyI’ll build a discrete location for them in which to meet and crack some skulls!

Task: Build D’Amico Summer Home
Cost: 1.092.000111113_0544_DonutHolePr8.png
Time: 24h
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

Fat Tony headLook who we have here boys! Little Caesar has arrived! How’s my Michael? Ready to join the family business?
sidebar_michaeldamicoSorry Papa, waste disposal might be fine for you, but I hate getting my hands dirty unless it’s from making chicken cacciatore!
Fat Tony headNow, Michael. This business is in your blood — you can’t escape it.
Fat Tony headIt’s time to put that meat cleaver to different use… if you know what I mean.
Fat Tony headI mean cutting people that we dislike, instead of food.
sidebar_michaeldamicoI don’t know what you mean, but I won’t do it.
sidebar_michaeldamicoPapa, I tried to get into the Sopranos, but I hated it! Doesn’t that tell you something?
sidebar_michaeldamicoI’m sorry, but it’s a chef’s life for me.

Baking Bread Pt. 2

After tapping on Michael D’Amico’s exclamation mark:
sidebar_michaeldamicoLuigi, I need a favor.
sidebar_luigiAnything for da prodigy young chef! What-ah you need?
sidebar_michaeldamicoI need a job so my father will stop asking me to work with him.
sidebar_michaeldamicoAnd since you know the cooking business, and I know the cooking, maybe you and I could partner up?
sidebar_luigiYou wanna just give up your privileged childhood and bake-a da bread?
sidebar_michaeldamicoThat’s right. And if you work with me, bread will be a-baked with yeast, not packing peanuts.
sidebar_luigiBut the peanuts isa my signature!
sidebar_michaeldamicoOkay, fine. The packing peanuts can stay.
sidebar_luigiAww, our first compromise!

Task: Make Michael D’Amico Cook with Luigi
Time: 24h
Location: Luigi’s
Requires: Luigi
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

sidebar_luigiThe food! It actually taste good!
sidebar_michaeldamicoYeah, not everything can have packing peanuts as the main ingredient.
sidebar_luigiI heard you the first time, okay?

Baking Bread Pt. 3

After tapping on Fat Tony’s exclamation mark:

Fat Tony headIt seems we’ve entered a time which warrants much celebration!
Fat Tony headWe’ll throw a party!
Legs HeadHave you heard about Luigi’s latest menu, it is getting fantastic reviews!
Fat Tony headThen that is the menu we shall order from!

Task: Make Guests Attend Party (x10)
Task: Make Luigi Cater Party
Time: 4h
Location: D’Amico Summer Home
Characters: Springfielders
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

Fat Tony headSuperb!
Fat Tony headLuigi! Bring us your fine chef, so that I may thank him in person in front of all of our guests.
sidebar_michaeldamicoIt’s me Papa!
Fat Tony headAh, Michael — you’ve changed your mind. Legs, give my boy the pinstripe fedora I’ve been saving for him.
sidebar_michaeldamicoNo, I was your chef tonight! It was all me!
Fat Tony headYou have greatly disgraced our family. And the food was okay at best.
Homer HeadNow Fat Tony, you don’t need to get so worked up about it.
Homer HeadI wish my own daughter could cook as well as yours!
Fat Tony headHomer, you always know how to make me feel better.

Baking Bread Pt. 4

After tapping on Louie’s exclamation mark:
Louie HeadHey Legs, did you hear the crepe Don Vittorio has been talking about Michael D’Amico’s cuisine?
Louie HeadHe thinks this is making the boss weak, wants Fat Tony to get his “just desserts”
Legs HeadDid you know that it’s actually “just deserts,” but a lot of people didn’t know the meaning of the word “desert,” pronounced diz-urt…
Legs Head…as in “to get what’s coming to you,” so they just started saying “desserts,” because it sounds the same. In truth, it doesn’t really make sense.
Louie HeadBut it worked so well with my food puns.
Legs HeadDo you want it to be right, or do you want it to be easy?
Louie HeadYou’re right. Thank you. Anyway, Vittorio told me in private that he wants you to pick the target and the method.
Legs HeadWe’ll hit Luigi’s place — he’s the cause of all this.
Louie HeadSo what’s the nature of the gig… Clipping berries? Nicking cheddar? Lifting dough?
Legs HeadSee! There you go! Those are great puns! And that is exactly what we are gonna do.

Task: Make Legs Rob Luigi’s
Task: Make Louie Rob Luigi’s
Time: 12h
Location: Luigi’s
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

Baking Bread Pt. 5

After tapping on Luigi’s exclamation mark:
sidebar_luigiAy! Robbed again by two miscreants-a! What’s-a worst, they ate’a the prized soufflé!
sidebar_michaeldamicoLooks like they’re sending a message for me to stop cooking.
Fat Tony headI’ll tell you the problem, you’re showing weakness Michael! Other mob-families are going to be after us.
Fat Tony headThe Don has given them the OK to crack us like eggs, whack us like weeds, pick us off like olives.
sidebar_michaeldamicoYou NEVER pick off olives! But these wise guys, no problem, I’ll handle this.
sidebar_michaeldamicoI’m gonna give them to the count of 10, then I’m gonna fill their guts full of bread!
Fat Tony headGreat food pun, boy!

Task: Make Michael D’Amico Serve Food
Time: 12h
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

sidebar_michaeldamicoLegs, Louie, I bring you these trays of food as a peace offering.
Louie HeadOooh, what do we have here?
sidebar_michaeldamico*removes lid*
Louie HeadWhat the hell is this?!
sidebar_michaeldamicoIt’s a ghost pepper!
sidebar_michaeldamicoTHE HOTTEST PEPPER IN THE WORLD! What do you think about me holding this to your neck?!
Legs HeadNow, kid. Let’s not do anything rash here.
sidebar_michaeldamicoRash! Exactly!!
Louie HeadJust put down the ghost pepper, and we’ll work something out.

Baking Bread Pt. 6

After tapping on Louie’s exclamation mark:
Louie HeadHaving that ghost pepper at my neck made me realize how silly our little disagreement was.
sidebar_michaeldamicoI thought it would.
sidebar_michaeldamicoI am assuming this means peace between us?
Louie HeadYou got it, kid!
Legs HeadFair warning, though, you still ain’t in the Don’s favor.
sidebar_michaeldamicoSeems like we’ll need a new, more secret place to cook. Anybody know any good old abandoned warehouses?

Task: Build Old Abandoned Warehouse
Cost: 708.000111113_0544_DonutHolePr8.png
Time: 24h
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

sidebar_michaeldamicoNow that we have a spot to control supply, we need distribution.
sidebar_squeakyvoiceteenI’m always looking for an odd job or two.
sidebar_michaeldamicoHey Luigi, who the hell is this guy?
sidebar_luigiHe’sa good kid, I’ma sure you can find him some tasks!

Upon completing Pt. 6, if you’ve Squeaky Voice Teen, Low Costa Nostra questline unlocks. Check at the end of this questline for the walkthrough.

Baking Bread Pt. 7

After tapping on Fat Tony’s exclamation mark:
Fat Tony headMichael, I’m proud you’ve incorporated the family business into your new business.
sidebar_michaeldamicoWe always need a cook on the inside, right Papa?
Fat Tony headSo you have been listening all these years.
sidebar_michaeldamicoWe’re really raking in the cabbage these days.
sidebar_michaeldamicoBut cabbage ain’t money. So, I need your support. How about it?
Fat Tony headAlright, son. Also, I want you to have Legs and Louie. You’re eight years old, you should have your own muscle by now.
sidebar_michaeldamicoThanks, Papa. Now, I’ve got to go rake some more cabbage.

Task: Make Legs Carry Out a Contract
Task: Make Louie Carry Out a Contract
Task: Make Michael D’Amico Rake Actual Cabbage
Time: 24h
Location: Old Abandoned Warehouse
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

After job start:
Legs HeadSo what’s the deal you have set up for us today kid?
sidebar_michaeldamicoNothing out of the ordinary. Just taking care of some competition from out of town.
sidebar_michaeldamicoGrab a rake, boys.
sidebar_michaeldamicoNo refreshing slaws for our competitor’s pork tenderloins today! *evil laugh*

Baking Bread Pt. 8

After tapping on Michael D’Amico’s exclamation mark:
sidebar_michaeldamicoIt should now be clear that I’m not in the food business, I’m in the empire business.
Legs HeadWhat are we going to do with all this citrus slaw?
Louie HeadWe’ve slaved over it for hours!
sidebar_michaeldamicoWe’ll be bribing the cops with it, of course! Only the finest for those fat, fat pigs.

Task: Make Michael D’Amico Deliver Lunch to the Police
Time: 12h
Location: Police Station
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

After job start:
sidebar_wiggum*munch munch munch* This is delicious! Who’d have thought there were slaws other than cole?

Baking Bread Pt. 9

After tapping on Michael D’Amico’s exclamation mark:
sidebar_michaeldamicoNow that the police are properly bribed, let’s go murder all the restaurant owners taking business away from Luigi’s.
Legs HeadYou’re the boss, kid. But for future reference, we usually disguise what we’re going to do with some pithy wordplay.
sidebar_michaeldamicoHmmm… let’s go home and take out the trash?
Legs HeadYou’ll get there, kid.

Task: Make Michael D’Amico Flay and Fillet
Task: Make Legs Wait Around
Task: Make Louie Watch in Horror
Time: 12h
Location: Old Abandoned Warehouse
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

Baking Bread Pt. 10

After tapping on Wiggum’s exclamation mark:
sidebar_wiggumHeya-Michael! I just wanted to stop by to tell you how MUCH the force enjoyed the food you brought us, and…
sidebar_wiggumWait just a moment! What’s that you have there in the bag?
sidebar_michaeldamicoIs it celery, or is it tomato? A chef doesn’t reveal his secrets.
sidebar_wiggumYou’re making gazpacho aren’t you! That explains the red stuff leaking out of the bag.
sidebar_wiggumYeah, but here’s the thing: I hate gazpacho. Now, I can’t arrest you for that, but you will have to dispose of it.
sidebar_michaeldamicoYou got it, copper.
System Message: A “bag of gazpacho” has been placed in your inventory. You can also buy more of them in the store.
Task: Place Suspicious Dirt Pile
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

Fat Tony headWell done, Michael! We can finally bury the hatchet between us.
Fat Tony headYou did bury the hatchet didn’t you?
sidebar_michaeldamicoActually it was a cleaver.
Fat Tony headThat’s my boy! Such actions have restored the Don’s faith in our family organization.
Fat Tony headNormally I’d say hide the evidence better, but this way teaches everyone a lesson!
sidebar_michaeldamicoYeah, stay out of my famiglia’s territory!

Low Costa Nostra Pt. 1

After tapping on Squeaky Voice Teen’s exclamation mark:
sidebar_squeakyvoiceteenSo you want me to deliver this ‘head of lettuce’ in a bag to Herman’s Antiques? What could this possibly be for?
sidebar_michaeldamicoI didn’t hire you to question me. Just do as I say, and everything will be fine.
sidebar_squeakyvoiceteenAlright… I suppose it is just the heads of lettuce are a little heavier in Italy… Ten pounds heavier!

Task: Make Squeaky Voice Teen Deliver Suspicious Package
Time: 24h
Location: Herman’s Military Antiques
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

sidebar_hermanI-ah, see that you guys in the food business are serious.
sidebar_squeakyvoiceteenI have a message from “Little Caesar”, it says “Choose your friends more wisely in the future.”
sidebar_hermanI think you have the wrong guy. I don’t have any friends, just acquaintances.
sidebar_squeakyvoiceteenUhhhh… I don’t know of any other Hermans in this town. I am sure this is a message for you.
sidebar_hermanWell at least there’s something interesting in the bag. I can probably mount and sell it!
sidebar_hermanThanks kid, have a good day!

Low Costa Nostra Pt. 2

After tapping on Squeaky Voice Teen’s exclamation mark:
sidebar_michaeldamicoNow I have a bigger job for you. I need someone to give an alibi.
sidebar_squeakyvoiceteenWhat could you possibly need an alibi for?
sidebar_michaeldamicoI said it before, no questions!
sidebar_michaeldamicoI need you to say that all day yesterday I was with you studying the fine craft of vegan burger preparation.
sidebar_michaeldamicoIf they ask about some victim’s blood on my cheese grater, paring knife, pizza cutter, spatula, or my gun – say I’ve been looking for those items for days!
sidebar_squeakyvoiceteen*gulp* I don’t get paid enough for this!
sidebar_michaeldamicoThis internship is providing you with priceless experience!

Task: Make Squeaky Voice Teen Report an Alibi
Time: 12h
Location: Police Station
Reward: 100$ 10 XP

We’ll see you next for the premium walkthrough, which is actually for Level 20 due to Don Vittorio being unlockable at that level! Happy tapping!


31 thoughts on “Level 49 Walkthrough: Michael D’Amico – Baking Bread

  1. I can’t build the summer home. It is still locked. How come? I have enough land and cash. I’m still on level 48. Help!


    1. you need to level up to level 49 to build it


  2. I have completed all the baking bread levels but Low Costa Nostra Pt. 1 using squeaky voice teen doesn’t trigger. What am I missing?


    1. you’re missing… Squeaky Voice Teen?


      1. I have squeaky voice teen and the character is free from tasks but still no Low Costa Nostra Pt. 1


      2. I have squeaky Voice Teen and he doesn’t have any tasks assigned so he is free.


        1. Shouldve triggered after the warehouse was buildt.
          Contact EA directly http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/ and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


  3. hermanaemilia 02/03/2015 — 13:24

    How do I place the Old Abandondes Warehouse?


    1. hermanaemilia 02/03/2015 — 13:25

      Do I connect it to the boardwalk?


      1. Yes, it only goes on the boardwalk.


        1. hermanaemilia 02/03/2015 — 17:02

          Do you have a picture? I have scrolled all around the boardwalk and it never turns green. Thanks!


          1. Make sure you have enough space on the tiles, remove some fencing if necessary.


            1. hermanaemilia 02/03/2015 — 18:40

              Ooooo got it! Thanks so much!


  4. Has anyone else had this problem, the task to Build Abandoned Warehouse, I can’t place it anywhere in my Springfield, the base of the building stays red. I tried deleting and re-installing the game but that didn’t work. any ideas?


    1. you can only place it in Squidport


      1. Thanks, that works 😊


  5. Hi there 🙂
    I have the following problem: yesterday I started the quest with buying and building the D´amico summer home. Today I started the game and the summer home was gone, also the money I spent for that item and the task book is empty (except the other little tasks).
    Can anyone help me?
    I had that problem some days ago with Willie and his slave costume. Started the quest, came back some hours later and the quest was gone. The manual power generator is still there, but Willie has no costume and I couldn´t finish that quest.


    1. Try reinstallation. If it doesnt work you should try contacting ea directly http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/


    2. Thank you for your fast reply!!!!


      1. Hi again.

        Installing it new has solved the problem a bit first. The residence appeared afain (finished, w/o costs) and I now have the quest in my task book. But when i tap on it, the task comes, but there is no Michael to perform it (michael to Luigi’s). I contacted the EA support, but received no answer until now.
        I keep you informed if there is anything new. (Today I loaded the new Ios-update, but nothing changed regarding simpsons game.)
        Maybe someone else has a similar problem?
        Thanks for your efforts,


        1. have you tried storing the residence?


          1. Hi!
            I stored it and now it seems to work. Thank you for your advice!


            1. Nice happy i helped you solve the problem


  6. sigh
    Fat Tony is still missing from my game and I still cannot get him back..
    I can’t progress past part 3 of the quest line, so now I won’t get the Warehouse, nor will I get the suspicious dirt pile..
    Can someone help me? 😦


    1. Try storing the Businessmans Social Club first and then placing it again, if that doesn’t work can you contact me through our site email?


      1. Nope.. Does not work, Fat Tony came as a bundle with the building as he was part of a promo prior to the level 29 update, much like how Maude Flanders came with the Fortune Teller store during the Days of Future Past episode tie in. I will send you an email now and if you can help I would be very grateful! 🙂


  7. I got so excited for the extra land I have to save up for this


    1. Jason pillow 02/01/2015 — 00:18

      It cost 1010000 dollars for all the land pieces.


      1. Jason pillow 02/01/2015 — 00:19

        No wait, 10010000, or something like that, could be 10100000


        1. Ten million threehundred thousand 🙂


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